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10 Best Wood Fire Pizza in San Diego (Full List)

We have pulled together a total of 10 of the best places in San Diego currently offering wood fire pizza. We feel you can certainly find something you will enjoy.

Is there anything better in the world than a wood-fired pizza? Probably not, as the flavors that come through when it is cooked using this method are usually second to none.

But then, it does also come down to the place you go to. Not every pizzeria seems to produce a pizza of the same high quality, and that makes life hard.

However, it doesn’t have to always be as tough as you think. So, if you live in San Diego, then you may enjoy what will follow.

wood fire pizza

Tribute Pizza

Located on North Park Way, Tribute Pizza has built up a wonderful reputation for delivering what many believe to be the best wood-fired pizza in the city.

Now, while we cannot state with 100% confidence that this is the case, there is no doubt that the pizza they produce will blow your mind.

In existence for several years, they state that their approach is a blend of New York and Neapolitan, so you do get a combination of approaches in your pizza.

When you then add this to the wood fire method, you get something that goes above and beyond your normal pizza.

They state how they use 100% American flour, and also organic tomatoes. Basically, they focus on using only the best ingredients from the base through to all of the toppings.

Finally, they throw it into the wood fire to give it that definitive final taste ready to make your taste buds explode.

Isola Pizza Bar

 Located on India Street in San Diego, Isola Pizza Bar is actually based on the owner’s Nonna, so what you will find is a pizzeria with authentic origins. These origins burst through in the pizza they produce, and it does then result in a wonderful pizza for you to enjoy.

But this place does not only provide you with an opportunity to go there and have pizza. Instead, you can have events, have catering, and simply spread the joy of their amazing pizza to as many people as possible.

With a wide range of toppings, and their pizza is cooked in a wood fire imported from Napoli, then you do have a real authentic pizza that will blow your mind.

pizza entering wood fire

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill

Located on Camino De La Reina, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill offer a wide array of options when it comes to their woodfired pizza. They do also have an extensive menu aside from pizza for you to choose from as well.

One thing they stress is only using local ingredients, and they always seek to use organic wherever possible. It means they can keep a close eye on where everything is coming from, before adding their own personal touch to the way in which they put the pizza together.

With the ability to order online, and have everything delivered to your home, it makes it easy for you to sample their amazing pizza without too much hassle.

URBN North Park

Located on University Avenue, URBN North Park is an award-winning pizzeria that focuses on the idea of the New Haven pizza.

They also have a number of craft beers and various other items on the menu for anyone who doesn’t feel like that wood fire pizza experience.

Using fresh ingredients, they do provide you with a number of toppings to choose from, the tough part is making your decision as to which topping to try next.

With everything then cooked on an authentic wood fire, it means you get that real taste with every single pizza.

Blaze Pizza

Located on Balboa Avenue, Blaze Pizza is viewed as being one of the hippest pizzerias in the entire city. They go big on the idea of offering creative toppings placed on top of thin-crust pizza, and it’s all cooked in their wood fire.

As is the apparent norm, they focus on quality ingredients with most purchased in the local area. They also seek to create a vibrant atmosphere at their restaurant, and their intention is to make it a fantastic place to hang out and eat pizza of course.

With so many options to choose from, the hardest part is trying to narrow down which pizza you may want to try next. So, perhaps the best option is to go there a number of times and try something different with each visit.

Pummaro Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano

Located on Scott Street, Pummaro Pizzeria & Ristorante Italiano promises some of the most authentic Italian pizzas in the area.

This pizzeria focuses on the Neapolitan style pizza, and with so many delicious toppings to choose from, this place promises a taste explosion.

At the same time, it’s also a very modern style Italian bistro, and it’s a wonderful place to head out to for a bite to eat. They also offer take-out should you not wish to dine in, but you would then miss out on so much of the real Italian experience.

Everything is made by their chef who moved to San Diego from Naples, and they brought all of their Italian cooking styles with them. It means everything is done in the traditional way, and the difference it makes to the taste is amazing.

Officine Buona Forchetta

Located on Sims Road, what you get with Officine Buona Forchetta is a wonderful dining experience, but don’t expect the main focus to be on their wood fire pizza.

Actually, it’s all about some amazing Italian cooking, but their pizza is undoubtedly one of the best things on the menu.

Their approach is more of an industrial take when it comes to the design of the restaurant. However, it does look pretty cool with everything they have done, and even if that’s not your style, then it shouldn’t take anything away from the pizza.

With fresh local ingredients all cooked on a traditional Italian wood fire, you will get that burst of flavor coming through no matter the topping you settle on.

finished wood fire pizza

The Haven Pizzeria

Located on Adams Avenue, what you have with The Haven Pizzeria is an intention to provide you with the most mouth-watering pizza you have ever tasted. They also love to become very inventive with the toppings and options available to you, so you never know what you may come across.

But it’s not only pizza that makes this a wonderful place to check out. They also provide a wide array of smooth craft beers to help you wash the pizza down. 

Their focus is on managing to combine both Californian style and traditional style pizza together. Also, they do have a wide array of both Vegan and Vegetarian options. With dining in and take out available, this pizzeria has built a stellar reputation for itself, and it’s one you may wish to check out.

Isa.Bella Pizza, Pasta and Craft Beer

Located on Clairemont Drive, Isa.Bella Pizza, Pasta and Craft Beer appears on the bucket list of a number of pizza lovers in the area. Yes, their wood fire pizza really does hit home.

With a main focus on the Neapolitan style pizza, they combine traditional methods with the freshest ingredients. Add in some wonderful pasta, and an assortment of craft beers, and you have everything ready for an amazing meal.

Choose to either dine in and take out here, but you would miss out on the wonderful atmosphere created in the place should you decide to stay at home.

Basic Bar and Pizza

Finally, we have the wonderfully named Basic Bar and Pizza. You can find this establishment on Tenth Avenue, and what you get is a pizzeria and bar located in a modern loft-style location.

Their thin-crust pizzas are thrown into their wood fire, giving everything that wonderful wood and smoke taste to it.

They do go big on the toppings, so expect even a small pizza to fill you up in no time at all. 

This place works well as a place to eat and have a few beers while you let the world go by and catch up with friends. It’s relaxed, vibrant, and the sort of place you will return to over and over.

  • Website: www.barbasic.com
  • Phone: (619) 531-8869
  • Location: 410 Tenth Avenue, San Diego

And those are the 10 best wood fire pizza places in San Diego. What you have here are pizzerias that use different methods and approaches, but ultimately they seek to produce the best possible pizza.

With so many to choose from, you should never find any issue in getting the perfect pizza whenever you want one.