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10 Best Wood-Fired Pizza in Charlotte, NC (Full List)

Here we will focus on the 10 best wood-fired pizza in Charlotte, NC. Now, there are more than 10 that could have made their way onto here, but we think we have managed to work out the best.

Absolutely nothing can beat a wood fire pizza. The taste and even the smell of it will drive you insane, so it makes sense to know where you can pick up the best wood-fired pizza in your area.

The one thing we can promise you with each premise that appears is a wonderful pizza that is made in the traditional way. Oh, and it will also blow your mind when it comes to the taste of it.

So, let’s get on with the list.

10 Best Wood-Fired Pizza in Charlotte, NC (Full List)

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza and Craft Bar

First, we have Brixx Wood Fired Pizza and Craft Bar which has its premises on Scott Avenue. This is part of a chain, but don’t let that put you off trying it out.

Instead, what you get here is a pizza cooked in a traditional pizza oven, and if you have never tried this before, then this place could be the right place to start.

With a wide array of toppings to choose from, they focus on the traditional style of things, but they also try to throw in an excellent atmosphere at the same time.

With a great craft bar available as well, you and your friends will always find something that appeals no matter your own personal preferences. 

800 Degrees Wood-Fired Kitchen

The name here tells you everything you need to know as this place is all about their wood fire when it comes to cooking their pizzas.

Located on Phillips Pl Ct, in Charlotte, the one thing that strikes you upon entering is the smell. It’s mind-blowing.

Launched back in 2011, its reputation is undoubtedly connected to producing stunning pizzas with a wide array of toppings to choose from. They use local ingredients of the highest quality and even artisan meats. 

To round it off, it’s then thrown into their wood fire giving it that authentic taste you will struggle to experience anywhere else.

TRUE Crafted Pizza

With TRUE Crafted Pizza, what you have here is a very modern style restaurant operating with an open kitchen.

That does change your understanding of how your meal is created, and with it all then being added to a wood fire, then your pizza will blow your mind.

The first thing to strike you is the array of toppings available. Also, you just know every ingredient comes from the freshest of sources, and it makes a difference to the overall taste.

The staff comes across as friendly and attentive, while they do take your own dietary requirements into consideration.

With an extensive menu available, there will always be some sort of pizza or meal for anybody, no matter their own personal tastes.

large wood fire pizza

Inizio Pizza Napoletana

Located on Providence Road, Inizio Pizza Napoletana provides you with a completely authentic pizza that will take your taste buds, and give them something new to enjoy.

With a real focus on doing everything the traditional and authentic way, the wood fire approach takes their pizza to a whole new level.

But the location is also one of the hippest places to hang out. The fact you can then go ahead and enjoy a wonderful pizza while enjoying the atmosphere does help. 

With dine-in and take-out available, you have no excuse for not going ahead and checking out their quality pizza. Actually, the toughest thing is not knowing which topping to go for first.

DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana

Located on Waverly Walk Avenue, DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana goes big on representing the real, authentic Italian pizza.

The fact they do it all on a traditional wood fire oven just adds to the entire experience you will have when you venture out and check out their menu.

Their aim is to not only deliver some of the best pizza in Charlotte but to also offer you the greatest atmosphere as well. However, if you do not feel like sitting in this pizzeria, then take-out is also an option. 

As the name suggests, the pizzeria offers the classic Napoletana pizza, and with a focus on the freshest ingredients possible, it does mean you get a wonderful pizza. Plus, their service remains excellent at all times.

Capishe Real Italian Kitchen

Located on East Morehead Street in Charlotte, Capishe Real Italian Kitchen offers more than just a wood fire pizza. Instead, you have a full-on Italian restaurant with a wide array of drinks available as well.

They go big on the idea of family dining, so you do get a relaxed and laid-back experience. Also, they provide a wide array of toppings and options, so there’s always something to get your teeth into when it comes to their pizzas.

With the freshest ingredients possible, you will find yourself blown away by the quality of the finished pizza when it arrives at your table. Also, they have a range of Vegan and vegetarian options available as well.

  • Website: www.capishepizza.com
  • Phone: (980) 819-9494
  • Location: 500 E Morehead Street Suite 100, Charlotte
wood fired pizza oven

Osteria Luca

Located on Park Road, Osteria Luca not only offers you authentic pizza but also a wide array of traditional Italian cooking as well.

However, we don’t doubt that the pizza will amaze you, and it’s certainly the thing we recommend you check out.

This place creates artisan pizza, so it’s rustic and tastes amazing at the same time. They use the best ingredients around and focus on delivering something spellbinding on every single occasion.

With a laid-back atmosphere, they do provide a wonderful dining experience, but you can also get takeaway if that is what you prefer. Either way, you need to check out their pizza and learn why it is so deserving of appearing on this list.

Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Don’t let the name distract you on this one because Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria does indeed use a wood fire to make their pizza. Located on Abbey Place, they have been in this business for a number of years, and proudly state how they imported their oven all the way from Italy.

This location focuses on the quality of their pizza over and above anything else. However, they also create a warm and friendly atmosphere suitable for the entire family. With a wide array of options, and all made from fresh ingredients, you always have something to try every single time you visit this pizzeria.

Oh, and after tasting their pizza, you will certainly want to go back.

Intermezzo Pizzeria

This place is slightly different in that it is owned by two brothers with a Serbian heritage rather than Italian. However, they do still produce some amazing pizza with authentic Italian flavors that will burst out with every bite.

Located on East 10th Street, the array of toppings they have available will overpower you, but it always means you have something new to try.

Aside from pizza, they have a full menu of other dishes, and it’s all housed in a pretty cool and hip place to hang out for a meal.

With a strong reputation for quality food, this is one pizzeria you certainly want to check out.


Finally, we have Stagioni, or to give you the full name, Stagioni – Four Seasons of Food. Located on Providence Road, this is a classic restaurant filled with so many dishes to choose from that it does become a difficult choice.

However, as we are all about pizza, then you should know that they use a wood fire. Everything is as authentic as it comes, and they only use the best ingredients around.

Even the dough is fresh, so expect this to taste, unlike any other pizza you have ever experienced in your life.

And those are the 10 best wood fire pizza places in Charlotte, and now it’s all up to you to work out which one you plan on checking out first. However, we do recommend working your way through the list to then come up with your own particular favorite.

Let’s face it, any excuse to try out more pizza always comes across as a good thing to do. So, start to check them out and arrange them in order of preference.