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11 Best Air Fryer Pizza Recipes To Try Tonight

It seems like everyone has an air fryer today, but have you ever thought about making a pizza in it? If not, then here are the 11 best air fryer pizza recipes to try tonight. An air fryer can make a wonderful pizza if you only know-how.

So, that’s what we will focus on right here and now. We have a total of 11 different air fryer recipes that we think you should be trying out right now.

We guarantee that these recipes will taste amazing, and the only limit you have is trying to narrow down your options when it comes to the toppings.

But one thing to understand is the space issue when it comes to your air fryer. Of course, you will know the capacity, but it does change the size of the base you can use.

That is why you may need to downsize your pizza to get a base that fits. Alternatively, make your own when it comes to the base. It’s easier to do than you imagine, and a number of recipes will guide you through this entire process.

As another option, you can use bread and even naan bread as the base. Once again, our recipes will take you through how to use them to get some amazingly tasty end results.

So, let’s get on with the different recipes.

Simple Cheese Air Fryer Pizza

cheese air fryer pizza - Air Fryer Pizza Recipes
Source: liveeatlearn.com

We start things off by keeping it nice and simple with a cheese air fryer pizza. Now, you can use any type of cheese you like, but the key here is to make sure you add lots of it to the pizza base.

You want to begin by partly cooking the crust in the air fryer. That way, you can get everything nice and crispy before you start to dress the crust.

Add your tomato pizza sauce to the base, and then go crazy with the cheese. If you want to add an extra bite, then some chili flakes or red pepper flakes will also work well.

The entire thing takes literally minutes to cook. You can then have a simple cheese pizza on the table in less time than you would imagine possible.

Gluten Free Air Fryer Pizza

gluten free air fryer pizza - Air Fryer Pizza Recipes
Source: glutenfreecuppatea.co.uk

This particular recipe uses a gluten-free base, but you don’t have to be restricted to that at all. However, as you see, it also uses pepperoni and lots of cheese, and we do suggest Mozzarella in this instance.

Do go ahead and precook the pepperoni to make sure it’s well cooked once it comes out of the air fryer. However, it will still only take a matter of minutes for the air fryer to get everything cooked, so make sure you do not overdo it.

As with every other air fryer recipe, you want to start things off by cooking the base in the air fryer. Also, with this one, cook the pepperoni so it’s just going to be finished off in the air fryer as the cheese melts and turns that lovely golden brown color around the edges.

Pepperoni Air Fryer Pizza

pepperoni air fryer pizza - Air Fryer Pizza Recipes
Source: thekitchn.com

This pepperoni pizza recipe is designed to produce something crispy and with an amazing crunch for you to bite into. However, it does keep it nice and simple with just a few ingredients thrown in there with the main focus being purely on pepperoni and cheese.

Cook the crust in the air fryer until it’s well on the way to getting crispy on both sides. Then, make sure you layer on the tomato base and cover with some amazing pepperoni.

Then, dress it with as much cheese as you like. You can even have more than one type of cheese if you prefer. After that, throw it in the air fryer again, and let everything crisp up before you go ahead and serve.

Italian Sausage Air Fryer Pizza

Italian sausage air fryer pizza
Source: tasteofhome.com

This pizza is another one that keeps things nice and simple with the main focus being on some lovely Italian sausage as the topping. Add in Mozzarella, and any other cheese you want, and you have the ingredients for an easy pizza to throw in the air fryer.

You can, of course, use any base, but start cooking it in the air fryer prior to adding any toppings. That way, you can be sure of having a crisp base for your pizza. 

Peppers and Cheese Air Fryer Pizza

peppers and cheese air fryer pizza recipe
Source: upstateramblings.com

This pizza calls for simply peppers and cheese, but lots of both to ultimately make this a tasty delight to eat. After starting to air fry the crust, make sure you add in the tomato pizza sauce to the base, before throwing on different colors of peppers.

For cheese, we recommend both Mozzarella and cheddar, but you can add anything you like. The main focus has to be on ensuring the cheese is plentiful and extremely tasty.

Ricotta and Honey Air Fryer Pizza

ricotta and honey air fryer pizza recipe
Source: bhg.com

This pizza is known as a white pizza since it doesn’t use your usual tomato sauce base. Instead, it uses ricotta cheese, and lots of it. But to add some sweetness, some honey is thrown into the mix as well, and if that sounds unusual, then don’t worry.

You should also add in some Mozzarella, and make sure you throw on fresh basil when it’s all ready to serve. Also, get that crust nice and crispy before you put the cheese on, as it’s not going to take long until everything is bubbling and ready to serve.

Turkey Pepperoni Air Fryer Pizza

turkey pepperoni air fryer pizza recipe
Source: masonfit.com

So this recipe is pretty similar to any other pepperoni pizza recipe, but with one key difference. In this instance, the pepperoni is turkey pepperoni, and that does change things up quite a bit.

You still want to add on a lot of tomato sauce to the base, but we would also recommend adding in some red peppers along with lashings of cheese to finish it all off.

More than one type of cheese is advisable, and it will certainly be a tasty delight when you take it out of your air fryer.

Bacon and Cheese Air Fryer Pizza

bacon and cheese air fryer pizza
Source: airfryeryum.com

One thing we love about this recipe is it uses bread as the base, so see this as being pizza toast more than anything else. However, it also includes bacon and pepperoni, along with some cheese, so what’s not to love about that combination?

We recommend getting the toast done on one side before you then add the toppings. Actually, partly toast both sides to stop the tomato sauce dripping through. Then, go crazy with everything else, and this pizza toast will be ready in a matter of minutes for you to enjoy.

Keto Air Fryer Pizza

keto air fryer pizza recipe
Source: ihackeddiabetes.com

This pizza is actually a keto pizza, so if you are on the keto diet, or even a low carb diet, then it means you can still enjoy pizza without feeling guilty. It uses a different flour in the base, so you need to make it yourself, but you get full instructions, so it won’t be that difficult.

Then, you want to just choose your toppings to go with it. As you can see here, it does include pepperoni, but you can put on whatever you want. The main thing is you pack it full of flavor before throwing it all back in the air fryer to crisp everything up before serving.

Peppers and Mushroom Air Fryer Pizza

peppers and mushroom air fryer pizza
Source: mydaintykitchen.com

This pizza brings together peppers and mushrooms along with onions and lots of tomato sauce on the base, and don’t forget the cheese. Feel free to add more than one type of cheese to the recipe if you want to give it a bit of a real bite to it as well.

It’s also a good idea to add some chili flakes to the mix just to have a bit of a burn. It’s going to end up tasting amazing when you take it all back out of the air fryer, and everything is ready in minutes, even when getting a crispy base.

Sausage and Mozzarella Air Fryer Pizza

sausage and mozzarella air fryer pizza
Source: cheneetoday.com

This recipe calls for ground-up sausage meat along with so much Mozzarella that you can hardly see anything else with the pizza. Oh, and a few roasted tomato slices won’t go amiss either with it all being finished off with some basil.

In this instance, the recipe actually calls for naan bread to be used as the base, and this is a great idea. It works well in an air fryer, and there will be no issue with it not fitting either. Start the naan bread in the air fryer before then throwing on your different toppings. 

You can, of course, add more than one cheese if you like. However, we do suggest going overboard with the Mozzarella, and you will be glad you did once you taste it.