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15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Take a keen note of your next favorite anchovy pizza from our 15 amazing anchovy pizza recipes below so that you can bust out that recipe at your next pizza night event.

Italian anchovy pizza is probably the most popular anchovy pizza most people have heard of.

That is a big shame because there is a wide range of fantastic anchovy pizzas that will surprise your taste buds and get to become your new favorite anchovy pizza.

You will find anchovy pizza with cappers, classic spinach and anchovy pizza, anchovy and artichoke pizza, and apple anchovy on this list.

Each one has a distinct and exceptional taste that will please every part of your taste buds.

Italian Anchovy Pizza 

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: theclevermeal.com

This Italian Anchovy Pizza recipe is straightforward. However, you have to follow a few simple guidelines if you wish it to taste amazing. The key here is always choosing high-quality ingredients.

This recipe calls for tomato sauce, mozzarella, capers, oregano, anchovies, and your favorite pizza dough.

You can use hot pizza steel or pizza stone. They all give your pizza dough a burst of initial heat, thus making it crusty and puffy. Besides, a pizza tray works just as fine as it gives your pizza a super fine crust.

Tomato, Garlic, and Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: taste.com.au

This is a fantastic recipe that every member of your family will love. This recipe makes making tomato, garlic, and anchovy pizza fun, simple, and quick.

The recipe calls for red onions, olive oil, chopped peeled tomato, anchovy fillets, garlic cloves, dried yeast, sugar, warm water, strong white flour, and sea salt.

The most vital part of this fantastic recipe is turning the pizza dough onto a flat surface and rolling it out into a 5mm-thick disc.

You can then place it on an oiled pizza pan. After this, you can spread the soft onion jam over your pizza dough and then top it with anchovies, sliced garlic, and olives.

This will then call for baking it for 30 minutes until it turns golden.

Anchovy Pizza with Capers

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: insidetherustickitchen.com

When making my pizza at home, this classic anchovy pizza with capers is my go-to recipe. It is insanely delicious due to the anchovies with their umami flavor.

To make this classic anchovy pizza with capers is simple, fun, and quick. Even your 6-year-old kid could make it if she followed this simple recipe.

The recipe calls for your favorite homemade pizza dough and is completed with all your favorite toppings. For instance, you can use fresh tomato sauce, sweet and creamy mozzarella cheese. With this, this recipe can not disappoint.

Lavash Pizza with Onions and Anchovy

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: cooking.nytimes.com

This amazing lavish pizza with inions and anchovy could be all you have been craving for. The recipe is straightforward. Every family member should be able to make this fantastic anchovy pizza.

The anchovies fillets are soaked in water for 5 minutes, drained, rinsed, and thoroughly dried on paper towels. The onions should be cut in half and sliced thinly.

The recipe also calls for capers. The cappers should be drained, rinsed, and chopped finely.

Other ingredients that you need for this recipe are lavash, fresh thyme leaves, bay leaf, garlic cloves, fresh ground pepper, salt, and virgin olive oil.

Onion and Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: cookstr.com

This excellent onion and anchovy pizza are quick as it takes less than 4 hours to make it from scratch. The recipe is simple and easy, and even kids can make it comfortably.

To make this onion and anchovy pizza, you need granulated sugar, dry yeast, water, and olive oil. It would be best if you also had unbleached all-purpose flour, sea salt, yellow onions, fresh thyme, salt, pepper, anchovy fillets, and a jelly roll pan.

The recipe entails arranging olives and anchovies over the onions. You can then sprinkle cheese and dribble with oil from the anchovies or a little olive oil. This should then be baked until the pizza crust is golden brown.

Mushroom, Olive, and Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: gastro-geek.com

A combination of mushroom, olive, and anchovy makes a delicious pizza your taste buds will be raving for.

This recipe is straightforward, and even your kid can use it to make it. It takes only 40 minutes to cook.

The recipe calls for olive oil, fresh basil leaves, seeded black olives, mushrooms, red capsicum, grated parmesan, grated mozzarella cheese, pizza base, white sugar, fresh oregano, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, clove garlic, and brown onion.

The recipe entails using a large thick-based packaged pizza base. This mushroom, olive, and anchovy pizza can be prepared and frozen in its unbaked form.

Roman Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: tastycraze.com

You have probably heard of this fantastic Roman Anchovy pizza. It is easy and quick to make pizza.

This recipe calls for Italian “00” flour, dried years, salt, lukewarm water, olive oil, plum tomatoes, basil leaves, anchovy fillets, capers, salt and pepper, Rocket, and grated parmesan.

The recipe also calls for sliding your pizza onto an oven tray or pizza stone and cooking for about 10 minutes until the pizza crust has taken on a good golden color, mozzarella has melted, and the base gets crisp.

You can dress it with a rocket if you desire it.

Anchovy and Artichoke Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: theclevermeal.com

This anchovy and artichoke pizza is one of the favorites and delicious pizzas that will excite every member of your family.

The recipe entails topping the golden pizza crust with artichokes and creamy mozzarella. This can be marinated with hints of lemon, garlic, and herbs.

This anchovy and artichoke pizza is crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and amazingly flavorful and delicious.

This recipe uses no-kneed pizza dough, an easy 5-minute homemade marinade, and convenient canned artichoke hearts.

Classic Spinach and Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: tfrecipes.com

This classic spinach and anchovy pizza are a top-quality and delicious pizza easy to make. It is also quick as it takes only 40 minutes to prepare and about 1 hour to cook.

The recipe calls for flour, blending yeast, salt, sugar, warm water, olive oil, onion, garlic, tomatoes, anchovy,  and mozzarella.

This recipe entails spreading the tomato mixture onto your pizza, laying on mozzarella, spinach, and anchovies, and baking in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Neapolitan Pizza with Olives and Anchovy

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: delicious.com.au

This amazing Neapolitan pizza with olives and anchovy is all your taste buds will be raving for.

It is easy to make, and even your 10-year-old kid can make it. It only needs 12 ingredients.

For instance, it calls for semolina, bread flour, dried yeast, good-quality mozzarella, tomato paste, good-quality passata, basil, anchovies in oil, chopped black olives, garlic cloves, red onion, and virgin olive oil.

Anchovy and Pine Nut Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: philly.com.au

This amazing anchovy and pine ut pizza is quick and straightforward to make. For instance, it takes around 15 minutes to prepare and 25 minutes to cook. Anybody, including kids, can use this recipe to make a delicious anchovy and pine nut pizza.

The recipe calls for olive oil, thinly sliced red onions, garlic cloves, sugar, plain pizza bases, tomato paste, pine nuts, grated rind of one lemon, Philadelphia block cream cheese, and finely chopped flat-leaf parsley.

Anchovy, Goat Cheese, and Fig Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: cloveandcumin.com

Goat cheese, fig, and anchovy are not just pizza toppings for the salad. You can add this delicious combination on top of a thin and scrumptiously crisp crust pizza, and you have a homemade anchovy, goat cheese, and fig pizza that every member of your family will be raving for.

This recipe is easy and super simple. For instance, you can use store-bought pizza dough if you do not have any of your favorite homemade thin crust pizza dough in your fridge or freezer.

You can combine, mix, and match all your favorite ingredients and toppings based on what you have.

Apple Anchovy Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: gustotv.com

As the name suggests, this fantastic apple anchovy pizza is made from apples and anchovy.

The recipe calls for pre-made pizza dough, canned anchovies, bottled olive oil, and peeled garlic and pepper. Honey crisp, apples, cambozola cheese, fennel seeds, and freshly cracked pepper.

The anchovies, pepper, and garlic are placed in a mortar, and you can pestle them until smooth. Once done pestling, you can slowly drizzle in the olive oil in a steady stream.

Apples should be placed on the pizza in an overlapping circular pattern and then sprinkled with black pepper and fennel seeds. After this, you can dot cheese all over the apples evenly.

It would be best to cook it until the crust is golden brown and crispy and the cheese is gooey.

Barbecue Pizza with Anchovy and Goat Cheese

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: greatbritishchefs.com

This is a unique and straightforward anchovy pizza recipe that is quick. Every member of your family can make it with this easy recipe.

With this recipe, you can quickly get from pizza dough kneading to eating your barbecue pizza with anchovy and goat cheese in less than a few hours.

You can top your recipe with ingredients such as salt anchovies, tangy goat’s cheese, luscious tomato sauce, and fragrant rosemary, and this barbecue anchovy pizza is a guaranteed crowdpleaser.

You can cook this anchovy pizza on the barbecue for an added crisp finish. However, you can as well use your oven if the surrounding weather and climate are not playing ball.

Roast Pepper, Anchovy and Ricotta Pizza

15 Amazing Anchovy Pizza Recipes

Source: deliciousmagazine.co.uk

This unique roast pepper, anchovy, and Ricotta pizza recipe are simple and easy to make.

It calls for ready-made frozen pizza dough, especially when you are short on time midweek.

The recipe entails rolling your pizza dough out and topping it with salty anchovies, creamy ricotta, and tangy capers.

You should not be worried about toppings for this recipe. You can use the ingredients or toppings that you have available at home.