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15 Amazing Bisquick Pizza Dough Recipes

If you have never thought about using Bisquick for your pizza dough, then you are actually missing out. So, we plan on making life easier by going through 15 amazing Bisquick pizza dough recipes you may never have thought of.

You see, Bisquick is quick and easy to use, and the dough it can produce will surprise you. But there are so many different methods and recipes out there for you to try depending on what you want your final pizza dough to be like.

Now, this list is certainly more about the dough than the toppings. After all, you can put whatever you want on top. However, the way in which the dough is made will make a difference, so that is what we will focus on.

Plain and Simple Pizza Base

Bisquick base

Source: plainchicken.com

First, we have this simple recipe, and it’s even debatable you can call it that. All you need is Bisquick and water. That’s it.

The Bisquick contains everything you will need to make a nice and simple dough that is perfect for a pizza base. Simply add some water, mix it together, and then get shaping things into the size and thickness you want. 

Nothing could be easier, but you do need to then focus on the toppings to make sure that everything is nice and tasty.

A 3 Ingredient Pizza Base

Bisquick base

Source: mamalovesfood.com

This recipe for Bisquick pizza dough is slightly different from the first in that it has three ingredients. You still need the Bisquick mix and water, but they also add in some flour.

The flour gives the base a little bit more texture, and for some people, this may mean it resembles something closer to the pizza bases you prefer. Once again, you mix and roll it out to the size and thickness you want before throwing it in the oven. 

Cornmeal and Olive Oil Pizza Base

Cornmeal and Olive base

Source: foodlovinfamily.com

This base still uses those basic ingredients of the Bisquick mix and water, but it also adds in some cornmeal and olive oil to change things up a bit. Of course, these two additional ingredients are completely optional, but they can be worth it.

The cornmeal adds that texture, while the olive oil does alter the complete taste of the dough, and also how it sticks together. It will make it feel slightly richer compared to others, so if that’s what you prefer, then this is perfect.

Bisquick and Vegetable Shortening Pizza Base

bisquick shortening base

Source: thespruceeats.com

This recipe adds in something slightly different once again, even though Bisquick remains the key ingredient. With this recipe, they use either vegetable shortening or some butter to give the base a different taste. Add in some olive oil along with water to make this as tasty as possible.

Once again, it requires no yeast for this to rise, thanks to the baking powder, and this base will work well with any topping. However, it is different thanks to the inclusion of butter.

Bisquick and Added Yeast Pizza Base


Source: justapinch.com

We included this recipe because it also contains some additional yeast, and that is a bit different when it comes to using Bisquick. Basically, this will change quite a few things in the dough.

The key here is to mix the yeast in water for a couple of minutes as the first step. Then, you stir in the Bisquick and beat it for a couple of minutes prior to starting to knead the dough.

This will help make the pizza base rise, so if you prefer something that resembles more of a deep pan, then this recipe may end up the perfect one for you.

Cheese Mix Pizza Base

cheese mix pizza base

Source: girlraisedinthesouth.com

So this time, we have sought to change things up a bit and give the Bisquick base a different taste. For that, this recipe calls for some Parmesan cheese, and that will undoubtedly pack a punch.

You simply mix the dough in the usual way. Add in a healthy amount of Parmesan cheese to give it something of an extra kick. It does mean the pizza base will have a cheesy taste to it, and this will work well with all of the different toppings.

Also, it can remove something of a bland taste that some people find with the Bisquick base on its own. But while that covers different ways in which you can make the base. What about the toppings? After all, is there some anxiety as to what will work well with a Bisquick base? 

Cheese and Sausage Bisquick Pizza

sausage cheese pizza

Source: itsyummi.com

So this first pizza topping idea combines sausage and cheese. After making the base, simply add your favorite tomato pizza base sauce, crumble up the sausage meat, and throw on as much cheese as you like. 

In this instance, we recommend using both cheddar as well as Mozzarella. It means you get that gooey cheese appearance. Also, top it off with some green onions and you simply throw it in the oven to finish baking.

Classic Pepperoni Bisquick Pizza

pepperoni bisquick

Source: allrecipes.com

In this instance, we keep it as simple as you like with the classic pepperoni pizza. All that’s required is to make a quick dough with Bisquick, add the tomato sauce to the base, then dress the pizza.

Once again, we highly recommend using more than one cheese and make sure you add in a lot of pepperoni. This is so quick and easy to do, and you will struggle to know the difference when it comes to the finished pizza.

Bisquick Cauliflower Pizza

bisquick cauliflower

Source: familyfunjournal.com

Now if you are not too keen on the taste of cauliflower, then this is the perfect way of getting the goodness without even realizing it. Steam the cauliflower, and then blend it until it’s nice and smooth. Then, add it to the Bisquick mix and make your dough.

The cauliflower works well in the mix, and you are then free to go ahead and add any topping you like to this pizza. This particular version calls for pepperoni and olives, along with all that lovely cheese. Also, it will be ready in next to no time.

Bubble Pizza

bubble pizza

Source: momswhothink.com

This recipe still uses Bisquick as the dough, but it then looks at adding layers of toppings to create a bubble effect, and it works exceptionally well. Think of layers of pasta sauce, cheese and pepperoni before throwing it in the oven.

This is all done on top of the Bisquick base. Keep the base simple as it’s the toppings that will really make the difference here.

Multi Topping Bisquick Pizza

multi topping bisquick

Source: recipetineeats.com

This pizza makes it onto our list as it shows you can add anything you like to a base made from Bisquick. This particular version has different peppers, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, the list is endless.

Basically, what you see here is the only limit when it comes to using Bisquick as a base is your imagination. However, if you love all of the things listed above on your pizza, then this recipe will certainly manage to tease your tastebuds.

Air Fryer Pizza

air fryer pizza

Source: liveeatlearn.com

So the name gives it away as to why we have included this particular pizza as it not only contains a Bisquick base but it’s also done in an air fryer. Now, more and more people own an air fryer, and if you never thought about making a pizza, then this shows you how to do it.

Of course, the toppings here are completely up to you. These guys have kept it basic, but it does guide you through the air fryer component, and the end result is a crispy base and a perfect pizza.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

chicken bisquick

Source: lifemadedelicious.ca

Here, we have a Bisquick dough base with the pizza topped with chicken and ham in a rich, white cheese sauce. This is thick, creamy, and is packed full of flavor.

Of course, it doesn’t include any tomato paste on the base, but then it doesn’t need that thanks to the sauce. Simply cook the chicken and ham, make the sauce, mix it together, and then spread all over the base, and it’s all done.

Mushroom Sauce and Pepperoni Pizza

mushroom pepperoni

Source: leitesculinaria.com

Instead of adding tomato sauce to the base, why not change things up by making a mushroom sauce instead? This recipe also includes pepperoni and hamburger meat, so if you love a meaty taste to your pizza, then this is perfect.

Once again, it uses Bisquick as the base, and the mushroom sauce sits perfectly on it and does so without any problems. Top it all off with some extra cheese, and some fresh mushrooms for a whole lot of flavor.

4 Ingredient Pizza Bake

4 ingredient pizza bake

Source: flavorite.net

This entire recipe uses 4 different ingredients, and you can see from the image how tasty it looks. With Bisquick used as the base, and this time use two sachets, along with pepperoni, pizza sauce, and Mozzarella, it’s ready in around 15 minutes.

Use a casserole dish and pile it up high to turn it into a pizza bake. Then, prepare to tuck into all that cheesy, crispy goodness.

And that’s it, 15 different recipes where Bisquick is at the heart of it all. As you can see, it’s more versatile than people realize, and all that’s left for you to do is to go and give it a shot and see what you think.