15 Delicious Seafood Pizza Recipes You Can Make Tonight

When you think about pizza, there is a multitude of wonderful pizza recipes that incorporate seafood in some way. If you are able to get past your initial feeling of wondering how seafood and pizza can ever go together, then you will see how there are a number of amazing recipes out there.

However, the truth is that there’s a good chance that seafood as an ingredient is not something that springs to mind. Actually, the extent to having anything from the sea on there may be limited to tuna, and for some people, that may even come at a real push.

And here’s the best part. They are all easy to put together, and there’s no reason why you cannot be sitting down and enjoying one of them tonight. All you need to do is to go through our list, select the one that appeals to you, and then grab the ingredients.

It really is that simple, so the best thing for us to do now is to take you through these different recipes combining seafood and pizza.

Recipe 1: Shrimp Pizza

Source: acouplecooks.com

Incorporating shrimp on a pizza makes so much sense that you will wonder why you never thought of it before. Add in the sauce on the base, the shrimp on top, and sprinkle with cheese.

Actually, we recommend using more than one type of cheese to give it some of that extra gooeyness about it all. Then, throw it in the oven for a matter of minutes, and you will have a pizza that is going to blow your mind.

Recipe 2: Shrimp, Salmon and Scallops Pizza

Source: dairyfarmersofcanada.ca

While there is a multitude of seafood pizza options, this recipe calls for three different types of seafood on there. In this instance, we are throwing on shrimp, salmon, and scallops mixed in with the usual cheese and tomato sauce base.

Cover the base, and you can use any one you like, with the sauce moving it up to just short of the edge. Lay your seafood out so it’s all mixed up to give you a taste of everything with every single bite, then cover in Mozzarella. After that, get it in the oven and prepare for a taste explosion.

Recipe 3: Smoked Salmon Pizza

Source: laughingspatula.com

Next, we have a simple smoked salmon pizza, and the beauty of this recipe is that it won’t feel as heavy as some other pizza toppings. Actually, you could easily have a slice of this as a snack, and it would work exceptionally well.

But we also recommend doing things a bit differently. Throw on some cream cheese, onions, and smoked salmon on top. If you prefer things a bit salty, then capers could work well in this instance. 

Recipe 4: Chili Prawn Pizza

Source: delicious.com.au

With this chili prawn pizza, it does mean you are getting that spicy burning sensation even with seafood. However, even here we want to keep things simple. 

What we recommend is grabbing some medium-sized king prawns, some chili, rocket, your favorite cheese topping, and some garlic. However, here’s an extra tip. Put the base in the oven first for a few minutes just to crisp it up a bit. Then, add your toppings in whichever way you want before throwing it in for absolute perfection.

Recipe 5: Garlic Prawn Pizza

garlic prawn pizza

Source: myfoodbook.com.au

Prawns and garlic go together like, well, prawns and garlic. So, this recipe will be a crowd-pleaser. What you need to do is to grab a thin crust, cook your prawns in some garlic and oil, then throw them on mixed in with some ricotta cheese just to be different.

Once you have added your toppings, make sure you add some parsley to add to the flavor. Bake it for 10 minutes, and you will love the end result.

Recipe 6: Anchovy Pizza

Source: theclevermeal.com

Anchovies can work exceptionally well on a pizza, and they are an ingredient often overlooked. Actually, this is a real Italian pizza, and one loved by many. They are salty and are perfect when accompanied by some tomato slices and your favorite cheese topping.

Nice and simple, but highly effective and enjoyable.

Recipe 7: Pizza Napoli

Source: italianfoodforever.com

Pizza Napoli is one you may have heard of, and yet the ingredients remain pretty simple and basic. Here, we have those anchovies once again, but they are paired up with capers, cherry tomato, basil leaves, dry oregano, and clumps of Mozzarella. 

This is best when woodfired, and where the crust is nice and crunchy. After that, you will fall in love with this pizza.

Recipe 8: White Clam Pizza

Source: iamahoneybee.com

If you have never thought about white clams on a pizza, then you are missing out. The key here is to make sure you add in a reasonable amount of garlic with the clams. That will change the taste to something mind-blowing.

But this time, avoid adding tomato sauce to the base and only use Parmesan cheese as the topping. Add in some oregano to the mix, and while it may seem plain, it will still pack a punch where the flavor is concerned.

Recipe 9: Smoked Tuna Pizza

Source: yummly.co.uk

Time for something a bit different, and here we have a smoked tuna pizza recipe for you to try out. Here, we have a number of toppings included, and they aren’t the normal things you would expect.

We recommend adding in some refried beans, bacon, cilantro, and peppers giving you a mouth-watering pizza. You also need to add in some garlic and onion to boost those flavors. But here is the best thing, smoked tuna from a can works just as well as any other option.

Recipe 10: Lobster Pizza

Source: ourcountertop.com

Lobster is a surprising addition to a pizza, and yet it can produce something that is amazing. What you need to do here is to grab a couple of different cheese options and some whipping cream. Add in your favorite seasoning and arrange it over the pizza. 

In this instance, it’s best the lobster pieces are spread out rather than in clumps. If you want to add even more of a seafood twist to it, then some crab would be a good addition.

Recipe 11: Shrimp and Crab Pizza

Source: tasteofhome.com

This shrimp and crab pizza recipe is quick, easy, and exceptionally tasty. Grab your crab and shrimp before cooking in some oil and seasoning for a couple of minutes before adding it to your favorite crust. 

Add in a blend of your favorite Italian cheeses to the mix along with possibly some peppers and mushrooms to up the veggie side of things, and you are good to go. Bake it for around 15 minutes, and everything should be perfect.

Recipe 12: Shrimp and Scallop Pizza

Source: therecipe.website

Shrimps and scallops are fantastic individually, but they also work well together on a pizza. Get your favorite pizza base, add in a thin layer of tomato sauce, and cook your shrimps and scallops for a couple of minutes with some seasoning.

After that, add it to the base, some small tomatoes, red onion, Mozzarella, and herbs to finish the dish. If you have never had scallops before, then this could very well be the ideal way to get yourself started on them.

Recipe 13: Mussel Pizza

Source: cooking.nytimes.com

Next up, we have a mussel pizza, and if you want the real authentic Italian experience, then this is one recipe you need to try. The first thing you need to do is to check the mussels. Remove any that have cracked open as they won’t work well in this instance.

After that, get a mixture of onions, some peppers, Italian cheeses, and fresh parsley. Spread it all over the base and then throw it in the oven for around 20 minutes. By the end, you will have the perfect mussel pizza to enjoy over and over again.

Recipe 14: Tuna Mayo Pizza

Source: cookpad.com

Who doesn’t love tuna mayo? Well, the idea of adding it to a pizza could be quite appealing for most people. All you need to do is to make your tuna mayo by combining tuna fish with mayo, onions, and some soy sauce. If you want it to burn a bit, then add in some chili for that extra kick.

Spread the mix over whichever pizza base you have selected, and then top it off with some shredded Mozzarella. If you want to do something else, then chop up some green onions and sprinkle them on the top. The entire thing should then take around 10 minutes to bake.

Recipe 15: Salmon and Cheese Pizza

Source: cookinglight.com

Finally, we have salmon and cheese pizza, and even if you are not a huge fan of salmon, this could change your mind. Add a creamy sauce to the base, then layer on your salmon mixed in with feta cheese and shredded Mozzarella. 

After that, drizzle the top with some olive oil before adding it to the oven to bake for 10 minutes. Once baked, finish everything with some fresh rocket and you are good to go.

And those are the different delicious seafood pizza recipes. With different options to choose from, you can have dinner on the table in next to no time.