15 Delicious Shrimp Pizza Recipes You Can Make Tonight

Let’s face it, shrimp is amazing. However, have you ever thought about putting it on a pizza? Or, maybe you have tried it, but had no idea what to put with it?

The truth is that shrimp on a pizza can work exceptionally well. You just need to know what works with it before you go ahead and start throwing on your own toppings.

So that is what we will focus on here. In fact, we have a total of 15 different simple shrimp pizza that you can throw together tonight, and have dinner sitting on the table in next to no time.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the recipes.

Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Source: theblondcook.com

First up, we have a Shrimp Scampi pizza which is quick and easy to make. For this, use a pre-made pizza dough, and shell the shrimp. 

You want to add your tomato base to the dough followed by a healthy spread of shrimp on top. Cover with your favorite pizza cheese, and throw in the oven. You will then have a wonderful, and basic, shrimp pizza that is ready in minutes. 

Also, if you want to add more flavor, then sprinkle some fresh herbs on top such as parsley. It can make a huge difference to things.

Garlic Prawn Pizza

Source: myfoodbook.com.au

Next, we have another simple recipe, and this time it’s combining garlic with prawns and throwing it on that base. 

Get your favorite garlic prawns, add in some chili and parsley to the mix, and sprinkle over the base which you have already coated in tomato paste. Get your favorite cheese, or even a mix of three Italian cheeses, and give yourself a generous helping over the pizza. 

To make life easier, pre-bake the bases as it then means the toppings will only take around 5 minutes before everything is cooked to perfection. 

Shrimp and Crab Pizza

Source: tasteofhome.com

If you love seafood, then a shrimp and crab pizza could offer you a taste of Heaven. This is best when you buy pre-made dough, as it saves you a couple of steps, and it certainly won’t alter the taste.

Throw in your shrimp and crab along with peppers, mushrooms and loads of cheese. The crab meat works best when it’s cut up into small pieces and spread evenly across the pizza. You may also want to add in onion to add an extra little bit, and don’t be afraid of a bit of chili either.

Make sure you add that alfredo sauce to the base in advance and use your favorite Italian cheeses to dress it all. Then, throw it in the oven for around 8 to 10 minutes and it’s done.

Shrimp, Garlic and Pesto Pizza

Source: lovefoodies.com

This shrimp, garlic, and pesto pizza will offer you a real taste explosion that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

For this, you can either make your own garlic prawns or buy them ready-made. Either way is fine.

However, the key here is to use pesto on the base more than Alfredo sauce. It just changes things up in a completely new way. Then, cover it in cheese, and throw it into the oven for around 10 minutes.

The best part about this pizza is the way you can really control how garlicky you want it. But if you would also like to change things around, then some salmon thrown in along with the shrimp is a good idea.

Grilled Shrimp Pizza

Source: food.com

If you want to change the flavor around a bit, then we would recommend this grilled shrimp pizza. The grilling part simply creates something different to the norm, and we love how it completely alters the taste aspect.

Get your shrimp and throw it on the grill. Add your favorite spices, if you prefer it hot or milder, and grill until almost ready. 

After this, spread the sauce on the base followed by adding the shrimp on top. Mix together cheeses, and if you want to add some extra bite, then consider peppers to give an extra crunch.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo Pizza

Source: gimmesomeoven.com

Shrimp Fra Diavolo pizza is spicy, full of flavor, and gives you a real taste of Italy via a pizza. The key here is to get your hands on some grape tomatoes, and fresh basil will also work out well.

What you need to do here is to begin by preparing the shrimp with whatever seasoning you prefer. Coat the shrimp in the seasoning before adding to the base.

Slice the grape tomatoes rather than having them crushed into the sauce. Add a thin spread of tomato base over the pizza, but don’t overdo it. Then, sprinkle over some chili, if you want a bite, and shred the fresh basil. Top with mozzarella and throw it in the oven for around 8 minutes.

Shrimp and Spinach Pizza

Source: food.com

This shrimp and spinach recipe manages to combine several amazing ingredients together in the one single delicious pizza. We recommend adding some onion, garlic and spinach to a pan and saute them. Add some habaneros for a kick, and brush oil on the base.

After that, add tomatoes, the onion and spinach mix, and your shrimp. Cover in cheese and garnish with oregano and basil. Add to the oven for 10 minutes, and everything will come out perfect.

Shrimp and Garlic Cream Pizza

Source: foodess.com

This recipe is slightly different in that the garlic is contained within the cream sauce used on the base rather than tomato. You need to cook your shrimps in a garlic cream sauce. Start with shrimp in garlic butter before removing the shrimp.

After that, make the sauce before adding the shrimps back into the mix. Add it to the base of the pizza, and then throw in the oven for up to 10 minutes, but only after adding your favorite cheese on top.

3 Cheese Shrimp Pizza

Source: acouplecooks.com

This 3 cheese shrimp pizza is perfect for any individual who loves all that gooey stuff with their pizza. In this instance, you can go ahead and choose any type of cheese you like, but we do recommend Mozzarella, cheddar, and also some creamy ricotta to round it off.

Cook your shrimp in some butter to get things rolling, and then start to create your pizza by adding a thin layer of sauce to the base before spreading your cooked shrimp evenly across the base. Then, be generous with the cheese, but add the ricotta first to make life easier.

Hot and Spicy Shrimp Pizza

Source: caribbeangreenliving.com

This hot and spicy shrimp pizza recipe will blow your mind, and it’s so easy to do. For this, you need some hot sauce, peppers, and arugula. 

Cover the shrimp in the sauce and cook for a few minutes. Grab your pizza base, and be gentle with the tomato sauce. There will be enough liquid on there with the hot sauce.

Next, add your shrimps and sprinkle over the chopped peppers and arugula on top. Finally, finish it off with a healthy sprinkling of cheese before throwing in the oven for 8 to 10 minutes.

Thai Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Pizza

Source: silkroadspices.com

This recipe combines both sweet and spicy together in what is a pretty cool recipe. This calls for sweet peanut sauce coating the shrimp, which is like a shrimp satay along with spices for that additional burn.

Cook your shrimp in the sweet peanut sauce while adding spice to the base. It’s best to use both coconut milk and chili to get the best of both worlds. 

Once you have cooked your sweet and spicy shrimp, transfer it over to your pizza base and cover it in the same way as a tomato base. Then, finish it all off with a sprinkle of cheese before putting it in the oven.

New Orleans Shrimp Pizza

Source: foodnetwork.com

The New Orleans shrimp pizza has a secret key, and it’s cajun seasoning. You want to cook your shrimps in the cajun seasoning, or the alternative is to mix it into the tomato sauce to put it on the base.

Cut up some peppers and onion before spreading it over the pizza. Add in your shrimp, mixed in the cajun seasoning if you have used that approach, and throw it onto your pizza. Cover in cheese, then put it in the oven for around 12 minutes.

Shrimp and Alfredo Sauce Pizza

Source: laughingspatula.com

This shrimp and alfredo sauce pizza has to be one of the easiest to make, and yet it offers you a serious taste explosion. The key is really the sauce. You want to make a white sauce, but throw a lot of parmesan into the mix as well.

To make it even richer, use cream instead of milk as you do want this to be thick and luscious. Once it’s cooked, throw the shrimp into the mix. Spread it over the base of your pizza, and garnish with some fresh scallions before putting it in the oven.

Easy Italian Shrimp Pizza

Source: anitalianinmykitchen.com

This easy Italian shrimp pizza uses two ingredients you would never imagine for the sauce, mayo and ketchup. Mix the two together and coat the shrimp. 

The best part is you can change the mix depending on personal preference. Cover the base in some salad greens before adding in your shrimp mix. Add a light sprinkle of cheese, and then add it to the oven for around 12 minutes to get the perfect Italian shrimp pizza.

Cajun Shrimp Pizza

Source: thasneen.com

Finally, we have this cajun shrimp pizza. All you need is cajun seasoning and to make a basic sauce with that seasoning at the heart. Throw your shrimps into the sauce before cutting up your favorite pizza veggies.

Use the sauce for the base, so keep the tomato sauce away from it all. Cover the base well with your shrimp mix and add in those veggies before throwing on some Mozzarella. 

And there you have it, 15 easy shrimp pizza recipes you can create tonight. All you need to do is to have a go.