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15 Quick & Easy Garlic Pizza Recipes

We have researched online and had a look at what other individuals have been trying at home. As such, for every individual who wishes to give it a try themselves. We have here our favorite 15 quick and easy garlic pizza recipes you can comfortably recreate at home.

Every living human being loves garlic taste, and everyone loves pizza bites. Therefore, it makes sense to combine the two, pizza and garlic.

There is a wide range of ways and methods that you can use to do it. These methods are not limited to giving your pizza base a garlic topping and spreading your favorite pizza toppings and ingredients on top of your delicious garlic bread.

1. Gluten-Free Garlic Pizza

Source: glutenfreecuppatea.co.uk

This is an excellent low FODMAP and dairy-free pizza recipe. Besides, it is also crispy, thin, and simple to make.

This is a must-have recipe for your pizza night. The recipe is super great with lasagne, pasta, stew, soups, and many other dippy dishes such as shakshuka.

This recipe calls for caster sugar, olive oil, refined salt, tapioca starch, gluten-free plain flour, warm water, and dried active yeast that is gluten-free.

It also calls for salt and pepper, cloves garlic, fresh parsley, olive oil, and salted butter.

2. Chicken Garlic Pizza

Source: landolakes.com

There is probably no better delicious homemade pizza option for your pizza nights than this recipe.

The recipe is easy, quick, simple, and fun to make. For instance, it takes only 35 minutes, and you have your delicious chicken garlic pizza ready.

The ingredients needed o make this recipe are parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, chopped fresh cilantro, refrigerated pizza crust dough, dried basil, chopped green onion, garlic, butter, or margarine, and boneless chicken breast.

3. Fresh Tomato and Garlic Pizza

Source: finecooking.com

Are you looking for an easy and quick delicious last-minute garlic pizza recipe because you lack time to prepare something more sophisticated? If your answer is yes, this quick fresh tomato and garlic pizza recipe could be what you need.

If you are not the type that gets so much worried about having a garlicky breath, this is a pizza recipe that you will be sure to come back over and over again.

This garlic pizza is flavored with some bit of oregano. It is a fact that this is a very garlic pizza’s dream pie.

The recipe calls for goat cheese, sea salt, ripe tomatoes, coarsely grated mozzarella, minced garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil.

4. Mushroom Garlic Pizza

Source: lifeisbutadish.com

This delicious and straightforward garlic pizza is prepared with garlic, spinach, and mushroom. It is an excellent recipe for an easy weeknight meal.

The ingredients needed to make this garlic pizza include cloves garlic, olive oil, your favorite pizza dough, chopped fresh spinach, sliced mushrooms, shredded mozzarella cheese, red pepper, and fresh basil.

To make this garlic pizza, you need to start with your favorite pizza dough, make it into garlic bread and then stack it with mushroom toppings. It is that easy and tasty.

We are sure many people will want to copy this recipe.

5. Garlic Toast Pizza

Source: tasteofhome.com

This garlic toast recipe is unique and different from many other recipes you might have come across. However, it is still quick, easy, fun, and straightforward. For instance, it takes only 15 minutes to be ready.

Unlike other garlic pizzas that combine garlic topping with a pizza base, this garlic toast pizza is based on toast with tomato and garlic topping.

The recipe calls for shredded mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, turkey or regular pepperoni, and frozen garlic Texas toast.

You can also be creative and use all your favorite toppings as long as your garlic pizza tastes delicious and flavorful.

6. Butter Garlic Herb Pizza

Source: allyskitchen.com

This butter garlic herb pizza recipe is worth every ounce of elbow grease you crave from the beginning to the end.

This recipe calls for warm water, salt, sugar, all-purpose flour, butter, garlic powder, dried Italian seasoning, pepperoni, green and black olive, and roasted peppers.

It also calls for toppings such as chopped herbs, chives, basil, Italian parsley, oregano, grated cheese, and mozzarella balls.

You can make this pizza on an outdoor grill with a pizza stone. This will give your garlic pizza a hint of smokiness that we all crave for.

7. Wet Garlic Pizza 

Source: emerils.com

This is a Margherita-style pizza that has a clove of wild garlic.

The recipe calls for as much or as little garlic as your taste bud likes. As for tomato sauce, if you do not use it all, you can freeze whatever tomato sauce is left and use it as a base for pasta sauce.

This recipe also calls for some chopped ham, wilted spinach, or cracking an egg on top before baking in the oven.

Other ingredients that you need include sea salt, olive oil, dried yeast granules, pepper, mozzarella, and finely shredded wet garlic.

8. White Garlic Chicken Pizza

Source: tastesbetterfromscratch.com

This is one of our favorite garlic pizzas, easy, simple, fun, and quick to cook. For instance, it takes a total of 45 minutes to be ready.

You will indeed be reaching for the next garlic pizza slice with this recipe. The recipe results in a delicious and impressive pizza made with a handcrafted white sauce.

This recipe calls for minced garlic, all-purpose flour, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, dried parsley, salt, pepper, prebaked pizza crust, shredded mozzarella, green onions, tomato, cubed chicken, and marinated artichoke.

9. Spinach and Roasted Garlic Pizza

Source: kitchentreaty.com

This spinach and roasted garlic pizza is a garlic lover’s dream.

It is a simple recipe that will allow you to make high-quality spinach and roasted garlic pizza easily and fast.

The recipe calls for roasted garlic which adds a nutty, mellow garlic flavor to your sauce. It also calls for honey, oregano, whole milk ricotta cheese, kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese.

It also calls for frozen chopped spinach thawed and squeezed to remove excess moisture.

This recipe takes only 45 minutes to be ready.

10. Garlic Pizza Bread – No Yeast

Source: thebigmansworld.com

This quick and easy garlic pizza bread – no yeast will enable you to learn and understand how to make a delicious garlic pizza from scratch without yeast. It is prepared with only two ingredients.

This garlic pizza is more like eating domino’s garlic bread or pizza hut in a super healthy pizza form.

The recipe takes around 20 minutes to make it from scratch to your plate. It is naturally vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

The most exciting part of this recipe is that you can make it as buttery or garlic-heavy as you like. Besides, it is a chewy and thick pizza loaded with garlic flavor.

11. Mini Garlic Pizza

Source: taste.com.au

If pizza is one of your favorite snacks, you must be knowing how delicious this mini garlic pizza is.

Making this recipe is fun, quick, simple, and easy; even your 7-year-old kid can make it from scratch.

The recipe calls for a pizza base, garlic cloves, olive oil, fresh thyme leaves, perfect Italiano pizza, and grated cheese.

You need to make a mix of oil and garlic in a bowl. This mixture should be spooned over each pizza base. You can top it with salt and pepper and pizza cheese.

12. Roasted Garlic Pizza

Source: myrecipes.com

Do you love that roast flavor in your pizza? This is the recipe that will give your that delicious and fantastic flavor.

The recipe calls for garlic head, active dry yeast, warm water, all-purpose flour, kosher salt, cooking spray, cornmeal, shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, chopped fresh oregano, and crushed red pepper.

You can roast the garlic head a day ahead. Cool it, extract the pulp, and refrigerate it until you are ready to make the pizza.

13. Cheesy Garlic Pizza Sticks

Source: addapinch.com

These fantastic and delicious cheesy garlic pizza sticks make a super great addition to your menu – from fun ideas for dinner to Halloween to game day dinner.

This recipe calls for garlic clove, pizza sauce, butter, grated cheddar cheese, grated Monterey jack cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

With all these ingredients ready, the recipe is quick as it will only take 30 minutes to be ready.

14. Cheesy Herb and Garlic Pizza

Source: fauziaskitchenfun.com

Purists prefer just garlic and herbs on their garlic pizza. This makes this recipe the most ideal.

It is a simple, quick, fun, and easy recipe that every family member can make, including kids.

You need to make a mixture of dry pizza dough ingredients and oil. You can then start adding warm milk slowly, a little at a time. It would be best to get it to a soft dough, the much softer, the better.

15. Garlic Cheese Pizza

Source: yeprecipes.com

This is a delicious snack on its own. It is a perfect choice for barbecues.

As illustrated in the recipe, making garlic cheese pizza is simple, fun, and easy.

Many individuals love this recipe because the final pizza is just what the taste buds crave. As such, if you wish for some outdoor gathering, this recipe is all you need.

You only have to make sure that you prepare enough garlic cheese pizza to go around.