5 Best-Frozen Pizza Brands You Can Buy in Grocery Stores

If you’re looking for a good frozen pizza, you have come to the right place. Below are the 5 best-frozen pizza brands that you can go ahead and buy in grocery stores.

Yes, we know more than five exist, but we could have created a long list where you would end up hungry and just go off and eat pizza.

Frozen pizza can be useful to keep at home when you just don’t feel like cooking. However, you will go to the grocery store and see several different names available, and not all reach the same standards.

We do admit that some brands fall short of what we would like to expect from a pizza that you warm up and cook at home. However, we don’t want you to find yourself in a position where you don’t feel happy about your pizza.

So, this is what we plan to do about it. So, we decided to keep it short and find just the top five.

How We Decided

You will already know that so many brands exist in the world of frozen pizza. So how did we conclude and choose the five brands listed below?

We wanted to ensure that each brand produced a pizza where you wouldn’t even know it was frozen when it came to eating it.

We looked at the crust, sauce, and toppings both in quantity, the number of options, and how they cooked.

We only wanted to include those pizzas that taste the same from a frozen starting point as they would do completely fresh.

We believe we then managed to do that, resulting in the five brands you see below.

So, let’s get on with introducing them to you.


digiorno frozen pizza - 5 Best-Frozen Pizza Brands

The first pizza brand we need to mention is DiGiorno, which has many options from toppings to different crusts. Also, it’s easy to find this brand at several grocery stores.

The one thing we must say about this brand is that the crust, in general, tends to be pretty good. It usually doesn’t come out as too soggy, which often happens with frozen pizza brands, and it does thaw and cooks quite well.

When you check out the options with the DiGiorno brand on the box, you feel as if you have entered your local pizza place. You have a thin crust, deep, stretched, stuffed, the list goes on forever.

But that’s not the only aspect where you feel swamped with options.

They also produce several toppings for you to pick from, and we feel they tend to add quite a lot of toppings for your money. Also, they will often have a lot of flavors, and you forget that the pizza started as a frozen version.

Overall, DiGiorno often comes out top when talking about frozen pizza you can pick up in your grocery store, and you will understand why when you bite into one.

Also, they will usually take around 20 minutes to cook, so you don’t have to wait too long.

caulipower frozen pizza - 5 Best-Frozen Pizza Brands


If you plan on eating low carb, then Caulipower may work out as a brand you need to pay attention to. All their pizza options come with a cauliflower crust, but you will certainly not find a lack of toppings to choose from.

If we focus on the crust here, as we know, a cauliflower crust could be new to you. Honestly, these guys make one of the best cauliflower crusts on the market. The fact it’s a frozen pizza does not change that fact.

The crust with their pizza is always classed as ‘thin-crust,’ and that’s fine. Also, it doesn’t then taste overwhelmingly like cauliflower. So, if that was a concern, then don’t stress.

They also tend to add more than enough in the way of toppings. You will notice that the toppings are packed with flavor, and we love that. 

We feel that this frozen pizza brand could serve as the ideal introduction to cauliflower crust. Also, if you plan on eating low-carb, this should turn out as the brand on which to focus all your attention. 

Overall, this brand usually produces some pretty spectacular pizza, and you will love almost any topping you choose from their extensive list.

California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is another brand that we highly recommend that you check out. What you get here is the restaurant experience of a pizza, but in the comfort of your own home. 

Of course, it’s not quite as fresh as you get at a restaurant, but the pizza cooks pretty well. If you just look at the cheese version, you see that the toppings tend to overflow.

It turns out that California Pizza Kitchen likes to go big on cheese in quantity and include several varieties on one pizza.

But we like something else about the cheese on their pizza. This company will include something a bit different when it comes to cheese.

For example, they include smoked gouda cheese on some pizzas, and that particular cheese will not turn up on too many frozen pizzas.

But what about the crust? 

One thing we love about the crust is its tendency to go ahead and brown up when in the oven. You get a crispy finish to it all, and the taste of the crust is better than average.

However, you do need to pay close attention to the time spent in the oven. Take it out even a minute too early, and you will end up having a crust that may come across as slightly dough-like in the middle.

We suggest you keep it in the oven for a few minutes longer than the box. Also, preheat the oven. It should work better and lead to the crust coming out more of the consistency you would look for.

red baron pizza- 5 Best-Frozen Pizza Brands

Red Baron

Red Baron is yet another brand that has managed to make it onto our list, and the reason why we have included it is thanks to the quality of the toppings. This primarily applies to their cheese pizzas as the strength of flavor is outstanding.

In addition, some frozen pizzas from other brands end up dry. This dryness comes from a lack of sauce, but that’s another area where these Red Baron pizzas also manage to win.

We have discovered that Red Baron includes a lot of sauce on their pizzas, which ends up cooking well. It does get piping hot, and keeps the taste when it’s ready, and that’s a huge bonus.

Also, the amount of toppings you get with their pizza options do end up coming across as more than enough. It certainly beats other options out there where you only get a thin crust with thin toppings.

That will not happen with a frozen Red Baron pizza. In addition, the pizza size appears larger than you get elsewhere with Red Baron. Overall, you feel as if you get more value for your money, and who doesn’t want to get more pizza?


The final brand we need to mention is Amy’s, and this is another one that we think delivers on its promises of providing you with an impressive pizza to eat at home. Once again, you have several options for the toppings and crust, and we enjoy those options.

What we like is you can get a hand-thrown frozen pizza, along with other versions, and it’s cool you don’t get this perfectly round mass-produced pizza. Also, it looks slightly rustic at times, and that’s another bonus.

They do produce a huge number of different options for toppings, and that’s another positive. 

Overall, we feel that the frozen pizza from Amy’s is above average. They tend to provide you with ample toppings, but you may encounter some variation from time to time.

The good thing is you know what to expect when you purchase their frozen pizza.

Overall Conclusion

And those are the five frozen pizza brands we see as the best on the market. We cannot say that your local grocery store will have all five, but it lets you see the possibilities.

You will find many options out there regarding toppings, so there’s no reason not to find something you will love. From plain cheese to pepperoni, beef, and vegetarian options, the list feels endless.

If you always moved away from the idea of trying the frozen pizza, then don’t worry. Frozen pizzas today do tend to taste completely different to years ago, and the quality is amazing.

We feel confident that you can try a pizza from any of the five brands listed above and that you will not be disappointed with the result. These pizzas taste so good that there are better odds you will keep going back to them over and over again.