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6 Differences Between Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza

You have two pizza giants such as Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza. Trying to determine the differences is a tough thing to do. However, it’s not impossible. In fact, that’s what we plan on doing right here. 

You see, we do love pizza, and aside from making your own, most pizza lovers will have at least tasted something from either Pizza Hut, Dominos, or both. So, it then makes so much sense for us to compare the two and try to determine which one is better.

Pizza Hut vs Dominos

It’s All a Matter of Personal Taste

Of course, this does all come down to a matter of personal taste. We all know what we love when it comes to pizza, and by default, we also know what we hate.

So, what we intend to do here is to help you in weighing up the options when it comes to comparing both Pizza Hut and Dominos pizzas.

1) Crust Variety

If we can start with looking at crust variety because that is one of the first things we need to deal with when we go to order pizza. 

Both Pizza Hut and Dominos have the usual suspects, which means thin crusts, stuffed crusts, and everything else you care to imagine. However, if we are tallying up a score, then Pizza Hut does provide their customers with even more variety when it comes to the crust.

This multitude of offerings for just the base part is pretty mindblowing. It does mean you can really pick and choose according to your personal preferences when it comes to how much dough you like to experience with your pizza.

2) The Dough

Speaking of dough, there is a bit of a difference between Pizza Hut and Dominos in this area. In all honesty, the dough Pizza Hut uses for its crusts comes across as lighter in nature. It just appears to be less ‘doughy’ compared to Dominos.

Even their deep pan pizza manages to not taste as if it is just this thick slab of dough at the bottom, and that’s pretty impressive. 

So, we can conclude from this point that people who hate too much of a dough taste with their base should absolutely go to Pizza Hut. However, if you love a heavier base to your pizza, then Dominos is where all the action is at.

dominos pizza

3) The Sauce Base

You obviously want your pizza to have a substantial sauce base to it since it adds so much to the overall taste. Well, we have a bit of a difference between the two in this area as well.

Out of the two, the sauce used by Pizza Hut has a tendency to come across as more sharp and tangy compared to Dominos. It has a stronger flavor to it, so you need to expect this when you order your pizza. 

Honestly, if you plan on asking for rather milder toppings, then the sauce base with Pizza Hut could quickly overpower everything else. By the end, you just get the overwhelming taste of the sauce rather than what you should focus on.

If adding moisture with a bit of flavor is more your thing, then the sauce base at Dominos would certainly win the day in this area.

4) Your Toppings Selection

So far, we have covered the crust and base. Now it’s onto the toppings.

For this, we need to ignore the fact that every pizzeria in the world offers the same suspects. This isn’t about pepperoni or cheese. We all know that everyone can get those toppings no matter the brand.

Instead, we prefer to look at the range of toppings on offer that go outside of the usual suspects.

In this area, it’s Dominos that effectively wipes the floor with Pizza Hut. 

You see, Dominos has made an attempt to basically come across as outlandish with their toppings. That is why you will see them introducing toppings you just would never find anywhere else. 

We cannot fail to mention hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and the general feeling they will put anything on a pizza if you ask them nicely enough.

Pizza Hut just does not do that.

We aren’t saying they stick to the straightforward toppings either. After all, Pizza Hut is just one of a series of brands all owned by the same company. These brands include the likes of KFC, so that is why you can find some crossover between brands under the same company roof leading to some rather interesting collaborations.

But the key here is that the collaborations Pizza Hut has when it comes to toppings tend to make more sense. 

So, if you want to experiment with toppings on your pizza, but do so without doing crazy and insane things, then Pizza Hut is the best.

5) The Size

Clearly, not everybody goes ahead and orders the biggest pizza on the menu, but it’s still useful to know what size a pizzeria goes up to with their regular offerings.

With this, Pizza Hut believes in pushing the size boundaries out to 14 inches while Dominos stops at 13.5”.

Admittedly, that half-inch doesn’t sound like much, but over the entire pizza. We are talking about a few extra mouthfuls just because of that extra half inch.

Also, Pizza Hut does offer more crust options in this 14” size. That does include their stuffed crust, and it’s worth remembering that Pizza Hut invented the stuffed crust.

pizza from pizza hut

6) Value

At the end of the day, we all want to feel as if we get value for money. But this is a tough thing to focus on here for one very good reason.

If we just look at the standard price, then there is often relatively little between the two when it comes to the price. At times, Pizza Hut can come in slightly cheaper than Dominos.

But that’s only part of the story.

You see, one area where Dominos really does excel is in providing special deals and offers throughout the week. They really do dominate the market when it comes to this.

Their special offers bring their prices down quite considerably, and Pizza Hut just doesn’t provide their customers with the same discounts. That does then make Dominos the cheaper option and represents better value for money. However, you do need to take advantage of their offers.

So, Who is the Best Overall?

This really comes across as the toughest question you can try to answer. With so little between the two, it’s like trying to decide which one of a pair of twins you prefer.

Ultimately, it boils down to a couple of key components.


If you want a perfectly decent pizza that won’t cost you the earth, then Dominos is the better option. However, you need to pay close attention to the details of the special deal as they do change on a regular basis.

But if you plan on keeping as much money in your pocket as possible, then Dominos is undoubtedly the winner.

The Pizza

But who offers the better pizza is not as easy to answer. Like we said earlier, it all comes down to personal preference.

However, if we look at it objectively, then we can make a few general statements. In saying that, it’s perfectly fine to disagree with them if you like something different.

Pizza Hut offers lighter dough that tends to come across as not so heavy in your stomach. However, the dough used by Dominos has more of a decadent feel to it, so if you prefer something that comes across as more substantial, then Dominos is better.

The Pizza Hut sauce is more overpowering, and that’s not always a good thing. At times, it’s just a bit too much and takes away from the flavors you hope to get from the toppings.

If you prefer more subtlety from the sauce, then Dominos is the better option.

Finally, Pizza Hut does offer more balanced and reasonable toppings. Dominos is more outlandish and ‘different’ in that department. 

So, balancing it all up, would mean Pizza Hut would probably sneak this competition for most people. However, it’s a tough call and can easily swing either way.

Overall Conclusion

Those are the different areas you need to think about when comparing Pizza Hut and Dominos. Which is best? Well, you should actually try a pizza from both to then reach your own conclusions. 

That is the best way to tackle this thorny issue. Also, it lets you see if you agree with everything we had to say about the different aspects of both pizzas. Maybe you only agree with some parts and disagree with others, but that’s all fine.

Either way, you will get a decent pizza from both of the establishments, and at least you know what to expect when you go ahead and order from them. There is something quite reassuring about getting a Pizza from either Pizza Hut or Dominos, so perhaps checking out both is the only real option available to you.