7 Pillsbury Pizza Dough Recipes to Make at Home

What we have are seven different Pillsbury pizza dough recipes that we feel anybody can make at home. Hopefully, you love at least one of the recipes enough to go and give it a shot yourself.

While the main thing we love about pizza is eating it, we do also love making our own pizza dough at home. The fact you can then go ahead and add your own personal touch to the toppings is a real treat, but it comes with one problem.

The main problem is you need to know how to make the dough, and also what to then put on it. So, we intend to make life that bit easier for you.

We do think you will not feel disappointed with what you can then produce by the end of it all.

Pizza Dough Recipes

Why Pillsbury Dough?

But first, why would you use Pillsbury dough? Well, the answer should come across as pretty obvious in all reality.

The dough itself is ready for you, so it cuts out so many steps, and the dough also comes across as rather versatile. We love it can adapt to a number of different recipes, and that opens the door for you to try out a wide range of different types of pizza.

However, you will see how versatile the dough is when you look at the seven different recipes included below. We have straightforward pizza through to rolls, calzone, and even small snacks.

Once we have finished looking at the recipes, we really do feel you will look at Pillsbury dough differently from before. You might even fall in love with yourself.

Pepperoni Pizza

pepperoni pizza

Picture courtesy of pillsbury.com

The first option we have to include is the absolute classic pepperoni pizza. One thing we love about this recipe is the way the crust is nice and thin, while it also comes with an impressive crunch on top of it all.

Cover the dough with some of your favorite pizza sauce, add lots of both cheddar and Mozzarella, and then top it all off with some pepperoni. It leads to an absolute taste delight, and the entire pizza can end up on a plate in next to no time at all.

Oh, and do go crazy with the pepperoni as well. It’s worth it for the taste and for giving that extra bit of a bite to the entire pizza. But please don’t forget the cheese. It adds so much, and we do love to go crazy with it, so we think you should do the same.

Stuffed Crust Pizza Snack

canned Pizza Dough Recipes

Picture courtesy of pillsbury.com

This recipe offers something a bit different from the norm, as what we have is more of a snack rather than a pizza. It still uses the same pizza dough, but your aim is to produce these small bite-size snacks complete with everything you would expect to see on a pepperoni pizza.

That means some sauce, cheese and pepperoni wrapped up in a small piece of dough and then thrown in the oven. This recipe makes for the perfect party food with a hidden surprise inside, but you can add pretty much anything you want as the filling.

However, we think this pepperoni version does look pretty tasty, so why would you really go ahead and look at anything else? Of course, you could make more than one filling just to cover all bases. 

Air-Fryer Pillsbury Pizza

air fryer pizza

Picture courtesy of airfryerworld.com

This pizza calls for something slightly different while still working with the canned Pillsbury dough. As you can see, it involves baking your pizza in an air-fryer, and if you have never done this before, then we recommend you give it a shot.

The key here is in adding a huge amount of toppings to the dough and don’t forget that pizza sauce on the base. We see olives, pepperoni, ham, and oodles of cheese all over the pizza giving you a variety of tastes and flavors with each bite.

But do know that you may struggle to get perfection the first time with the air fryer. However, it can work so well at making pizza that we do suggest trying it out a few times to get the right time for the pizza you plan on making.

It’s all worth it in the end, and you wouldn’t even know you were eating canned pizza dough either.

Cheese Stuffed Crust Pillsbury Pizza

cheese stuffed crust

Picture courtesy of Pillsbury.com

This option is for those individuals who love a stuffed crust as you don’t need to miss out on it when making it at home. In this instance, you can add any toppings you like, but the key is in creating that stuffed crust and filling it with Mozzarella.

This will involve you creating the pizza crust with dough, and then lining Mozzarella around the edges. Once you have done that, you simply fold over the dough around the edge to create the crust. 

After this, add the toppings you want, and throw them in the oven. Once it’s ready, you will have the perfect stuffed crust pizza sitting on your table ready for everyone to tuck in.

Just wait to see their shock and surprise when they encounter the stuffed cheese crust.

Pizza Pockets

Pillsbury Pizza Dough Recipes pizza pockets

Picture courtesy of bakingyouhappier.com

One thing we love about these pizza pockets is that they do resemble a calzone pizza without you encountering too much dough. Also, you can add any toppings you like inside, but in this instance, the recipe calls for a vegetarian option.

Make sure you add an abundance of cheese when making these pockets. You want all of that cheese to run out of the pocket when you bite into it. That alone can make such a difference to your overall pizza pocket experience.

Cut your pizza dough into a rectangle or square, and then add your toppings on one half. Keep in mind you will fold it over to make a triangle, so line up the toppings accordingly.

Once ready, fold over the other half of the dough, and crimp down on the edges with a fork to seal it all in. After that, either throw it in your air fryer or in the oven until crisp and golden brown.

This recipe will not take long, but it can provide you with the perfect snack or a lunch treat.

Pepperoni Rolls

Pillsbury Pizza Dough Recipes pepperoni rolls

Picture courtesy of allthingsmama.com

This time we have a recipe for pepperoni rolls, and if you have never tried them, then trust us when we say you have missed out. Thankfully, these rolls do not require a lot of cooking know-how, so you can make your own version at home in a matter of minutes.

For this recipe, you need to cut the dough into strips large enough for you to add some toppings before rolling it over to create the roll shape. This may take some practice for you to get the correct size, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Even though this recipe does call for pepperoni, you can add a meat-free option instead if you would prefer. The key is to go big with the toppings to make sure these rolls have the toppings falling out of them. It just makes for a tastier experience.

Braided Calzone Pizza

Pillsbury Pizza Dough Recipes braided calzone

Picture courtesy of pillsbury.com

Finally, we have a braided calzone pizza recipe, and while this one does involve some more work on your part, it’s all worth it in the end.

The key here is in the preparation of the dough to give you that braided look. You need to have your base, and then have strips of dough cut into the edges. These strips will then need to be folded over to create the braid.

Of course, you can add any topping you like, but don’t overfill this one. The braids can come across as slightly fragile at first, so adding too much of the topping makes it harder to effectively seal the pizza.

But once you have mastered the art of the filling and braiding, what you then have is a wonderful pizza filled with flavor. We do recommend keeping the toppings simple at first until you become used to the technique that’s required.

The Recipes

And there you have it, seven different pizza dough recipes using Pillsbury dough you can make at home. Some require more work than others, but at the end of the day, it does show you the absolute versatility that comes with Pillsbury dough.

Take your time over everything and you should end up with some sort of end result that not only tastes great but also looks pretty good as well.

Actually, we recommend getting quite a lot of Pillsbury dough and trying out a number of recipes along with a variety of toppings.

You have so many options out there that it’s crazy to not then take advantage of this whenever you can.