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9 Air Fryer Pizza Bagel Recipes – A Must Try

Listed below are nine different air fryer pizza bagel recipes. Now, each one is nice and simple to follow, and as you will see, you have so many options when it comes to toppings and fillings. 

How cool is an air fryer? It seems their popularity only increases on a daily basis as people learn more about what they can do. 

So, here we have another amazing option, and it’s an air fryer pizza bagel. If you have never tried this before, then we implore you to give it a go. However, we know you need to have some recipes to try out, and that’s where we plan on helping.

Clearly not intended as a main meal, this particular snack is quick and easy to make. The key to getting a good end result is the bagel. You want to make it crispy like a pizza base as this also helps all the toppings to just sit there.

This all makes for an interesting snack. So, let’s get on with the recipes.

Pepperoni Pizza Bagel

pepperoni bagel pizza
Source: forktospoon.com

First, we have a nice and simple air fryer pizza bagel recipe. This comes with the classic pepperoni topping along with loads of cheese, and your standard pizza tomato base sauce.

The cool thing is the air fryer will crisp up that pepperoni in next to no time, so your focus is on starting to fry the bagel before adding the toppings.

We do recommend covering the bagel base in loads of sauce and adding in more than one cheese before finishing it off with the pepperoni.

Look at this as being a miniature pepperoni pizza. It literally tastes the same, and you won’t even know that this sits on top of a bagel.

Overall, it takes just a matter of minutes in the air fryer before you can tuck into this pretty cool pizza bagel. What we suggest is getting things prepared to make more than one. You will certainly want to not stop after tasting it.

Cheese and Sausage Pizza Bagel

cheese and sausage pizza bagel
Source: airfryerfanatics.com

This recipe is close to the previous one, but it uses sausage rather than pepperoni. Once again, it has the tomato base, which is key, and you can see how much cheese needs to be thrown on top as well.

For the cheese, we suggest having more than one type. It adds extra layers of flavor to your pizza bagel, and it’s something we really do recommend. 

We do recommend keeping the sausage parts relatively thin. That way, the air fryer will crisp it up nicely. Consider starting the bagel in the air fryer to get the base nice and crispy, or the toppings will cook before the rest of the bagel.

This may seem close to the pepperoni version, but the sausage makes enough of a difference from a taste perspective. If worried about it, reduce the amount of sausage and focus more on the cheese and tomato sauce base.

Mozzarella Pizza Bagels

Mozzarella pizza bagel
Source: mommafitlyndsey.com

This pizza bagel recipe wants to keep things as plain as possible, but that doesn’t mean this is a boring recipe. Instead, it goes for the straightforward option if covering the top of the bagel in lots of Mozzarella.

We do, as always, recommend you bake the bagel base first, or you end up with a soft base, and nobody wants that in their pizza bagel. After that, throw on as much of that taste tomato pizza base sauce as you like before throwing on so much Mozzarella that it creates a cheesy mess.

Overall, this pizza bagel is ready in a matter of minutes, and you will certainly want to eat more than one of them. Just also consider adding more than one type of cheese to the top. It changes the flavor while still making everything tasty.

Mozzarella and Olives Pizza Bagel

cheese and olives pizza bagel
Source: tastyairfryerrecipes.com

This recipe calls for something slightly different, while still being strongly Mediterranean in its appeal. In this instance, it calls for some olives to be added to the mix, and while black olives appear in the recipe, you can add in any you like.

Kick things off by throwing the bagel in the air fryer and getting that started. Once it has started to crisp up, then take it out and throw on that pizza sauce, and make sure you give it a good coating.

We do recommend adding more than one type of cheese as well. Finally, once the cheese has melted, add the olives to finish the bagels off. You will feel amazed at not only how it all looks, but also how it all tastes.

Of course, add as many olives as you like. If preferred, throw them in the air fryer for a short period of time just to give you something different.

Pepperoni and Olives Pizza Bagels

pepperoni and olives pizza bagel
Source: simplyairfryer.com

OK, so this recipe combines a few ingredients we have already mentioned, but when it all tastes as amazing as this end result, then who cares?

In this instance, we have brought together both pepperoni and olives, and it’s excellent. As you should always do, start the bagel off in the air fryer to ensure you have a crispy base.

Once it has started, which only takes a few minutes, then throw on the tomato base and as much cheese as you can muster. 

Also, with the cheese, make sure you use more than one option. It just adds more flavor to it all. Once that has been done, finish off the toppings with some pepperoni and your favorite olives.

Make sure the pepperoni is nice and crispy. After that, toss it back in the air fryer for a few minutes and then prepare yourself for an amazing treat.

All of this is ready in less time than you can imagine with an amazing snack on your plate.

Veggie Pizza Bagel

veggie pizza bagel
Source: cookingwithanadi.com

While this recipe does not mention an air fryer, it’s still easy to make in one. Start by toasting your bagel in the air fryer before getting to work on the toppings. 

Here, it’s all about a vegetarian option. Cover the base in tomato sauce before adding cheese and some sliced onion.

You then want to throw this in the air fryer for a few minutes, but it’s not quite finished.

Once the cheese is all nice and melted, you want to remove it from the air fryer and add some avocado just to round it all off. We don’t recommend adding avocado into the air fryer. It ruins the entire bagel.

This vegetarian pizza bagel is a wonderful option packed full of flavor and with so many different choices when it comes to the toppings. Add in your favorite veggies, fry them up, then sit back and enjoy.

Vegan Pizza Bagel

vegan pizza bagel
Source: today.com

A vegan pizza bagel allows you to add a number of cool toppings, and in this instance, we are looking at some vegan cheese, rocket, and that tomato base.

Of course, you can add anything you like with this recipe. This one calls for some mushroom pepperoni, so you want to slice it up thin and get that mushroom nice and crispy. Add your desired flavorings and herbs just to make things even tastier.

The key here is in the seasoning for the pizza bagel. Consider using fresh herbs to add something different, but just make sure those mushrooms, or whatever you add-in, is crisped up.

Start everything off in the air fryer by cutting the bagel in half. Then, start putting your toppings on as this will not take long at all. Once it’s all cooked, round it off with some lettuce and salad on top to give you a delicious snack.

Peppers and Cheese Pizza Bagel

peppers and cheese pizza bagel
Source: bettycrocker.com

Finally, we have this option courtesy of Betty Crocker, and this time they combine peppers and cheese. The recipe doesn’t mention an air fryer, but this is something you can easily do in your air fryer.

The key with this recipe is to ensure you cut the bagels in half and air fry them first. Then, add your lashings of tomato sauce to what is now the base, and cover in at least two different types of cheese. We prefer cheddar and Mozzarella. 

Once that is done, add the chopped peppers. Any color of pepper will do, but don’t make them too chunky. You can also add some chopped onion, or any other vegetable you like just to round it all off.

After that, throw it back in the air fryer for a few minutes, and prepare to enjoy your pizza bagel. As you can see, pizza bagels are highly versatile items to make at home, and they do not take long to make either.

At the end of the day, it’s a great way to use up some leftover vegetables and cheese resulting in something tasty that anybody can have as a snack.