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9 Simple Pizza Recipes For Grill You Can Make Tonight

Here we will focus on just one thing, and that is a number of different simple pizza recipes that you can make on your grill. We promise you they will all taste amazing, and it may even spur you on to make your own topping combination depending on your own personal likes or dislikes.

The beautiful thing about pizza is the versatility of the different dishes. It’s very easy to make almost anything you want if only your imagination allows you to do it. Well, we reckon you should let yourself go, and see what’s in store.

A grilled pizza even sounds like a healthier option. Also, it does an amazing job of getting the base nice and crispy, but that only happens when you at least partly cook the base in advance. 

After that, your only question is which toppings you will then add. You have so many to choose from, but we wanted to keep things nice and simple for you until you get used to the idea of a grilled pizza.

So, let’s get on with the recipes, and see which ones manage to bring your taste buds to life.

Goat Cheese Grill Pizza

Grilled goat cheese pizza
Source: cookieandkate.com

This pizza keeps things nice and simple with a tomato pizza sauce base, some goats cheese, and a few other delicate toppings thrown on for good measure. The key here is to grill the base to get it well on the way to being cooked, and then add the toppings.

Once you have put the toppings on, place it back under the grill until you see the cheese and other toppings are all cooked and melted. After that, dress with a few leaves, and then serve a wonderful pizza done entirely under the grill.

The goat cheese is strong and tasty, so you really do not need much of anything else to get a taste explosion happening in your mouth. Also, don’t use too much of it or it may become overpowering, and we don’t want that to happen either.

Mozzarella and Olives Grilled Pizza

Mozzarella olives pizza
Source: themediterraneandish.com

This is another straightforward pizza that you can make under the grill. It does have a strong Mediterranean feel to it, but then that’s not exactly a bad thing.

As with any other grill pizza recipe, you want to kick start the base and get it starting to brown up. This will stop you from burning your toppings, which in this instance focuses on loads of Mozzarella, and some black olives are thrown on. Add in a few grape tomatoes to balance things off, and you have a light pizza that is amazingly satisfying.

Ricotta and Honey Grilled Pizza

Ricotta and honey pizza
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

This pizza throws up something a bit different with the use of a honey drizzle to add some real sweetness to the pizza. However, the base of it is lots of ricotta cheese, so that does mean it’s going to be nice and creamy.

Throw the base under the grill for a short while, and do so until you see it starting to turn a nice golden brown color. In this instance, you may want to cook some slices of tomato to add to the top, but we recommend spreading the ricotta over the base before dressing the rest of the pizza.

Once that’s done, throw it back under the grill for a few minutes, and you will have a wonderful pizza to enjoy in next to no time.

A Simple Margherita Grill Pizza

Margherita pizza
Source: simply-delicious-food.com

If you want a nice and simple pizza to make, then is it any easier than a classic Margherita? Of course, grilling it is a bit different. We can assure you that this recipe makes it worth your while.

After grilling the base, cover it with tasty pizza sauce before adding several kinds of cheese of your choice to the top. We recommend having Mozzarella as one of them, but the rest is up to you. Make sure everything has a thick layer of cheese. That’s where all the flavor is coming from with this pizza.

Once you are happy with the cheese. Simply throw it back under the grill until you see all of that cheese has melted. It will be changing to a lovely brown color. At that point, you can rest assured that this pizza is amazing.

Swiss Chard and Cheese Grilled Pizza

Swiss chard and cheese pizza
Source: epicurious.com

Now, this pizza looks amazing from the image, and it’s going to also taste amazing should you go ahead and make it. What you have here is a cheese of your choice, but Mozzarella is best, and the green ingredient is Swiss chard.

This gives the pizza a completely different taste from anything else you have probably experienced. Also, throw on some cherry tomatoes and perhaps add some lemon to the chard if you aren’t too keen on the taste.

But make sure you grill it carefully, or the Swiss chard will burn quite quickly. At that point, you would ruin your pizza, so take your time and look to time this to perfection.

Cream Cheese and Chicken Grill Pizza

Cream cheese and chicken pizza
Source: diethood.com

This grilled pizza recipe offers you something different as it brings together cream cheese and chicken. Of course, you can also throw on some other ingredients if you like, but with those two as the mainstay, it does mean you have something pretty special going on.

The cream cheese should be spread over the base of the pizza in place of the pizza sauce you would normally use. Then throw some already cooked chicken, or roasted is better, over the top and add some chopped onions and herbs for good measure.

Once you have all the toppings ready, get it back under the grill until you see the cream cheese has gone to a nice consistency, and your chicken looks like it’s getting slightly crispy. At that point, it’s ready to serve.

Ground Beef and Pinto Beans Grill Pizza

Grilled taco pizza
Source: eatingwell.com

This particular pizza is sometimes referred to as a taco pizza, and for good measure. It certainly has a strong Mexican taste to it with the ground beef, pinto beans and jalapenos, but you should also not forget the sour cream.

You can use any base for this pizza, but just make sure you grill it up first before you start adding the toppings. Also, cook the ground beef on its own, and make sure it’s nice and spicy to give the entire pizza that kicks. But don’t go over the top or those jalapenos will simply blow your mind when everything else is put together.

Just remember to be careful when putting it back under the grill to avoid your ground beef becoming too crispy.

Pepperoni Grilled Pizza

Pepperoni grilled pizza
Source: vindulge.com

This grilled pizza adds the classic pepperoni to the mix, and it certainly works exceptionally well even when you finish the pizza off under the grill. Of course, you need to pre-cook your pepperoni to make sure it’s well done before you throw it on your pizza.

This particular recipe also includes lots of cheese and some hot pickled peppers to add an extra bit of a kick to it. However, even if you do not have hot pickled peppers, it’s still a good idea to throw some normal ones on just to add some extra flavor.

Once again, you can use any type of base you like for this pizza. We do recommend keeping it nice and thin though to ensure you get a crispy finish once the toppings are all grilled to perfection.

Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Grilled BBQ chicken pizza
Source: pamperedchef.com

Finally, we have this BBQ chicken grilled pizza recipe, and it’s going to blow your mind. Once again, we opt for a thin base to get the perfect crisp under the grill, but then you can let yourself go when it comes to the toppings.

In this instance, we use some chicken that has already been roasted, so if you have some spare after that roast chicken dinner, then this is the perfect way to use some of it. Also, replace the normal tomato pizza sauce base with a BBQ sauce. Get your favorite bottle and make sure you add lots of it to the base. It will give it that wonderful BBQ flavor.

We also recommend adding some onion and lots of cheese to finish things off. After dressing the pizza, simply throw it back under the grill for a few minutes, and you will see that cheese melt like a dream. Then, it’s all ready to serve.

And those are our different simple pizza recipes that you can cook under the grill, and do so tonight. It really does not take a lot of effort on your part, and your pizza is ready in next to no time. All you need to do is to remember to precook your base before adding the toppings, and then you can look forward to a wonderful meal.