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It is no secret that pizza is arguably the best food thanks to its yummy taste and the amazing array of topping options which means you will find the perfect concoction for your taste. 

Here at Pizzeria Ortica, we have everything you need to know about pizza from the origins of the various ingredients as well as the best recipes that you should follow to get the best results. 

Whether you are looking to make the most authentic Sicilian pizza that brings the best pizza to your home so you don’t have to put up with overly greasy and overpriced takeaway pizzas anymore.

Pizza is a food that is rich in history and remains one of the most popular dishes in the world and with the international pizza industry generating $145 billion, it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Here at Pizzeria Ortica, we want to help you get a slice of quality from the comfort of your own home without compromising on quality which is why we have gathered everything you need to know about the origins of pizza as well as the best recipes and advice of what ingredients work best. 

We have everything for you pizza enthusiasts out there from pizza recipes for the chefs among you and a Knowledge Base for the avid food historians.