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Barstool Sports One Bite Frozen Pizza • (Good or Bad)

The One Bite frozen pizza developed by Barstool Sports, along with Happi Foodi, is yet another form of frozen pizza on the shelves. This market does have a lot of competition in it, so any frozen pizza needs to have something good about it in order to survive.

Now, we know you may never have tried this particular brand before, so having some idea in advance of what to expect may prove useful. That’s where we come into play.

In the space of the next few minutes, you will gain a better insight into the One Bite frozen pizza, and may even find it easy to formulate an opinion as to whether or not you want to try it. Sound good? 

one bite in walmart

Who Makes it?

The pizza is the brainchild of a YouTuber by the name of Dave Portnoy who made his name reviewing pizza from around the United States.

He built up quite a following as a result of his channel, and it seems that this success has led to the development of his own frozen pizza.

But don’t worry. It’s created by chefs and put together by a huge frozen food company, so you don’t have to stress about any aspect of the manufacturing side of things.

Your Pizza Options

This frozen pizza range comes with four different toppings: pepperoni, 5 cheeses, 3 meat, and supreme. While that’s not exactly a huge number, it does sitll give you a few options to check out.

It’s also worth noting that the meat option comes with sausage, pepperoni and bacon. That does mean it has something of a meat fest as toppings, and we don’t think you will feel short-changed as a result. 

But let’s move onto the actual pizza and what you should expect.

The Crust

Honestly, the crust comes across as the same as any other frozen pizza brand. That means it does generally have no taste to it as if the freezing process removes anything enjoyable. 

When heated, you do stand a chance of getting a bit of a crunch at the very edge of the crust. However, that is not something that then applies to the rest of the base. Instead, the middle of the base ends up really coming across as nothing spectacular.

While that sounds terrible, you should remember that most frozen pizza options end up suffering the same fate. So, One Bite is not alone with this particular issue, which is refreshing to hear.

But it does come with something that you will often find missing with other frozen pizza options, and that’s a slightly brown color to the crust. 

This coloring probably occurs because the pizza has been partly cooked on a stone base before it’s frozen. That would explain that coloring, and it does show a degree of care and thought has gone into the development of the pizza. 

As a crust goes, and we need to remember that this is all about frozen pizza you have at home, then it’s good enough for that situation. That’s not a way of saying the crust tastes amazing as that’s not true.

The main thing is it does come out as slightly above average thanks to the way it works your mouth rather than the taste aspect.

one bite frozen pizza

The Flavor of the Crust

The crust would have tasted better with more seasoning. It comes across as the brand falling short of what you would want from a crust, and that’s a common problem. 

The sad thing is that the crust offers enough of a chewy texture to it for you to feel that it’s above average. If they had only incorporated more taste to the crust, then it would have scored very highly indeed. 

The Outcome of the Crust

One thing you will notice with the crust here is that it does cook through without too many problems. This should prove a deal-breaker because a number of frozen pizzas leave you hating the absolute heart of the pizza.

That’s because the crust used elsewhere does not thaw or cook to the temperature it needs to give you the best result.

The crust here still falls short of what it should taste like, but at least it cooks right through and avoids becoming droopy or soggy. 

The Sauce

One thing the company wanted to effectively make clear as that a great deal of care had gone into developing the sauce. That’s because of some reviews made by Portnoy that focused on frozen pizza, where he felt the sauce was a real issue.

Seriously, the sauce is a surprise. It does come across as more bland than you would expect, and it appears to lack some real seasoning. It’s almost as if they jusr forgot to add certain things to the sauce, and it needs to carry more of a punch.

That’s not to say it’s the worst sauce out there on the market. It does have a slight tang to it, but you would expect a bit more of a herb taste to balance it out a bit, and that’s something that just fails to come through.

Also, you do get enough sauce on the pizza, and that’s clearly a bonus. Some companies struggle to give you ample sauce, and the outcome is a sense of real disappointment, and also quite a dry crust.

Considering the crust already struggles in some areas, at least it won’t taste quite as dry because of the volume of sauce you get with this pizza. 

If they had only included more seasoning, then the pizza would certainly feel transformed as a result.

The Cheese

The other toppings that come with the various options always end up tasting just as you would expect them to. However, cheese is a major component, and it’s an area where a pizza will either become a success, or fail in an instant.

The cheese that comes with a One Bite frozen pizza does taste just above average. The mozzarella in particular seems to have quite a lot of taste.

However, you may feel the other cheese options that appear in the 5 Cheese pizza do not pack as big a punch as you would like.

Also, the coverage you get with the cheese here manages to come across as nothing more than adequate. It could do with just slightly more cheese than you currently receive, but you do get an above average amount compared to other brands.

If anything, the mozzarella remains the best part of this pizza. It’s tough to put a finger on what is lacking with the other cheeses that they use, but at least you do get some of that cheese taste no matter the topping option you go for.

how to cook one bite pizza

Ease of Cooking

The pizza remains easy to cook, and the instructions they offer you will not confuse you either. It does not even take too long for this frozen pizza to turn into something you can easily have for a meal, so speed is not an issue.

We do appreciate the fact they make all of the instructions as clear as possible. You should find that you just cannot go wrong when it comes to cooking this frozen pizza, and that’s a real bonus. 

Is it Any Good?

So, is this pizza any good? Well, you must remember that it’s a frozen pizza. It’s tough to find a forzen pizza that stands out above the crowd, and this One Bite brand also manages to just miss the mark.

The sad thing about this pizza is that it could have tasted so much better just by adding a bit more seasoning. That is the area where we feel the pizza really lets you down, and it’s such an easy thing to adjust. 

Honestly, you will taste other frozen pizzas that are not as good as this one, but it still comes across as disappointing. 

Sure, the toppings are good, and the cheese does perform quite well, but the sauce and lack of flavor in the crust does nothing to help the situation.

This comes across as insane because they have ensured the crust does cook correctly, and that’s something that you don’t always get.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, the Barstool Sports One Bite frozen pizza taste pretty good, but it fails to really do anything to mark it out as different from other frozen pizza options on the market.

It certainly does not come across as a poorer option, and it would help if they came with more toppings to choose from. 

The toppings remain the best part as both the crust and the sauce come across as quite standard. Honestly, it’s tough to tell the difference between this crust and so many out there. 

Considering the price point of this pizza, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. However, do not expect it to rock your world too much.

It’s probably just a slightly better than average frozen pizza rather than anything else.