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Best Deep-Dish in Chicago – Full List

If you live in the windy city and want to get your hands on the best deep-dish pizza in Chicago? Then don’t worry as we have a list of the best places that you can venture out to get that tasty dish.

We love a deep-dish pizza simply because of the crunch you get with the crust. Of course, it’s better if you love the crust, as you get a lot of it. 

But let’s face it, you get good and bad pizza, so knowing where to go to get the best makes a lot of sense. So, that’s what we plan on doing here. 

What you will find below is a list of the best places in Chicago that offer deep-dish pizza.

We highly recommend every one of them, so perhaps start at the top of the list and work your way through each one to ultimately discover which one you like the most.

So, let’s get on with the list.

George’s Deep Dish

georges deep dish

Located on N. Clark Street, George’s Deep Dish has been held in high regard for some time regarding its deep dish pizza. However, you need to be fast because they often sell out. 

You can pre-book your pizza up to a week in advance. The fact you can do that, just to ensure you get their deep dish pizza, shows how popular they are and it’s all thanks to the taste.

But it’s not just the crust that’s so good here. Their sauce comes across as tasty and you get more than enough sauce on the crust, so it’s not going to taste too dry.

One thing you should know is the pizza you get from George’s Deep Dish is then classed as artisanal, and they only produce them in small batches. That’s why you need to book ahead, or you will certainly miss out.

Ranalli’s West Loop

Located on West Madison Street,  this pizza bar has been around for years, offering delightful pizza to anybody that has walked through the doors of Ranalli’s West Loop. However, in this instance, it’s the deep dish that we want to focus on.

With a vast array of options regarding the toppings, you will never run out of items to put on your deep-dish pizza. Of course, you could decide to focus on their menu, and they certainly have more than enough options.

With either take-away or sitting-in available, you can rest assured that you will receive fantastic customer service right from the very outset. However, their pizza is the stand-out feature, and with a crunchy crust, their deep pan will blow your mind.

Bartoli’s Pizzeria

Bartolis pizza

Bartoli’s Pizzeria can be found on West Addison Street and this pizzeria comments on the fact they have a mission to deliver the best pizza around.

Founded in 2013, Bartoli’s Pizzeria leans heavily on the influence of the owner’s grandfather, so pizza making certainly appears in their history.

They seek to take the pizza to a new level, and they state how they focus on consistency and ensuring they produce the perfect pizza every time.

When you check out the reviews left by happy customers, then it’s clear they do indeed achieve this with their pizzas.

But here’s a cool thing about their pizza. They not only use the freshest ingredients around but will also tell you where they get their ingredients from if you ask them. 

Also, their crust is nice and light, while it takes on a lovely golden brown color when baked. Plus, they make a big deal out of getting that crunch on their deep pan pizza, and we can assure you that they manage to do that with ease.

If you want a fresh deep pan pizza bursting with flavor, this pizzeria should appear on your list of places to check out.

The Art of Pizza

The Art of Pizza is a rather cool pizzeria located on N Ashland that goes big on the fact they provide local pizza typical of the Chicago area.

They state how they focus on producing the best pies in the city, and it’s difficult to argue with this when you check out what others have to say about their experience.

Using only fresh ingredients, they are more than happy to listen to what their customers want and go out of their way to try to provide you with the best service.

This is fantastic, and it does mean you can go there and effectively create your pizza, and they will certainly accommodate you.

You have an option to either sit in or take their pizza away to enjoy it at home. The most important thing is you still enjoy their tasty pizza no matter where you may be, which is key for us.

You should also spend some time checking out the appetizers and sides that appear on their menu. They have a wide range of options and are just as good as their pizza menu.

Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza is located on N Clybourn Avenue, and if you want to taste one of the best deep-dish pizzas in the world, then it’s worth checking them out. 

These pizzas have won awards, and they will even ship frozen pizzas to your address for you to cook when you want. That’s a great idea, but you can still go the traditional way of either dining there or getting some fresh pizza delivered to your home.

They use several kinds of cheese on their pizza, and they always look at trying to caramelize the top, and that’s why it comes out with more of a burnt appearance. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as the flavor that comes from their pizzas will blow your mind. 

But there is a problem with this pizzeria. People love them so much that you will find it almost impossible not to go there and find yourself having to wait in a queue. 

However, that’s also a clear sign that this pizzeria produces some amazing pizza and the reviews that flood in all over the place back this up. 

Overall, you have so many options available at this pizzeria that you will never run out of pizza topping combinations to choose from. The one thing we can assure you of is that each pizza will taste amazing, and you will keep on coming back for more.

Milly’s Pizza in the Pan

Only opened in 2020, Milly’s Pizza in the Pan has already managed to turn a few heads in Chicago regarding their deep dish pizza.

You need to know that they only make a handful of deep-dish pizza every day, so you need to act fast, or you run the risk of missing out.

They only source the best and freshest ingredients, but that issue of making artisan pizzas can prove problematic.

You need to reserve your pizza in advance, or you could easily miss out, and nobody wants that.

Also, the fact they sell out shows how good their pizza is when you think about the multitude of options in Chicago. Overall, if you find yourself lucky enough to grab some pizza, you will find yourself in for an absolute treat.

Bacino’s of Lincoln Park


Located in N Lincoln Avenue, Bacino’s of Lincoln Park states how they made the first heart-healthy pizza, and that’s excellent. With several specialty pizza options on their menu, you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

With a stuffed deep dish as one of the main options on their menu, you will find yourself not knowing where to begin with the different toppings. Also, you can rest assured that you will get the perfect crust every time.

Using the best ingredients, their crust comes across as light and airy. That’s exactly what you want from a deep-dish pizza, and there’s no doubt that Bacino’s will not let you down in that department.

You get an amazing pizza and high-quality customer service when you get in touch with them. Basically, there’s nothing else you would ever want from a pizzeria.

And there you have it, our list of the best places in Chicago for anybody searching for a deep-dish pizza. As we said at the outset, we highly recommend every pizza place mentioned here. Why not give each one a go and see what you think about the different pizzas?

Chicago is the real home of deep-dish pizza, so there’s no surprise they have the best pizzerias around for this particular dish. We are sure you will have a lot of fun and tasty treats checking out the different options.