Best Dominos Chicken Wings Flavors – Full List

Back in 2020, Domino’s introduced their ‘new and improved Dominos chicken wings flavors.

Whenever a company says something is new and improved, we need to take their word for it.

But what does this mean for the chicken wing flavors? How do they stack up against one another, and which one is the best?

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference, so what we need to do is work through the different flavor options available.

In the end, we will let you know which one we think is best, but only in our own opinion.

Domino’s does not have as many options when it comes to wings flavors as you get elsewhere.

It does feel rather limited, but with any luck, the actual taste of the wings will mean that’s not such a problem.

dominos wings

The Key is the Dipping Sauces

The key with the chicken wings from Domino’s lies in the dipping sauce flavors.

Typically, you will find six different flavors of wings to check out at your local Domino’s but the quality does vary somewhat.

What you will find with the flavors is the usual array from spicy to sweet and everything in between.

A number of the flavors also come across as the same as you see elsewhere, but that’s not always a bad thing.

After all, it should mean some safe winners are included in the flavors list for you to check out. 

So let’s get on with checking out the flavors available to let you know what to expect the next time you feel like ordering wings from Dominoes.

Sweet Mango Habanero

The very idea of a sweet mango Habanero sauce on chicken wings will likely get those tastebuds dancing around.

After all, you get the sweetness that seems to go well with chicken mixed in with the heat of the Habanero, so what’s not to like about it?

Well, quite a lot actually. A number of people report the fruit taste overpowers everything else.

Oh, and the Habanero part also comes across as significantly milder in strength than you would expect.

The sauce also tends to have a thick texture to it.

Some people report it can come across more as a gel rather than a sauce, and that’s not a good thing.

So while the idea sounds perfectly good, it’s just not capable of working as well as you would like to think.

They would improve things a lot by just pulling back on the fruit side of things. 

chicken wings

Mild Buffalo Wings

Buffalo sauce on wings tends to always win with a taste test, but the mild buffalo wings from Domino’s do manage to sort of miss the mark a bit.

That’s a surprise because you would think it’s impossible to screw up buffalo wings.

However, it seems as if Domino’s can actually manage to do that. Well, in our opinion.

The wings do take on that sort of orange color you would expect from the buffalo sauce, but the mild part is a bit too accurate.

Often, these wings have a slight lack of flavor to them, and that is the disappointing part.

All this flavor would need is some more cayenne pepper just to give them an added extra kick.

It sometimes comes across as being more about the color of the chicken rather than the power of the sauce.

It almost comes across as if they started making the sauce and flavor but then missed out on some key ingredients.

Also, it would not take too much for this flavor to transform itself, but it just has a real plain taste to it.

For that reason alone, we do not feel it comes up to par. Well, at least compared to other mild buffalo flavors out there on the market.

Honey BBQ

The problem with honey BBQ wings is often that they come up short.

That’s a regular thing no matter where you go, and yet so many companies offer this flavor as an option. 

In the case of these wings at Domino’s then they follow the usual line of just not quite hitting the mark you would expect from something that should work.

The flavor never really comes across as anything different from a bottle of honey BBQ sauce you can purchase in a store. 

However, if that’s a flavor you like, then you might very well love these chicken wings.

But if you were looking for something extraordinary that could blow your mind, then you will not really enjoy these wings.

At times, the flavor is a bit too sweet.

Now, having a sweet flavor on your chicken wings does work, but there’s a fine line after which it just takes over the chicken.

That’s what tends to happen here, and it’s a shame as there’s some mighty fine chicken sitting under that sauce.

Hot Buffalo

Hot buffalo wings should always win, and this version at Domino’s will certainly hit the mark for most people.

But even here it quickly becomes apparent that Domino’s misses out. 

The main issue is the heat. They class it as hot buffalo, but it certainly comes across as more of a mild buffalo when you compare it to elsewhere.

Now that’s not always a bad thing. You certainly get enough heat to appease most tastebuds.

However, if you want something that will blow those tastebuds, then you might end up feeling rather disappointed.

Overall though, the taste of their hot buffalo wings is not too bad.

They come across as quite well-balanced as an option and the sauce certainly compliments the chicken.

Up to this point, we would say the hot buffalo sauce would actually come across as the best option available at Dominoes.

dominos hot buffalo chicken wings

Plain Wings

You can, of course, also get plain wings and this option is not something you should overlook.

When you order the plain wings, what you discover is that the wings themselves taste pretty darn good.

The chicken they use is not too bad, and you discover that Domino’s is actually able to get a good crisp on the wings.

Also, they do not drench them in grease, and that’s something else we love about them.

In addition, they add enough seasoning to help bring the wings to life.

However, they also manage to avoid overdoing the seasoning at the same time. If they failed to do this, then the wings would quickly turn rather terrible.

It’s actually disappointing that one of the best flavors of chicken wings available at Domino’s is the plain version.

It does mean some additional work is needed on the other flavors.

Garlic Parmesan

Finally, we have garlic parmesan, and while it may not leap out as the flavor you would like to try, we would like you to think differently about it.

You see, this sauce actually does work, and it’s because Domino’s doesn’t go crazy with the seasoning.

That means both the garlic and parmesan flavors combine well together.

One doesn’t overpower the other, so you get to enjoy both in equal measure.

Another cool thing is the mess you get in with them.

You just know that you need to get your hands in a mess when eating chicken wings for it to taste good. These wings do all of that and more.

You also get more than enough of the sauce to cover the wings without feeling as if the wings are then drenched in it. Overall, this flavor tends to stand out above the others.

So, Which One is Best?

While Domino’s does not have the same number of options when it comes to chicken wing flavors, you do have several still to choose from. 

However, we do feel that one stands out above the others, and it’s the last one we mentioned, the garlic parmesan.

The balance of flavors works exceptionally well, and you get just enough without it verging into too much.

After that, we recommend either the hot buffalo or even the plain wings.

Just remember the hot buffalo will not come across as hot as you may like. However, don’t worry about the possibility of it having too much heat. 

Overall Conclusion

The disappointing thing regarding Domino’s and their chicken wings is the flavor.

They said back in 2020 that they had sought to improve things, but often their wings do come across as lacking in something.

Some of the flavors miss the mark a bit, and that’s sad.

Often, the sweeter sauces and flavors tend to go too far to the sweet side.

That means you don’t really get any of the other parts of the flavors coming through.

The crazy thing is the chicken they use for their wings is one of the best things about their wings.

The fact they then kill that flavor with sauces that overpower is a crazy thing.

For us, the order we have covered the flavors in ranks from the one we like the least, to the one we like the most.

So, our advice is to avoid the sweet mango sauce or you may never like chicken wings again. We just think it’s that bad.