Best Frozen Cauliflower Pizza from Grocery Store – Full List

Our aim here is to go through the best frozen cauliflower pizza options you will find at your local grocery store.

By the end, you should then have a much clearer picture of what to expect, and can then head off to your local store to see if you agree.

If you are a fan of a cauliflower pizza crust, or perhaps have never tried one, then you do have a number of options available to you from your local grocery store.

However, not every crust will actually come to the same standards you should expect. So, we are here to help.

It used to be the case that finding cauliflower crust pizza would prove impossible.

That’s no longer the case, and you should see at least one or two options in your local reasonably sized grocery store.

If not, you can get options online, and they will all be pretty good.

But then we know opinions are very subjective.

So, let’s go through the different options and see which one we then conclude is the best option.

Why a Frozen Cauliflower Crust?

But first, a quick recap as to why a cauliflower crust could end up the best option. 

First, it’s gluten-free, and that’s something more people are now focusing on. Also, it’s very low-carb.

A cauliflower crust is the one thing you need to think about if on a low-carb diet or Paleo diet, and still want to have that pizza.

It does work best when in a thin-crust option, and that’s what you tend to get here.

Also, we have sought to pick crusts where the taste of the cauliflower does not overwhelm you.

That is just not as nice as you would like to experience, so we have sought to avoid that wherever possible.

Cauliflower crusts have proven popular in recent years, and that is also why so many of them are now out on the market.

So, what we have here is a list of those we see as our favorites, and we just know you will also love some of them yourself.

365 cauliflower pizza crust

365 Pizza Cheese Cauliflower Crust

The first option is this one by Whole Foods Market, and it’s their 365 pizza cheese cauliflower crust.

What you get here is a crust that does indeed include some cheese, and that will completely change the flavor you get when you bite into it.

However, that’s not the only reason why we love this option. 

Of course, this pizza remains gluten-free, and it’s also free from any GMO products as well.

So, nothing to worry about in that respect. But the crust itself springs up a few nice surprises.

First, it does give you something of crisp when cooked, and you do get a rather satisfying bite.

Also, it is far from greasy, so you don’t even feel as if it’s sitting in your stomach too much either.

caulipower pizza crust

Caulipower Margherita Pizza

The brand name says it all here, but Caulipower is about more than just a name.

Their Margherita pizza is actually pretty good, and while the toppings come across as basic, they do pack them full of flavor.

What you have here is a pizza that not only contains a lot of cheese but uses vine-ripe tomatoes as well.

That means the tomatoes do not hit you with this bland flavor, and it makes for a far more pleasant pizza.

Once again, the crust is kept nice and thin, so expect a good crunch when you bite into it.

Also, it does remain light when eating it, so you should have no problem in finishing off the entire pizza.

Oh, and a quick word about the basil. It’s strong and survives the freezing process well.

It hits you hard, but it’s all in a pleasant way, so don’t worry about it.

You also get a pizza that has something of a balance between both a sweet and savory taste.

Overall, this pizza is actually one of our favorites, and if you can get your hands on one, then we suggest giving it a try.

California Pizza Kitchen 

So California Pizza Kitchen is probably one of the main names associated with this type of pizza, so it’s difficult to just say we like one particular pizza.

Instead, what we suggest is checking out the different options you have available in your local store.

In the case of California Pizza Kitchen, if we had to pick one, then we would go for the mushroom and sausage option.

Here, you get a whole lot of flavor in the pizza, and every bite you take will blow your tastebuds.

Also, they have managed to ensure the pizza crust does not have that sort of ‘frozen pizza’ taste to it that you can sometimes get elsewhere.

If someone put this pizza down in front of you, then you would have no idea it was previously frozen.

In addition, the toppings they use come across as better than you may get elsewhere.

Overall, this pizza scores well no matter who reviews it, and that’s a good enough reason to go ahead and try one out for yourself.

california pizza kitchen

Caulipower Pizza Veggie

If you wish to stick with an entirely vegetarian option, then we would suggest the Caulipower Pizza Veggie.

The name is really self-explanatory, but one of the best things about this option, and the brand in general, is the taste.

You see, if the idea of a cauliflower crust is something that doesn’t appeal to you because it’s cauliflower, then don’t worry.

This option just does not taste of cauliflower, and we love that about it.

OK, the crust also does not taste like a normal crust either.

If you were expecting to feel overwhelmed by cauliflower, then don’t worry. It’s not going to happen. 

With this version, you get a balance of veggies and some pretty cool spices on there.

So, this pizza is anything but bland. Actually, we love the way they strike the balance between flavors, and that’s what makes this version stand out from the crowd.

365 Pizza Thin Crust Barbeque Chicken

Just to show you that cauliflower crust need not come across as boring, we have this barbeque chicken flavor from Whole Foods Market.

Once again, this crust is an excellent option for anybody wishing to go for something gluten-free.

Also, it doesn’t overwhelm you with that cauliflower taste, and that is a wonderful thing in our opinion.

What you have here is a pizza with a great combination of flavors.

They manage to strike a real balance in what you would expect from a barbeque chicken pizza.

Also, the crust has the desired crunch and great texture to it.

You bite into it and you realize it’s doing its job without allowing itself to become the main feature.

Once again that’s a fear people have about cauliflower pizza crusts in that they will dominate, but that doesn’t happen with this version.

Caulipower Pepperoni

The final option we need to really draw your attention to is the pepperoni pizza from Caulipower.

As with their other versions, the crust hits the mark, but then so do the toppings.

In all reality, you would feel hard-pressed to tell the difference between this pizza and your average thin-crust pepperoni pizza from other brands.

It has a flavor and the pepperoni is pretty darn good in all honesty.

But the crust at least still gives you that gluten-free option and the chance to reduce your carb count.

It holds together well and provides you with that much-needed crunch when you go ahead and take a bite.

If you want a pepperoni pizza but wish to stick with a cauliflower crust, then this option must-win time and time again.

Also, the fact it feels light means you can just sit back and enjoy it without stressing about it sitting in your stomach.

It’s just not going to do that.

Which One is the Best?

While it’s impossible to cover every single cauliflower crust out there, as there always appears to be more on the market, the ones listed above are undoubtedly the best.

Also, don’t allow the fact these are frozen pizzas to put you off. They stand up well and taste just the same as a non-frozen variety.

But for us, the Caulipower pepperoni pizza is the real standout.

It sticks with something tried and tested regarding toppings on a pizza, and it does so with some real gusto.

Actually, some may then prefer this version to the normal crust, it really can taste so good.

Ultimately, we think everyone should give a cauliflower crust a shot.

You could surprise yourself by how much you love it, and the toppings are just as good as you would expect with any frozen pizza.

Also, forget about the fact it’s cauliflower. You will never know, and can then sit back and enjoy a pretty good pizza at home.