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Best Papa John’s Chicken Wings Flavors – Full List

Papa John’s does have a few flavors for us to get through to determine what is the best Papa John’s Chicken wings flavors.

But in the end, we will let you know which one we think is best.

What is it about chicken wings and pizza and the fact they go together so well?

That’s why companies such as Papa John’s always makes sure they have chicken wings available as a side for those customers purchasing a pizza.

But don’t think for one second that you only have plain wings available.

Instead, they tend to have a number of different flavors available, and that’s what we plan on checking out right here.

You Have Limited Options Compared to Other Outlets

But before we dive into the flavors, we must clear up one thing.

You simply do not get the same number of options as you will see elsewhere.

While Papa John’s does see chicken wings as an important side, they clearly don’t value options the same as elsewhere.

That does mean we don’t have this extensive list to go through, but you should still find something that manages to grab your tastebuds if you are a chicken wing lover.

So, let’s get on with the list of flavors before telling you which one we think is the best option.

papa johns chicken wings


We can start with the obvious one, and that’s the plain chicken wing. What this then lets you see is that Papa John’s does use some pretty good chicken for their wings.

The plain version has just enough seasoning on it to give the wings a bit of a kick and to elevate them from just, well normal chicken.

However, it’s not going to overpower, and you do still end up getting that chicken taste coming through.

Also, their plain wings don’t make a mess.

Now clearly some people prefer their wings to leave their hands covered in sauce, but if that’s not you, then this could be a workable option.

Garlic Parmesan

Garlic parmesan appears in various outlets when it comes to chicken wing flavors, so it’s no surprise to see it on the list here at Papa John’s.

We think that the garlic parmesan wings are passable when it comes to flavor, but they do not strike you as the best option.

You do get something of both flavors, but it won’t come as a surprise if the garlic overpowers the parmesan from time to time.

This option could really do with a bit more of the cheese flavor as that is the type of thing that can really make the wing.

Also, a bit more of the sauce would not go amiss either.

Our thoughts are that while the garlic parmesan flavor does work, they could do with trying to fine-tune it somewhat.

It’s almost as if the flavor is nearly where you want it to be, and yet misses the mark just a touch.

However, it’s certainly not the worst flavor you will find in the list of chicken wing options from Papa John’s.

That accolade may very well apply to the next flavor on our list.

bbq wings

Honey BBQ

The honey BBQ chicken wings at Papa John’s are not the best.

The problem they have, which is common with honey BBQ, is that the sweet taste is just too much. It ends up being all you can really taste, and the BBQ aspect can sort of vanish.

It does leave you in something of a sticky mess from time to time, and that could act as a real advantage.

After all, we know some people love this, but the sweet taste just does not do the chicken any justice.

If they could dial back the honey aspect just a bit, then it would completely change these chicken wings.

However, it doesn’t appear as if they have done that.

Ultimately, it makes you feel they have ruined some perfectly good chicken wings, and that’s a real disappointment.

Sweet Chili

The problem with the sweet chili wings is almost the same as the honey BBQ in that the sweet aspect stands out too much.

While you would understandably expect that to an extent with sweet chili, it could do with more of a burn.

That’s not to say that these chicken wings are mild.

They will give you some of that chili kick, but it’s just not going to really do it that much for people who love a strong chili flavor.

However, it does seem that the chili side changes depending on where you go.

Some wings have more of a bite to them than others, so that’s worth keeping in mind.

But the problem with sweet chili is it can tend to be something of a hit or a miss.

It also even depends on how much sauce and flavoring they put on it, and that’s something you just cannot control.

So, if you are indeed a fan of sweet chili, then this might work for you.

However, don’t come across as surprised if it does then miss the mark. This is a real possibility.

Spicy BBQ

Finally, we move on to something that gets a good name for itself, and it’s the spicy BBQ chicken wings at Papa John’s.

These wings manage to strike a real balance between the two different flavors, and there’s more than enough burn for your mouth.

If you love spice, then these wings would probably represent the best option for you.

Papa John’s managed to make sure no one flavor can then outdo the other.

It strikes quite a good balance, and it does still have some of that sticky side to it.

If you are a fan of either flavor, then we would suggest going for this option.

The BBQ sauce that you get with these spicy wings works better than the honey BBQ mentioned earlier.

The flavors come across as far superior, and that’s going to really help bring the wings to life.

Honey Sriracha

This honey sriracha flavor is a bit strange in all honesty.

It’s taking something of sweet chili and trying to change it.

Ultimately, this is not something that then actually works.

What you have here is a real imbalance of flavors, and it’s something that kind of ruins the entire chicken wing experience.

It might sound like a good idea, but Papa John’s does somehow miss the mark with it.

Perhaps it’s because of too much of either thing leads to a real mess of a chicken wing.

Our suggestion is that while it may appeal to your tastebuds when you hear about it, perhaps give this option a miss.

You don’t even really see too much in the way of sriracha with wings elsewhere.

Throwing in honey does not help either.

papa johns buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings

The final option is the classic buffalo wings, and surely nobody in the world does enjoy buffalo wings?

This Papa John’s version does work well, and it gives that typical flavor you should rightfully expect from buffalo wings.

We do feel they have the right balance in flavor with these wings, and they hit the mark in giving you the buffalo taste but also enjoying the chicken. 

If you ever feel unsure about which wings to get, then we would recommend you go ahead and get the buffalo option.

It’s difficult for things to go amiss here, and they will certainly act as a wonderful introduction to wings if you have never had them before.

So, Which One is Best?

Ultimately, even though Papa John’s does have several options available to you when it comes to chicken wing flavors, only a few hit the mark.

We think that both the spicy BBQ and buffalo wings are the best options on the list.

With both the spicy BBQ and buffalo wings, what you get are some wings that taste as they should without leaving you feeling as if you have missed out on something.

Also, you get more than enough of the flavor. 

Sadly, not all flavors of chicken wings manage to do this.

Some have a strange consistency to them, and others get the balance wrong.

We know it can come across as something of a fine line regarding chicken wing flavors, but Papa John’s does get it wrong more than they get it right.

Overall Conclusion

Papa John’s does include wings as an option, but we don’t think that they are as good as you would perhaps find elsewhere.

It’s clear their main focus is the pizza, but they could do with changing some of their chicken wings flavors around a bit.

Out of a list of six different flavors, if you don’t include plain wings, then only two come across as actually tasting like something you could enjoy.

Actually, the plain wings remain one of the best options out there with Papa John’s and that’s also disappointing.

But if you do feel like some chicken wings as a side when ordering pizza from Papa John’s then we suggest you go for it.

We think that they can work, but only when you choose a couple of flavors.