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Best Pizza Hut Chicken Wings Flavors

Here, what we will look at is not just the chicken wings available at Pizza Hut, but examine the flavors available.

You see, the chicken wings at Pizza Hut actually taste pretty good, and they don’t just give you one single option.

While we do love the pizza on offer at Pizza Hut, we also feel not enough attention is given to the sides or other options. So, we plan to change that.

So by the end, you will have a much better idea of what to expect when it comes to those chicken wings from Pizza Hut.

pizza hut wings

Your Options

At the last count, you basically have around ten different options when it comes to chicken wing flavors at Pizza Hut. Now, that is a substantial number considering their main focus is pizza, but it does mean you can really mix things up with this side dish.

Clearly flavor is a personal thing, so we don’t plan on telling you which one you should try as we know you may prefer one of the other options. So, instead we can go through the different flavors available and just give you some guidance as to which one stands out from the crowd the most.

Buffalo Burning Hot 

First, we have the Buffalo Burning Hot wings and the name comes across as wrong because the general consensus is that these wings simply do not have the heat they claim. So, see them as more of a mildly hot rather than burning hot.

But we must stress that these wings have a reasonable amount of flavor. However, if you expect them to make your eyes water due to the heat, then prepare for disappointment.

Lemon Pepper Dry Rub

Changing things around a bit, and we have the lemon pepper dry rub, and even if it sounds boring then it’s honestly not the case. 

But with this one we have a bit of a problem. The pepper can sometimes overpower, and the lemon somehow doesn’t really work in this combination with a chicken wing. But there is a sense of it coming across as rather refreshing.

In saying that, we don’t see this as the best option when it comes to chicken wings from Pizza Hut. It just doesn’t sit quite right with us regarding the flavor.

Garlic Parmesan

The first thing we need to say about these wings is that the cheese flavor explodes onto your taste buds. So if you love the taste of parmesan, than these wings just cannot disappoint you.

However, we do see this flavor as coming with a bit of an issue. Both the garlic and parmesan included in these wings takes so much away from the actual flavor of the wings.

It would help if the flavor here was dialled back a bit. The balance seems off between allowing you to taste the chicken and also enjoying the flavor. That aside, this flavor could work well for anybody who loves that cheese taste.

pizza hut chicken wings

Hawaiian Teriyaki

For something a bit different when it comes to adding flavor to your chicken wing, how about the Hawaiian Teriyaki. 

You should know that the Teriyaki flavor is quite strong when it comes to the chicken wings. For some, it will end up too strong, so if you remain unsure about Teriyaki, then perhaps give this a miss.

Keep in mind this flavor will come across as quite sweet. Also, there is that taste of soy sauce as well, so understand that it’s completely different to anything else on offer from Pizza Hut.

But overall this flavor remains well balanced, and even though the Teriyaki part is strong, you can at least still partly taste the chicken as well.

Buffalo Medium

We feel as though the buffalo medium wing is not too different from the burning hot version mentioned earlier. It does tone down the heat a bit, but there tends to be less of a difference than most people expect.

In our opinion, this flavor strikes quite a good balance between adding some extra flavor, and also not taking the flavor away from the chicken. 

This flavor may appeal to those who just don’t want the naked taste of the chicken and yet also something that doesn’t set your mouth on fire. It simply changes the taste enough for you to appreciate that the chicken wings have a coating of something else on them.

pizza hut buffalo burn

Spicy Garlic

Spicy garlic represents something a bit different to the norm when it comes to chicken wing flavors at Pizza Hut. However, don’t expect this flavor to offer too much in the way of burn. It’s just not going to do that.

Honestly, it’s the garlic flavor that manages to make the difference here. It takes the spice level of the buffalo medium, and just changes it thanks to the garlic aspect. 

But you should know that the garlic taste may come across as too strong if you do not have a huge liking for it. However, if garlic is something you love, then you could very well see the spicy garlic wings as the best on offer.

Cajun Style

This is a dry rub rather than a sauce, and the Cajun style does come through strong with the wings. However, the flavor tastes almost perfect with wings, but we do admit that not everyone will love the concept of a dry rub.

You get enough layers to the flavor to make this highly enjoyable, and we certainly recommend giving these wings a shot. You get a bit of burn with them, but it avoids going over the top and completely destroying the taste of the chicken.

If you feel that the wings become too dry as a result of the dry rub, then we also recommend going ahead and getting some of their ranch dressing to dip it in. That alone could make a huge difference for you.

Buffalo Mild

The buffalo mild wing at Pizza Hut really targets those individuals who just want to move away from the chicken taste without venturing too far. That means you get a bit of spice, but not something that results in you forgetting what chicken tastes like.

Also, it won’t burn your mouth to the point of it feeling uncomfortable. This, for us at least, makes this option a real winner. At times, you only require a subtle change in flavor for something to turn out amazing, and that certainly applies here.

The sauce does give a decent coating to the wing, but like we said it’s not too much for you to deal with. If you feel unsure as to what to go for when it comes to ordering chicken wings, then this is probably the one we would suggest.

Honey BBQ

When it comes to popularity, then honey BBQ probably wins. What you have here is a balance between sweet and that smoky taste you get with the BBQ. Overall, we do love how it hits different chords regarding taste.

However, not everyone loves the idea of getting that sweet taste when they bite into chicken. So, you should know it can come across as a bit too sweet for some tastebuds. 

Getting this balance is not easy, but Pizza Hut has managed to do quite a good job of it with their honey BBQ wings. But like we said, if you don’t enjoy the idea of sweet and tangy flavors on your chicken wings, then this flavor would certainly not appeal as it does come out strong.

But that’s not always a problem. You do at least have other flavors available if this sweet idea is too much.

So, Which is the Best?

With a number to choose from, actually deciding on the best chicken wing flavor is never that easy. However, we think that the buffalo mild works the best as it does give some flavor without destroying the chicken.

Some of the flavors, such as the lemon pepper dry rub just fail to hit the mark in the same way. But then people must order and love it, or they would just not appear on the menu and stay there.

At the end of the day, you need to think carefully about what you expect from a chicken wing. Do you want sweet, or do you want heat? That alone will cut down on your options.

But also, don’t forget you can also order the chicken wings without any extra flavor on them. At that point, it’s all up to the chicken to tease and mess around with your tastebuds. Honestly, it does this quite well as their chicken wings certainly do not come across as that bad on their own.

But we accept that eating naked chicken wings does not always appeal to everyone. They tend to need something extra on top, and at least Pizza Hut does provide you with various options in that regard.

So, check out the list of flavors we have above, and see which one appeals the most. With so many available, it does mean you will not struggle to get one you like.