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Best Pizza in Austin, Texas- Full List

Austin has more than its fair share of wonderful pizzerias, but where is the best pizza in Austin, Texas?

Having so many options does then lead to problems. After all, where do you even begin attempting to ascertain which pizzeria you should go to?

Well, that’s where we can come in and help. What you will find below is a list of the best pizza in Austin, and we can provide you with several places that we think you should try out. 

Of course, we recommend you go ahead and check out every pizza place on our list. In doing so, you can then come to your conclusion as to which place offers the best pizza.

From New York style to Neapolitan and even Detroit-style pizza, you can get your hands on almost anything you can imagine in Austin.

Not only that but the authentic taste and style that comes with it all also stand out. You won’t even feel you are in Texas and will be transported back to the pizza places of origin.

So, with that thought, let’s go ahead and check out these pizza places.

Home Slice Pizza

home slice austin

Located on South Congress Avenue, Home Slice Pizza offers you some of the best New York-style pizza slices in Texas.

Launched in 2005, they have evolved and grown over the years as their popularity has increased, leading to the busy pizza place you see today.

Here, you get huge slices for your money, and they do not try to save on the toppings either. You will even feel you are in New York and not Texas, as their slices just come across as so authentic.

From a light crust, which comes with an appropriate amount of crunch, to the huge amounts of cheese, these slices will fill and satisfy without any problems.

Also, they have an impressive number of options regarding the toppings on their menu, so you should have no difficulty finding something you like.

Oh, and the staff is not only attentive, but they make you feel extremely welcome from the moment you walk through the door. Overall, this place represents one of the best pizza places in the whole of Austin, and it’s one you need to try.

The Backspace

Located on San Jacinto Blvd, The Backspace offers wood-fired thin-crust pies with a distinctly authentic feel, which only means one thing: a tasty pizza. 

This small restaurant doesn’t have much space, but it just means we think you should plan if you think about dining there. Alternatively, you can get take-out, which could be the best plan.

As we said, they deal with thin-crust pies, and you get a crust with the perfect amount of crunch and a lovely texture.

That does make a huge difference regarding the overall experience you get here, and you won’t feel as if the dough simply sits in your digestion for too long.

And then we have the toppings. They use the freshest ingredients, and the entire pizza will always come to you with the best ingredients possible.

That does come across loud and clear when you bite into the pizza, and it’s one of the things that makes this pizza place stand out.

Overall, if you want to taste pizza that appears to be as it would in Italy, then this could very well become your favorite pizza place in Austin.

Via 313 Pizza

via 313 pizzeria

Located on Guadalupe Street in Austin, Via 313 Pizza is a local chain focusing on producing Detroit-style pizza. Launched back in 2011, this pizza chain has built a strong reputation for itself across Austin, and it’s all thanks to that pizza.

What you get here is something crafted in the authentic Detroit style, which means you are in for a treat.

You see, the guys behind this pizza place have Detroit as their hometown, and they spent time studying the artform of the Detroit-style pizza before launching.

What that means is that everything they produce is as it should be. We are talking about a unique tasting crust and so many toppings that you won’t even know where to begin. 

Their square pizza remains out of this world and will blow your mind from the very first bite. Also, their menu offers you so many options that you will need to work through everything.

Overall, these guys make eating pizza fun, and that’s one thing we agree with. Your only problem lies with choosing which option you will begin with, but that’s a good problem.

40 North

Located on West 10th Street, 40 North produces Neapolitan-style pies in a wood fire, resulting in authentic pizza. Also, they class themselves as a real neighborhood-style pizza place, so it does come with something of a homely feel to it as well.

Their approach is to ensure everything feels quite laid-back regarding your pizza, and we love that about the place. Oh, but their pizza remains just as good as you would hope, and there’s no doubt you will fall in love with what they offer.

Their crusts remain light and airy, and the wood-fire delivers just the right level of crunch with every bite. They do also have a fantastic tomato sauce to go on the base with just enough tang that it adds something special to the overall pizza.

But while their pizza is out of this world, the atmosphere and environment at their pizza place will also rank highly with you. Overall, that combination will often result in a winning pizza place, and 40 North has everything you would ever want.

Pinthouse Pizza

pinthouse pizza

With three locations around Austin, getting your hands on some pizza from this place should not pose a problem. However, one thing we can say is that their pizza will blow your taste buds from the very first bite.

The six guys that launched this place did so with a love of creating great beer and even better pizza. Well, that’s something they certainly achieved, and they did so exceptionally well.

They even list their different suppliers, so you know that all their ingredients are well-sourced, and most of them come from the local area. That can only mean one thing, and that’s a freshness that always comes through with the quality of the pizza.

But it’s not just the crunchy crust or the tasty toppings. They also seek to create that perfect atmosphere, and their customer service remains second to none. Ask them anything you like about pizza, and they will happily answer.

Overall, Pinthouse Pizza combines beer and pizza in a cool and interesting way. If you love both, this may be the best place to check out in Austin.


Located on East 12th Street, Sammataro has a fantastic reputation for producing some of the best pizzas. We think you will immediately understand why people love it from the first bite.

They love to keep things nice and simple with the main focus on their pizza, and that’s an area where they simply won’t disappoint. From the perfect crust, complete with that crunch and weight, to the array of toppings, it’s easy to find the right pizza depending on your preferences.

We think you would prove hard-pressed to locate a better crust in the whole of Austin. They get that balance between enough crunch before it becomes burnt, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

But we must also mention the toppings. You get lots on each pizza, and it feels like you get value for money in that respect. You will not walk away from there hungry, thanks to the sheer size of the pizza you can order.

Overall, Sammataro lets their pizza do the talking, and this pizza does more than that. Instead, it shouts and yells from the rooftops, and you will too, when you try it for the first time.

Overall Conclusion

As we said at the outset, Austin has its fair share of amazing pizza places to check out, and we think our list above represents the best of the best. However, we feel you need to head on out there and test every place we mention to see if you agree with what we say.

The best thing about doing that is that you get to eat a lot of pizza, which is never a bad thing for anybody to do. Ultimately, we believe you will discover several new favorite places to go when you need to fix your pizza.

With different styles and takes on pizza out there, your journey of discovery regarding finding your favorite pizza place in Austin will certainly prove eventful.