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Best Pizza in Charlotte – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza in Charlotte. We have selected several places representing some amazing pizza all over the Charlotte area.

After checking out our list, we think the best thing to do is to go ahead and try everyone on our list. 

Anyone residing in Charlotte may already know you have ample opportunity to get out there and sample some pizza.

You have more pizzerias to choose from than you may already know about, but we don’t see that as bad.

But then, knowing where to go when getting something as simple as pizza will not always prove easy. So, that’s where we plan on helping.

In doing so, you get to experience tasty pizza with various toppings, and what could prove better than that? We don’t think anything out there could prove superior to having the ability to taste different pizzas.

So, with that in mind, let’s check out the different places we have selected to offer the best pizza in Charlotte.

We promise you will find something you love here, and it won’t come as a shock if more than one place delights your taste buds. 

Pizzeria Omaggio

Located on Metropolitan Avenue, Pizzeria Omaggio certainly has a wonderful reputation for producing stunning pizza, and for a good reason.

This place doesn’t just do the classic pizza. They also seek to offer their customers the chance to experience the concept of craft pizza, and it’s something they do well.

It starts by producing a stunning crust made from the finest ingredients. They offer just enough chew and crunch to be extremely satisfying, and then there’s the taste.

It has enough to prevent it from tasting too bland and sets it up perfectly for the rest of the toppings.

But we must stress the main reason we have included this place in our list is thanks to those craft pizza options.

They continually seek to add different toppings from what you would expect, and it does get those taste buds dancing to a different tune.

So if you feel tired of the same old thing when it comes to pizza, Pizzeria Omaggio should appear on your list of places to check out.

pizzeria omaggio

Bird Pizzeria

Located on East 15th Street, Bird Pizzeria promises to deliver some of the best pizzas in the city, and we tend to agree with that.

However, you should know that this place is not the biggest, and only a small team works there. So, you need to get in early to sample the pizza delights they have to offer.

What people love about this place is the fact it’s so rustic. Also, they take a simple approach to their pizza, yet the result will blow your taste buds.

You know from the first bite that this pizza has been crafted with absolute love and their full attention to the entire process.

From the perfectly formed crust to the tangy sauce and more than enough toppings, there’s no chance you will feel disappointed with the pizza.

You also know that everything that comes from here is fresh. That includes the ingredients they use and the fact the pizza is lovingly made there and then.

You may need to wait a bit to get this pizza delight, but we can assure you it’s all worth it in the end.

Overall, if you want to know what a rustic, authentic pizza tastes like, Bird Pizzeria is where you need to check out in Charlotte.

Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

Located on Abbey Place, Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria makes it very clear how they make their pizza, which is something they excel at.

This place adopts a very family-orientated approach to what they do, which means you can dine in a laid-back atmosphere.

But it’s not just the atmosphere that makes this pizzeria a special place to visit. You also get to sample some stunning pizza, which becomes apparent from the first bite.

They focus on developing classic pizza, but they do so exceptionally well. People comment on how delightful the crust is when you take that bite; everything tastes authentic.

Overall, we have included this pizzeria in our list because of its entire approach to making the best pizza in the city. Also, we love the atmosphere here, where the focus is on the pizza and nothing else.

Wolfman Pizza

wolfman pizza

Located on Park Road, Wolfman Pizza does adopt a different approach, at least from a theme perspective. With the focus on a werewolf theme, you need to hope that only the pizza comes with a bite to it.

But it also means that this pizzeria ranks as one of the funkiest places, and for a good reason. The atmosphere it creates remains outstanding and creates a different experience for you to sit and enjoy some pizza in.

The crust here has more than enough bite to it with a satisfying chew. They do provide you with more than enough toppings as well, so it does pack a punch from that perspective as well.

And then you have their service. You feel you can ask them anything about pizza, and they will know the answer. Also, they tend to you as quickly as possible, and there’s no doubt you will find they make you feel welcome.

Overall though, it’s the combination of good pizza and a completely different theme, so we need to include this pizzeria on our list.

Geno D’s Pizza

Located on East 7th Street, Geno D’s Pizza has a name for producing some of the best pizzas in Charlotte. That’s a reputation we agree with, and we think you will also fall in love with everything they offer.

Many people in Charlotte vote for this place to offer the best pizza. They certainly know how to create a stunning crust that’s more than satisfying in both crunch and texture.

Then, you have an authentic tomato sauce on the base that offers ample flavor setting you up perfectly for those toppings.

Also, you get to choose the classics or something a bit more special. We think you should check out both options just to ensure you feel completely satisfied with everything.

People also note how good the sauce and cheese is at this place. They feel it adds so much to the overall pizza that you really should not miss out on what this pizzeria has to offer. 

We couldn’t ignore all of the positive reviews this place gets, and we think you should not ignore them either.

Due Amici Pizza

due amici pizza

Located on Docia Crossing Road, Due Amici Pizza focuses on producing more New York-style pies, but that at least gives you an easy opportunity to sample something different.

It also means you can expect large slices, and we love the quality of the crust they provide here.

Opened several years ago, they have regularly won the award for the best New York pizza in the city, and that’s a pretty good acclaim to have.

Also, it shows how they consistently produce some amazing pizza, and we know you will have a stunning experience when you go there.

But you should know that this place is almost always busy. It’s just that popular, so prepare to wait a bit. However, they won’t simply ignore you, as their customer service also excels like their pizza.

Overall, it’s a fact they produce such good New York-style slices that have led us to include them in our list. You will find it the perfect pizzeria for a snack, but expect to feel very satisfied at the end. It is that filling and that good.

Overall Conclusion

And that’s our list of the best pizza in Charlotte, and you do have several options to go and check out to satisfy your pizza craving. There’s no doubt that Charlotte has some of the best pizzerias in the country.

For us, we would simply start at the top of our list and work through every single name that appears here. At least you then have the opportunity to sample different pizzas and then determine which one you think is your personal favorite.

With so many different toppings and flavors available, even in the crust and sauce, we do not doubt that you will find a new favorite pizza place for a second.

Perhaps you may end up finding more than one place, but that’s not exactly a bad thing in our eyes.