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Best Pizza in Denver – Full List

Denver has some amazing options when it comes to pizza, but what is the best pizza in Denver? Having so many to choose from does then lead to problems.

After all, where do you even begin when you want to order pizza? However, you won’t have that problem to contend with for much longer.

We will go through a list of the best pizza places in Denver to stop you from having to do that work yourself.

We know that our list contains several places, so you still need to figure out which options you will check out first.

However, we never see that as a problem simply because it means you get to eat a lot more pizza while you work through the list.

With that in mind, let’s go and check out the different pizzerias in Denver that we see as the best.


Located on S. Holly Street, Pantaleone’s has been producing pizza since 1985. However, if you see something familiar about them, perhaps it’s because they appeared on an episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares.

But don’t stress about that. It meant they completely changed things around, and the result was some amazing pizza and a whole host of options available to you.

They mention how they make their crusts and even their Italian sausage. Now, you find yourself in for a treat, reflected in the amazing reviews they get consistently over the last few years.

Kaos Pizzeria

kaos pizzeria

Located on South Pearl Street in Denver, Kaos Pizzeria focuses on artisan pies while using only the best ingredients.

Their main focus is on producing wood-fired authentic pizzas with a taste of Naples, and they certainly won’t let you down even from the first bite.

They also go big on the idea that being there is an experience. Their customer service is second to none, and you will be desperate to head back there again.

Obviously, these guys love what they do, and they take absolute pride in each pizza they produce. It’s a labor of love, and you will be hard-pressed to find a negative review about this place, especially with their pizza.

Blue Pan Pizza

If you are more of a fan of an airy pizzeria where you can just sit and chill surrounded by space, then Blue Pan Pizza is where you need to check out.

Located on West 32nd Avenue, they focus on providing you with Detroit-style pizza, which means you will be in for a treat.

They take this Detroit influence the whole way by using blue pans brought from Detroit. They also ensure they are completely authentic in everything they do.

That means you get cheese right to the edges and lots of it. It means you get the red sauce on top of the cheese, and everything they do is carried out to absolute perfection.

If you have never tried this type of pizza before, we strongly suggest you head over there to check out Blue Pan Pizza and see what the fuss is about.

Proto’s Pizza

protos pizza

Located on 15th Street, Proto’s Pizza promises you some pretty imaginative toppings alongside bubble-filled crusts that will prove to taste lighter than anything you have otherwise experienced.

Their setting is a cool industrial style, and the Denver offering is just one of several outlets that this brand now owns.

However, we must stress that they do exceptionally well regarding those toppings, and their customer service is also out of this world.

But for them, even the idea of delivering an average pizza is not good enough. They want you to walk out of there feeling it’s the best pizza you have ever tasted.

Chances are that it will end up one of the best pizzas ever experienced anyway.

So if you love your pizza in a laid-back and cool location, this is certainly the place you want to check out.

Their Neapolitan pizza is out of this world, and there’s a good chance you will want to keep heading back to check out more options on their menu.


Located on East Colfax Avenue, Spiceworks focuses on producing NY-style pizza, which emphasizes delivering tasty slices to its customers.

Also, this pizzeria remains a very laid-back and easygoing place. The owners originally come from Long Island, and they have over 20 years of experience when it comes to pizza.

All of that becomes apparent as soon as you bite into your pizza, and we promise it will blow your mind right from the very outset.

Launched in 2012, this pizzeria has developed a serious reputation for its chilled atmosphere and stunning pizza.

With a wide range of toppings mixed in with a gorgeous crust, the pizza at Sliceworks remains an experience, and it’s one you won’t forget.

Famous Original J’s Pizza

Located on E. 26th Avenue in Denver, the Famous Original J’s Pizza provides you with New York-style pizza designed to grab your tastebuds and never let go. That’s certainly something it manages to achieve with ease.

This particular pizzeria is on the patio of a nightclub, so you also get some extra entertainment thrown in for good measure.

However, the quality of their pizza will remain the key thing here, and we promise you will find yourself in for an absolute treat.

But it’s not just their pizza that gives this place a good name. Their customer service is well known for going above and beyond what you expect. 

These guys will not only seek to provide you with the best pizza, but the best time you have ever had at a pizzeria in general.

We believe you will walk away from this place wanting to head back for more, thanks to your wonderful time there.

The Well Pizza & Bar

the well pizza and bar

Located on Wyandot Street, The Well Pizza & Bar is one of those cool hip joints that you need to check out.

The fact they produce some decent pizza is a real advantage, and it’s the type of place where it could quickly become your favorite.

They focus on producing authentic Italian food, and you will quickly discover that they love what they do.

They only use the freshest and best ingredients and have the direct experience of producing quality pizza as they stick to that authentic approach every step.

The crust here remains light, and it won’t simply sit in your stomach, which is a bonus. Also, they believe in giving you more than enough toppings, so overall, this pizza will stop you in your tracks.

Viale Pizza & Kitchen

Located on South Colorado Blvd, Viale Pizza & Kitchen offers much more than just pizza. However, we still believe they offer one of the best pizzas in the city.

Made with an authentic Italian recipe, every bite is an experience, from the crust to the array of toppings you can choose from.

But it’s not just about the pizza. The establishment is seriously cool, but takeaway and delivery remain options if you don’t want to dine there.

However, we feel you would miss out on something if you didn’t go there. Overall, we think their pizza remains so good that they could run the entire place by selling it.

However, at least you have an array of options on their menu, and we reckon you should check out the entire place and see just how good they are.

Overall Conclusion

So that’s our list of the best pizza in Denver, and as you can see, you have several options to go and check out.

There’s no doubt that Denver offers some amazing pizzerias, and we suggest you go ahead and check each one.

Let’s face it, we all love pizza, so who would want to pass up the opportunity to try out new places and see how they rank on our list? At least now you know the places to check out, so best that you start.

From New York style to authentic Italian, and even Detroit-style pizza, you have everything to choose from when you head on out for pizza in Denver. Who knew it could lead to so many adventures all in a city that’s not exactly known for its pizza?