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Best Pizza in Houston – Full List

If you love pizza and live in the “Space City”, you will often wonder where the best pizza is in Houston.

You see, the city has many pizzerias for you to check out, which then leads to a problem.

The problem is that you never know where to begin when it comes to the pizzeria you should visit or order from. So, we want to help with that.

What you will find below is a list of the best pizza places in Houston. We know we have several options for you to check out, but we believe each one indeed produces some pretty amazing pizza.

You see, what you get here in Houston is the ability to try different types of pizza in one city. Feel like some New York-style pizza? Not a problem.

Alternatively, feel like Chicago style? Houston has you covered.

Or perhaps you want to stick with the Italian style. If so, you have many pizza places to choose from if that’s what you prefer.

Everything is covered, and that’s great news for a pizza lover.

So, why not sit back and get ready to check out the different places that make it onto our list?

After that, you can start the cool process of trying every place to see what you think of the pizza.

Frank’s Pizza

franks pizza

Located on Travis Street, Frank’s Pizza promises an amazing experience from the moment you take that first bite.

With the main focus on producing New York-style pizza slices, you best not eat before you head there as these slices are huge.

The pizza here is out of this world. They produce that typical New York crust while keeping things nice and light.

Add on a whole lot of cheese and their special pizza sauce, and all left is for you to choose from the array of toppings on offer.

But going to Frank’s Pizza is also all about their customer service. They make you feel welcome and clearly know a thing or two about pizza. So, if you have any questions, just ask, and they will happily answer.

Overall, Frank’s Pizza will leave a wonderful taste in your mouth from the pizza and the entire experience of heading to their pizzeria.

Bollo Woodfired Pizza


There is something amazing about woodfired pizza, and you know that’s exactly what you will get when you head over to Bollo Woodfired Pizza.

Located on West Alabama Street, this place has constantly been ranked as one of the best pizzerias around, and you will understand why as soon as you taste one of their offerings.

We mean crunchy crusts made to perfection, and only the best ingredients will do.

But the woodfired approach is what gives their pizza its amazing taste. It feels and tastes completely authentic, and while the setting is quaintly in style, there’s nothing quaint about their pizza.

What quickly becomes clear is that everything is very fresh. It hits hard with the taste, and you should also find their customer service to be above average.

Overall, this pizzeria will give you something to remember every time you go there.

Romano’s Pizza

romano's pizzeria

What we love about Romano’s Pizza is that it keeps things old-school. That means you get authentic pizza, where it’s all about taste and how everything is put together.

Ultimately, it means a wonderful experience you will undoubtedly get when you check out Romano’s Pizza.

Located on West Gray Street, this place remains open seven days a week, so you can get your pizza fixed whenever you want.

The owners are two cousins brought up in New York after moving there from Italy, so they certainly have the background to produce some amazing pizza.

What you get here are simple crusts that come packed with flavor. They go big for the toppings and ensure they remain as fresh as possible. Then there’s the taste. 

We are talking about an absolute taste explosion as soon as you take a bite. You get the perfect balance of flavors from crust to sauce to toppings, and it leaves you wanting more.

With a large menu available, you will easily get the perfect pizza for your personal preferences. Also, if you have any questions, they love to answer them, so just ask the staff, and they will always help.

Luna Pizzeria

Located on Kirby Drive, Luna Pizzeria runs as a modern family-orientated pizzeria that promises you will not walk out of there disappointed. 

While they do offer more than just pizza, one thing you will quickly discover is their ability to get creative with their toppings. However, if you prefer to stick to the traditional toppings, that’s not a problem either.

One thing we suggest is to check out their various specials. They always seem to have some type of deal or special available on any given day, which means you can get the Luna Pizzeria experience while saving some cash simultaneously.

Overall, the atmosphere mixed in with the quality of the pizza makes this place stand out and make it on our list. We know you will have an amazing time there, and their pizza remains delicious.

Luigi’s Pizzeria

luigis pizzeria

Located on Almeda Road, Luigi’s Pizzeria is a name known and loved by many pizza lovers in the Houston area.

Also, you get some authentic Italian pizza here since the founder was born in Italy before moving to the US.

Also, pizza comes out as a labor of love here, and that’s apparent when you check out one of their pizzas.

You get a light crust with the perfect crunch mixed with a sauce with the correct amount of tang, followed by fresh toppings of your choice.

They go big on the family aspect with this pizzeria, so you can easily go there with anybody you like and just fall in love with the atmosphere.

No doubt they will make you feel at ease at all times, and the pizza is then just the icing on the cake.

Luigi’s Pizzeria must appear on your list of places to check out in the Houston area if you want a real Italian feel to your pizza.

Star Pizza

Located on Norfolk Street, Star Pizza offers you Chicago-style pizza, so you can fully expect those thick crusts to appear on their menu.

Launched back in 1976, these guys have a lot of experience making pizza, and boy, that shines through.

Even though they produce those thick Chicago-style crusts, don’t worry about feeling too heavy when trying to digest them.

They have managed to perfect the art of producing the perfect crust for this type of pizza without compromising on the taste.

And then there’s their sauce. It’s amazing; again, it shows they know what to do when making pizza. You get the perfect balance between taste and quantity, so one single thing does not feel as if it’s overpowering.

But then there’s a simple fact that these guys love pizza. You know that as soon as you venture inside their establishment.

Also, you can ask them anything about their pizza, and they will love to give you the answer.

Overall, Star Pizza has been one of the most popular pizzerias in Houston for some years, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Overall Conclusion

Houston has some amazing pizzerias to check out, and we have listed those that we see as the best in the city.

However, we know you have several options to go through, and we recommend you start at the top and work methodically through them.

As we said at the outset, you have something available, no matter the pizza you prefer. Also, with more places starting to get more creative with their toppings, you never know what new combination you may find.

But you need to work out which option you wish to try first. Alternatively, try each one and see just how tasty pizza can be.

After all, it does mean you get to try a whole lot of pizza, and that’s never a bad thing, is it?

We promise that the pizzeria options in Houston will blow your mind, and you may even find a new favorite place for your pizza.