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Best Pizza in Kansas City – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza in Kansas City. We know it’s tough, as pizza can come across as a very personal thing. Yet we believe that several places on our list will deliver some stunning pizza to you.

If you live in Kansas City and love pizza, then the good news is you have several options available. The surprising thing is the sheer volume of pizzerias spread across the city.

However, having so many options leads to problems. After all, where do you begin? Well, that’s where we intend to help.

In this list, you will see we have covered every type of pizza you can imagine, but that’s part of the overall fun.

You see, we think pizza must remain something where you can have the opportunity to imagine different toppings on various bases.

It’s cool to know Kansas City has pizzerias that allow you to do that. So, let’s get on with the list and advise you on where you should head to get your hand on some pizza in Kansas City. 

Il Lazzarone Pizza

Located on Delaware Street, Il Lazzarone Pizza offers individuals a Neapolitan-style pizza, so if you want something with that authentic touch, then this is the place to go. It’s like a small piece of Italy, right in the heart of Kansas City.

Made on a wood fire, you find yourself hit by that amazing smell from the moment you walk through the door. People also comment on the quality of the crust, which is packed with flavor. 

One thing you can trust here is the quality of the ingredients. They search for the freshest ingredients around, and that does make a huge difference when it comes to the taste. 

You see, one thing we love is when a pizzeria stresses that they spend so much time searching for ingredients. It shows an absolute desire to produce the best pizza around, and that is one thing you will certainly get when you go to Il Lazzarone.

Also, people love the crunch of the pizza and the variety of options regarding toppings. Overall, we think a trip here should appear on anyone’s list, and you will understand why from the moment you take that first bite.

Pizza 51

Pizza 51

Located on Oak Street, Pizza 51 focuses on producing thin-crust pies full of flavor. Found in an old gas station, this place has been serving stunning pizza since 2004, and people have loved it since its doors opened.

In addition, people comment on the vibrant atmosphere in this pizzeria. It comes alive and feels like a fun place to be, and the fact it serves amazing pizza does help.

You tend to find a real balance between the crunch in the crust, the tangy sauce, and the ample toppings. Also, if you get a slice, expect it to be huge, as this place will not disappoint. 

Overall, Pizza 51 delivers in every aspect, from the pizza to the service. We think you will love everything about them should you decide to go there, and we reckon that any individual who enjoys pizza should give this a shot.

Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria

On West 47th Street, Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria offers amazing pizza in a compact setting. This place uses a stone oven to produce the pizza, so you get more of an authentic taste, and that’s one thing we love about this place.

Also, aside from the stone oven, their approach to pizza focuses on authentic Sicilian. They ensure they produce their crust daily and only use the best ingredients around. 

You can buy by the slice, and each slice certainly offers you more than enough if you intend on simply having a snack. It helps when they add so much in the way of toppings to a pizza, and they do not come up short in that respect.

Overall, the authenticity of the pizza from this place makes it deserving to appear on our list.

We forgive you if you forget where you physically are in the world when you take a bite, as we think you will feel as if you have been transported back to Italy.

But that’s not a bad thing when talking about pizza.

Waldo Pizza

waldo pizza

Located on Broadway Street, Waldo Pizza is a very cheerful pizzeria with a wide array of options available to anybody who knows a good pizza when they find one.

Not only is their pizza delicious, but we know you will also enjoy their hospitality.

One reason we included Waldo Pizza in our list is their array of options if you have special diet restrictions. We promise you will not feel hungry after checking them out. 

This pizzeria produces its crust and sauce daily using only the best ingredients. People also comment on the quality of the crunch and chew you get with their crust, which adds to the pizza experience.

With cheerful staff who will seek to go the extra mile, we believe you will want to come back here repeatedly.

Pizza Shuttle


Located on Baltimore Avenue, Pizza Shuttle offers you the chance to have some amazing pizza in a cool interior or even deliver it if you prefer.

Launched back in 1984, it means they have been serving pizza to the people of Kansas City for almost 40 years, and their popularity never wanes.

With everything made fresh and with the best ingredients around, we promise the taste of this pizza will blow your mind. Also, you can fully expect a decent bite with every crust, as this place does provide complete consistency with its pizza.

But a shout-out to the toppings. Pizza Shuttle goes over the top with what they put on their pizza, but then we prefer it when a pizza does not come up short in that way.

Ultimately, this place will try to effectively work with you to ensure you get the correct pizza suitable for your tastebuds. With friendly staff on hand, we highly doubt you will leave feeling disappointed.

Grinders Pizza

Located on East 18th Street, Grinders Pizza focuses on delivering a laid-back atmosphere mixed in with some amazing pizza, and that’s a winning combination.

This place is a classic American-style joint, and their pizza is full of toppings and delivers a tasty bite every time.

But don’t worry if you wish to avoid a full pie. They also produce slices but know that they tend to come across as on the large side.

However, they come packed with flavor, so it just means you have a lot more to enjoy than you ever thought possible.

A quick word about the staff as well. People comment on how attentive they are, and the service remains outstanding.

Overall, you will have a fantastic time at Grinders Pizza, and there’s every chance you will find yourself returning over and over.

Leo’s Pizza

Located on NW Englewood Road, Leo’s Pizza has established its name as one of the real go-to pizza places in Kansas City.

This family-run business does not believe in doing anything complicated, so you have a straightforward pizza that will blow your taste buds.

Known for the crunch that comes with every single bite. Leo’s Pizza has that friendly atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your pizza without stressing about anything.

But here is one other thing to think about with this pizzeria. They go out of their way to ensure you get the correct pizza that fits your taste requirements. Expect a lot of cheese and ample toppings leading to one tasty pizza.

Overall Conclusion

And that’s our list of the best pizza in Kansas City. As you can see, you have several different options to check out. Our advice is to go ahead and check out every single one on our list and see which one you prefer. 

At least by doing this, you get the opportunity to eat a lot of pizza, and that’s not exactly a bad thing in our books. 

Kansas City has some of the best pizzas in the country, so we suggest you get out there and see what’s on offer. We know you will love it. 

From pizza with a more authentic Italian taste and appearance to those with clear inspiration from New York and an American take on it.

Kansas City has something on a matter of your individual preferences. Now all you need to do is to get out there and start tasting all that pizza.