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Best Pizza in Las Vegas – Full List

Pizza in Las Vegas has more than its fair share of wonderful pizzerias for you to check out. However, that leads to a particular problem of wondering which pizzeria to check out.

So, don’t worry, as we have you covered. After all, we don’t want you to find yourself in Las Vegas and not knowing where to head to if you want to sample some pizza.

Below is a list of the best pizza places in Las Vegas for you to go and check out.

Of course, we suggest you head on over to each one to help you decide which option you prefer out of our list, and that does at least mean you get to check out more pizza.

One of the best things about Las Vegas is that you can get your hands on any type of pizza you want.

Whether you prefer the hand-tossed traditional version, Brooklyn style, or even Chicago style, you will find the right pizzeria.

So, on with the list, and we have a number of them to work through.

Old School Pizzeria

Located in North Las Vegas, the Old School Pizzeria certainly knows what it’s doing to offer some amazing pizza. 

This place will provide you with so many options regarding the type of pizza and toppings that you will have no idea where to begin.

Also, they go big on the fact that their dough is easy to digest, so you won’t feel as if everything sits in your stomach after eating their pizza.

Also, the owner and chef have Sicilian heritage, so you know you will get your hands on an authentic pizza made the way it should be.

That alone is a good enough reason to head over and check them out, and they get such amazing reviews that it’s clear a lot of people know all about this pizzeria.

Evel Pie

evel pie

Located on Fremont Street right in downtown Las Vegas, Evel Pie is a pizzeria unlike anything you have ever experienced. We think it must be one of the coolest pizzerias ever.

It comes with an Evel Knievel theme, and you will feel blown away by the atmosphere created at this pizzeria. Also, they do a fantastic slice and a whole host of other things, and their pizza tastes pretty good.

But this is not the sort of place where you can sit back and chill in some peace just to enjoy your pizza. Instead, this place will blast all of your senses, but that’s the appeal of going there in the first place.

Overall, this is the place to check out if you want to eat good pizza and surround yourself with a cool atmosphere simultaneously.

Pop Up Pizza

Pop Up Pizza can be found on S. Main Street in Las Vegas, and this place delivers an amazing pizza no matter the toppings or type of pizza you order.

Located in the Plaza Hotel, their main approach is to deliver something resembling a New York pizzeria but in the glitz and style of Las Vegas.

Their pizza comes complete with their secret dough recipe, and they ensure they make their dough daily.

Also, they state they have their tomato sauce base, and then there are the fresh ingredients they use for every part of their pizza.

Overall, you get an amazing pizza with so many options available that it’s difficult even to know where to start.

They state their pizzas are only ever made with absolute passion and care, which becomes very apparent as soon as you take that first bite.

Yukon Pizza

yukon pizza

Located on East Fremont Street, Yukon Pizza does promise to come across as something a bit different from your normal pizzeria. When you check out what they offer, you see that this is the case.

With a focus on sourdough, pizza is a relatively new thing to them, even though baking with sourdough goes back way over 100 years in this instance.

What they have achieved while working out of the Vegas Test Kitchen is impressive.

However, you should know they are only open from Thursday to Sunday. You can get take-out or dine-in, but space is limited, so we suggest you book and preorder in advance.

That way, you can take advantage of some cool toppings and experience one seriously good pizza.

Dom DeMarco’s Pizzeria and Bar

Dom DeMarco’s has links to a pizzeria in Brooklyn, so you can guess the style of pizza this place will focus on. Located on West Charleston Blvd, this award-winning pizzeria can produce some stunning pizzas for your enjoyment.

The pizzeria remains known for its well-thought-out menu and many options.

However, this New York feel about the place remains, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. 

It’s one of the key reasons why people go there. Oh, but we cannot ignore the amazing customer service whether you plan to dine in or take your pizza home with you.

But you should know that this remains a popular and busy place. That’s why you should book ahead to avoid any disappointment.

Good Pie

Located on S. Main Street, Good Pie has the perfect name to describe what’s going on with this pizzeria. While they have an array of options available, there is something of a focus on the Brooklyn-style pizza when you go to this establishment.

But there’s a reason for that.

Someone from Brooklyn founded the pizzeria, and they have won awards, so it seems that Good Pie remains in good hands.

Also, they use only the best ingredients they can lay their hands on, and the outcome is a stunning pizza, no matter your choice.

But here’s another thing about this pizzeria. They import their tomatoes from Italy, and that’s pretty cool in our book. You get an authentic pizza made with original ingredients, so why would anybody not like that?

Those Guys Pies

those guys pies pizza

You can find Those Guys Pies on Lake East Drive in Las Vegas, and it’s certainly worth taking a trip there to check out what they have in store.

They state how this is not all about just making pizza. Instead, it’s a labor of love for them, which certainly comes across in their pizza offerings.

Here, you get a typical east coast style pizza delivered in the middle of the desert, and we think there’s something cool about their entire approach to creating pizza. 

These guys create unique flavors on their pizza, from the dough to the toppings. Basically, you will have a pizza packed full of so much flavor that you won’t know where to begin.

You see, they work hard at developing their pizza and state how they spend a vast amount of time working out which flavors to bring together. Ultimately, that leads to you possibly having a unique experience, and we love that about them.

So if you want to taste pizza made with so much love for the dish, then this is the place you need to check out.

Amore Taste of Chicago

If you prefer Chicago-style pizza, Amore Taste of Chicago is one of the few places in Las Vegas that focus on this particular style.

Located on South Durango Drive, they don’t only offer the Chicago style, even though it remains their most popular dish.

Instead, you have a range of options available, and there’s no doubt you will find something to blow your mind.

They always go for a light dough to have nothing heavy in your stomach. Also, their ingredients are as fresh as possible, and there’s the flavor.

This pizzeria seeks to pack as much flavor in its pizza as possible. That way, they can try to ensure each bite is an experience and something you will never forget.

If you enjoy this type of pizza, then we do feel that this place is the one that stands out when it comes to pizzerias in Las Vegas.

Overall Conclusion

There’s no doubt that Las Vegas does have an impressive array of pizzerias for you to check out, and we have selected those that we think to represent the best pizza combined with amazing value.

Of course, we suggest going ahead and checking out each place individually to see which one stands out for you. However, we feel confident you will just love every single pizza no matter the one you select.