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Best Pizza in Miami – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza in Miami, and you will see how we cover different types of pizza from all over the city.

Any individual who either lives in Miami or visits the city will probably know that there’s no shortage of wonderful pizzerias to check out. However, we think that then leads to a problem.

After all, where do you even begin when you have so many options out there?

Our aim is to make your life so much easier when it comes to getting the best pizza in Miami. The good news is it does mean you will have the opportunity to try a whole lot of pizza, and is that ever a bad thing?

So, let’s get on with our list and see what Miami has to offer.

Mister 01 Extraordinary Pizza Brickell

Located on South Miami Avenue, this place could win an award for the most unique name for a pizzeria. However, that’s not the only thing that should draw you to this place.

What you get here are artisan pizzas complete with a Neapolitan twist, and that does mean their pizza will often prove to be different to what you find elsewhere. Their establishment also comes with a rather cozy feel to it all, so if you want a laid-back place for your pizza, then you should certainly check them out.

We must give a shout out to the crust. It’s mind-blowing and comes with just the right amount of crunch to add a whole lot of satisfaction to your meal. Also, while they do provide ample toppings, you also don’t feel as if they overdo it, and that’s a huge deal.

We also think you will love the overall experience of being there. The staff clearly know everything there is to know about pizza, and you will certainly feel in good hands. Ultimately, the pizza remains the star of the show, and the star shines bright in this place.

DC Pie Co. Brickell

dc pie co

If you feel like checking out a well-run pizza restaurant where the food really does speak for itself, then this is a place we recommend. Complete with real Italian heritage, what you have here is a pizza place where the emphasis remains on the ingredients. Basically, everything remains as fresh as possible, and that’s a big deal.

It becomes immediately clear that pizza is a real love affair at this establishment, and it’s something you can manage to taste in their food. From making their own crust, to fresh sauce crafted every single day, they put so much work into their pizza, and it’s all worth it in the end.

The crust has something of an artisan look to it, but the flavor you get in each bite is one thing you just won’t forget. From that slight crunch to that gorgeous chewy texture, without going over the top, to a sauce with a bit of a tang to it, the balance of flavors in their pizza will blow your mind.

Overall, with an array of toppings to choose from along with an excellent atmosphere, this pizzeria is a real joy to visit.

La Piazzetta

Located on NE 2nd Avenue, La Piazzetta has managed to establish its reputation as one of the best pizza places in the entire city. We think you will probably walk away with the same opinion after checking out what they have to offer.

What you get when you visit is a real Italian feel to the entire place. That Italian feel then extends to their pizza, and there’s just no mistaking that they love what they do.

The crusts are handmade and everything is as fresh as possible. They also seek to locate the best ingredients around, and it does make a difference when it comes to the finished pizza.

With ample toppings, and they are certainly not shy of adding them to your pizza, you do walk away from here feeling very satisfied. 

Piacere Wood Fired Pizza

piacere wood fired pizza

Located on NE 27th Street, Piacere Wood Fired Pizza is another amazing example of fantastic pizza in Miami. As the name suggests, this place does focus on providing you with wood fired pizza, and that means you get some fantastic flavors bursting through.

But this place manages to feel special with not only the pizza, but also the place in general. It has a fantastic atmosphere which allows you to simply relax and enjoy your pizza. 

With a focus more on thin-crusts, you get that crunch with each bite followed by the tang from their sauce made on site. That already means the pizza gets off to a great start, and then you have the toppings.

With such a wide array of toppings available, you will never find yourself lost with what to choose. Covering classics to their own mixes, they will also go out of their way to help you get the pizza you want.

Overall, we know you will love the smell of the place as soon as you venture through the door. However, just know their pizza tastes even better than it smells.

Nic’s New York Pizza

Located in North Miami, Nic’s New York Pizza is the one place to check out if you want to move away from that Neapolitan pizza, and prefer to go all out New York style. That means larger slices, and a whole lot of topping, but that’sly a good thing.

This place is also home to the three foot slice, and that’s a huge slice to try to get your lips around. However, the crust is light and does not come across as having too much dough, so it’s not exactly a bad thing.

Their pizzeria does come across as a bit on the small side, but we don’t see that as a problem. Also, the staff here remain super-friendly, and they go out of their way to ensure you get the pizza you want.

However, thanks to the size of what they offer, we do recommend you ensure you feel hungry to give yourself the best opportunity of finishing off the pizza.

Evio’s Pizza and Grill

evios pizza and grill

Located in North Miami, Evio’s Pizza and Grill represents your typical laid-back pizzeria where you can just chill and enjoy eating some amazing pizza. Also, it does help that their pizza is some of the best in the entire city, so we see it as an absolute gem of a place to check out.

They state how they make all their own crusts and sauce on a daily basis, and they do ensure they only use the freshest ingredients around. That’s a great thing, and it does come through loud and clear in the finished pizza.

These guys go crazy on their toppings, but it does mean you get a whole lot of flavor with every single bite. That’s something we really do not mind at all, and we know you will feel the same way from your very first visit here.

Foozo Artisan Pizza

If you want something made from the heart, then Foozo Artisan Pizza is one place you need to consider checking out. Their thin crust stays light and has the right amount of crisp to it, and it just comes across as a real joy to eat.

This pizzeria states how they stick to an authentic Italian approach before then throwing in a real American twist. For us, this takes the pizza to a whole new level, and then you have their sauce and toppings that we need to talk about.

You see, they make everything on site on a daily basis. That keeps everything nice and fresh, and dont’ forget they only incorporate the best ingredients around. Ultimately, it results in a stunning pizza packed full of flavor, and you also get to choose from a wide-range of toppings.

Overall, if you want an authentic pizza made with skill and passion, then Foozo Artisan Pizza should appear on your list of places you need to check out. We highly doubt you will feel disappointed in your decision.

Overall Conclusion

So there you have it, our list of the best pizza in Miami. All you need to do now is to head on out there and start checking out each place that we mentioned.

We feel pretty confident you will love your experience at each place. However, choosing the best pizza is always something unique to each individual. That’s why we recommend trying every single one and then coming to your own conclusions.

At the end of the day, it means you can just enjoy eating pizza from some of the best places Miami has to offer. You really have nothing to lose, so why not start checking them out and see which one scores highest for you?