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Best Pizza in Myrtle Beach – Full List

This may surprise some people, but Myrtle Beach has many amazing pizzerias to choose from. But then, it does mean it’s worth checking out a list of the best pizza in Myrtle Beach for any individual who finds themselves wanting to have some pizza.

So, what you will find below is a list of those places that we feel offer the best pizza in Myrtle Beach. After the list, we think you should go ahead and start checking out every single place.

We firmly believe you will probably end up with more than one favorite, but we don’t see that as a bad thing.

Also, in Myrtle Beach, you can experience pizza that comes with influences from around the pizza world. So, don’t think everything will always remain the same for a second. 

So, with those tasty thoughts in mind, let’s check out the list.

AJ’s Pizza Myrtle Beach

Located on North Kings Highway, AJ’s Pizza has a strong reputation for producing some amazing pizzas. Their place focuses on providing a rather casual Italian eatery, yet there remains nothing casual about the quality of their pizza.

Instead, you get a pizzeria that offers far too many options when checking out their menu. Their pizza comes with the classic approach, or you may wish to indulge in some of their more creative options.

Whichever one you choose, you can guarantee that you will love your pizza. Of course, this guarantee comes as a result of this pizzeria focusing on sourcing the best ingredients around, and they also try to keep it as local as possible.

If you check out the reviews, some people feel that what you get here is some of the best pizza in the whole of the United States, and not just Myrtle Beach.

While we cannot go ahead and comment on that, the one thing we can say is that the pizza you get from this place will blow your mind.


ajs pizza myrtle beach

Located on 38th Avenue, Capriccio stresses how their establishment focuses on Italian cuisine, just like Grandma would make.

That’s a big claim, but when you check out what other people have to say about this place, then it appears as if they do stand up to those claims.

With Capriccio, you have a pizzeria that focuses on producing the best New York-style pies you could ever hope to come across.

That means you can expect the pies to have that thin crust and so much cheese on top that you will never need to ask for extra anything.

One thing we love about Capriccio is the way they focus on just having a down-to-earth approach. They allow their pizza to speak for itself, and we think they have done the correct thing.

But this place is also an Italian restaurant. However, pizza plays a big role in what they offer, and it’s the dish we recommend you try if you find yourself in the Myrtle Beach area.

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza & Craft Bar

Located on North Kings Highway, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza & Craft Bar is just one of their locations. However, we do find ourselves talking about this one particular location.

Launched back in the 90s, this company has built a strong reputation for itself in the pizza world within Myrtle Beach.

Using brick ovens, they seek to deliver those strong, authentic tastes and flavors, and we feel it’s something they manage to achieve with ease.

What you should expect from this pizza house is a place that offers a real experience. They seek to combine the concept of fine dining with eating pizza, and while it may sound strange, it’s something they have managed to achieve.

You will also find that this place tends to try to produce something different with the toppings. That doesn’t make them unique, but it does mean you can always seek to tempt your tastebuds rather than simply opt for the classics. 

But the key here with this pizza house is that they just manage to keep everything simple. Not only that, but they do everything to a high standard, which ultimately turns into a wonderful pizza, no matter the topping.

Coast Pizza

coast pizza

Also located on North Kings Highway, Coast Pizza has been making waves in the pizza world in the Myrtle Beach area since 2019. While that does mean it hasn’t quite had the same lengthy experience as other places in Myrtle Beach, that’s not something you should hold against it.

This place has roots in New Jersey, which alone lends itself to them producing some outstanding pizza. They make their dough on-site daily and state how proud they feel about their crust.

Honestly, it’s not just the owners who talk about their crust. You will quickly discover more than enough reviews out there of people who love the pizza at this place, and you should understand why they love it so much from the first bite.

From the perfect dough to the correct amount of tang in the sauce, there’s no doubt Coast Pizza has you covered from every angle. It may have only existed for a few years, but it still offers a stunning pizza.

Scotto’s Pizzeria

Located on River Oaks Drive, Scotto’s Pizzeria brings a taste of Italy to you right here in Myrtle Beach.

This place seeks to keep things as authentic as possible, so don’t expect anything too fancy. Instead, it’s all about the pizza, and that is where they manage to blow your mind.

While they don’t simply deal with only pizza, you will find a place where the crust gives you just enough crunch without being too much. Also, you should expect some chew to the dough, but it still comes packed with a whole lot of flavor.

But then you have the atmosphere in this place; it’s fantastic. It feels as if you are in a family home, and the food is just as good.

Ultimately, this place delivers pizza exactly as you expect it to be. 

Mellow Mushroom Myrtle Beach

mellow mushroom

Located on 21st Avenue North, Mellow Mushroom forms part of a chain of pizzerias, but this place offers you a laid-back atmosphere and some stunning pizza.

Their restaurant here in Myrtle Beach offers a golf-themed approach, completely different from what you may have expected to experience.

But this should always focus on their pizza, an area where this establishment excels. They note how they serve what they refer to as a one-of-a-kind pie using their unique ingredients and methods.

While that remains to be seen, there’s no doubt they produce an impressive pizza.

You get a stone-baked pizza with ample crunch to the crust. The dough comes across as having some flavor and a fantastic tomato sauce added to the base.

They also note how they offer an impressive range of gluten-free and vegan pizza options, which is something else we love.

After all, people often looking for either of those types of pies will tend to come up short, but that won’t happen here.

Overall, their pizza comes across as consistent in what it delivers, and the atmosphere at their establishment will also win you over. It’s great for the entire family, and we believe this is one place you need to check out.

Overall Conclusion

And that’s our list of the best pizza in Myrtle Beach, and there’s no doubt you now have several options worth checking out.

Also, you don’t need to see yourself as a pizza lover. We believe the different establishments listed above will all prove themselves worthy to any individual who orders a pizza from them.

We think you need to start at the top of our list and slowly work through them. That’s the only way you will get to the point where you will feel in a position to decide which place is your personal favorite.

At least this allows you to go out there and eat more pizza as if anybody needs an excuse to do that.

Whether you want delivery or to go somewhere with the entire family, you will find a pizza option in Myrtle Beach, and we feel confident one of the places above will suit your needs perfectly.