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Best Pizza in Nashville – Full List

As a city, Nashville has more than its fair share of amazing pizza houses but who makes the best pizza in Nashville for you to check out, which may surprise some people new to the area?

However, what we plan on doing here is to show you just a few of the best pizzerias the area has to offer.

But it’s not just us and our own opinion that has led to the names you see below appearing on our list. Instead, we have also paid attention to what people around Nashville say about the various pizzerias.

The outcome is our list of stunning pizza houses that you will find scattered all over the Nashville area.

By the end, we think you will find yourself in a position whereby you just want to try them all, but we don’t see a problem with that.

Also, Nashville does have pizza houses that focus on specific styles of pizza from around the world.

It means we see this place as having something for everyone, and if you wish to try something a bit different with your pizza, Nashville has you covered.

So, sit back and see which names have made it onto our list, then start to work out which one you want to visit first. We promise that you are going to be in for a treat.

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria

slim and huskys

Located on Buchanan Street, Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria has certainly managed to grab the attention of so many people living in the Nashville area.

Their focus is on producing amazing pizza while combining it with a love of R&B and hip hop.

You will find yourself having some fun times while eating some amazing pizza at the same time. 

This pizzeria seeks to use only ingredients sourced locally, and they also need to be as fresh as possible at the same time.

We love this about them because we feel it makes a substantial difference to the result, and you get a better pizza.

They do focus on producing a thin crust, but you then get to choose from a wide range of toppings, so getting something that appeals to your taste buds won’t prove problematic.

Also, they create a cool and hip atmosphere, and their customer service goes above and beyond what you may experience elsewhere.

Overall, this place offers the perfect blend of atmosphere and great pizza.

Five Points Pizza East

Located on Woodland Street, Five Points Pizza does focus on producing New York-style pies, but that does mean you will get bigger slices as a result.

Also, their crust comes in quite thin, but it has quite a substantial crunch to it simultaneously.

These guys have been making waves in Nashville, and it’s easy to see why when you take your first bite of their pizza.

Their crust comes across as light and has enough flavor to stop it from tasting bland, while the number of toppings available will astound you.

Also, you need to love cheese, as these guys will put more than enough cheese on top. You probably won’t need to ask for more of it when you see what’s put on your pizza.

Of course, you can choose to have the whole pie or by slice also works. You also have the option of dining in, and the place has a cool vibe, so that could work well for you.

Overall though, it’s the quality of their pizza that means this place deserves to appear on our list. It will blow your mind and make you want to return to check out other options on their menu.

Smith & Lentz Brewing and Pizza

Located on Main Street, Smith & Lentz Brewing and Pizza tends to produce 16” pizza cooked on a traditional wood fire, so you get that authentic taste.

They also run a small artisan beer facility, so you get a nice combination at this place.

While they may not have the same extensive list of options as you get elsewhere, we think there’s still enough to grab your attention.

Furthermore, each ingredient is as fresh as possible, which goes down to everything that appears in the crust.

Speaking of the crust, they manage to get an ample crunch, and we love that. Also, the toppings tend to throw in something different from time to time, so keep an eye out for that.

For example, you might get a spicy honey sauce on your pepperoni pizza if you feel like something different. Basically, they seek to change things up a bit, and we think they do a good job.

Overall, the combination of some great beer and some amazing pizza makes this place stand out.

DeSano Pizza Bakery

desano pizza bakery

Located on 16th Avenue South, DeSano Pizza Bakery focuses on producing thin-crust Neapolitan pies packed with flavor.

If you want something that comes across as seriously authentic, then this pizza house could deliver something amazing.

This pizza bakery even states they follow the strict guidelines set out by a genuine Italian authority about making Neapolitan pizza. That means they follow the ingredients and how it’s cooked in a wood fire.

The outcome? Pizza that transports you back to Italy, and it doesn’t get much better than all of that.

They also employ master pizza makers that have managed to hone their craft. It leads to you getting light and airy crust with the perfect amount of crunch to it, which turns into an amazing experience.

And then you have the different toppings. They source the perfect ingredients no matter if it’s to make the sauce, the cheese or anything else.

Overall, their attention to keeping things as authentic as possible helps this pizzeria stand out, and it’s a great reason to go ahead and check them out.

Two Boots Nashville

two boots nashville

Located on Broadway, Two Boots offers something a bit different when it comes to comparing it to your usual pizza joint. 

Launched back in 1987, their Nashville location is one of several they have in different parts of the country. They view themselves as real pioneers in offering New York-style pizza, and we don’t have a problem with that.

They go big on providing you with some alternative toppings on a crunch base. Expect to find things such as a Cajun topping on offer or other quirky ingredients that make this pizza place appear to do things differently.

So you can also order by the pie or choose one of their slices, and either option wins for us. They also offer gluten-free options and some amazing Vegan pizza options. They have you covered from every angle.

Overall, the quirky nature of their pizza helps this place stand out. 

Manny’s House of Pizza

Located in Arcade Alley, Manny’s House of Pizza has the potential to blow your taste buds thanks to their pizza.

Launched back in 1984, this place has served countless slices and pies to the people of Nashville, and they keep on coming back for more.

They ensure each pie comes out freshly made and to your taste and preference. Expect a real Brooklyn taste to your pizza from Manny himself, having started in one of the best Brooklyn pizzerias before moving to Nashville.

One of the reasons why this place works so well is thanks to Manny sticking to old recipes that he managed to learn decades ago.

But people have loved this place for years, so those recipes work for people to continue to return.

With fresh ingredients, great customer service, and a desire to continually produce the best pies possible, this place does work. This place must appear on your list if you want to try Brooklyn-style pizza.

Overall Conclusion

And that’s our list of the best pizza in Nashville, and you at least have several places to go and check out now. The difficulty you have now is that you need to find out which place to visit first.

However, we feel confident you will have an amazing experience regardless of your choice.

Ultimately, Nashville has more amazing pizza places than most people realize. At least you will have a fantastic time trying out the different places on our list, and you get to try all sorts of pizza in the process.

From authentic Neapolitan pizza to New York style and everything in between, Nashville has more pizza options available than you were perhaps aware of.

We believe you should simply start checking out each option on our list and have a great time.