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Best Pizza in Orlando – Full List

What you will find below is a list of the best pizza in Orlando, and we think we have covered every eventuality and potential taste in our list.

The problem with pizza is that so many pizzerias exist in every corner that it’s tough to determine which one you should choose first.

In the case of Orlando, you have so many pizzerias that we feel this problem becomes even bigger for you to deal with. But don’t worry because we can help.

No matter your personal preference, we know a pizzeria will appear on our list that will blow your mind with the pies they have on offer.

From thin-crust, to deep dish and even some of the biggest slices you could ever hope to find. We have you covered with everything.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, you need to get out there and try each and every pizzeria that we mention below.

In doing so, you not only get to sample a whole lot of pizza, but also have the opportunity to learn more about your own personal preference.

So, let’s check out the pizzerias in Orlando that managed to make it onto our list. In the next few minutes, you may have found a new favorite pizza place to go and check out.

Pizza Xtreme


Located in 7-Eleven on S Kirkman Road, we love everything that Pizza Xtreme stands for when it comes to delivering some of the best pizza around. 

This place only believes in using the best ingredients around, and they will go to great lengths to locate the perfect ingredient to make that perfect crust or sauce.

The love and care that goes into each pie does then make a difference to the taste, and it will become obvious to you that this place loves what it does.

But they do not only produce your usual pizza toppings that you see everywhere else. Sure, you can choose them, but they also have their own in-house combinations, and we think that adds some fun to proceedings.

But these guys also ensure you have a laid-back atmosphere for you to enjoy your pizza. They focus entirely on the food they serve, and we know you will feel blown away from the very first bite.

Lazy Moon Pizza

Located on East Colonial Drive, Lazy Moon Pizza comes across as a seriously hipster pizzeria joint, and if you want to enjoy some pizza in a cool place, then this place is perfect.

For us, one thing that stands out is the fact you get some massive slices here, so even if you just want a bite to eat, then you should feel full in next to no time.

But the crust you get here will not leave you feeling weighed down. Instead, the crust comes across as very light, and you will then never feel as if it’s sitting in your stomach and won’t digest. 

What you then get is a crust that has a good crunch and enough chew to it that it makes it taste delightful. On top of that, you have some of the freshest sauce around, and they make everything on site rather than importing from elsewhere.

The menu available here will provide you with ample opportunities to try out various combinations, and you may find yourself discovering some new favorites.

On top of that, they ensure they do not come up short with how many toppings you receive.

Overall, the perfect atmosphere and amazing pizza makes for a stunning combination, and that’s why this place is on our list.

1803 Pizza/Kitchen

1803 pizza kitchen

Located on E Winter Park Road, 1803 Pizza/Kitchen offers you a whole lot more than just a normal Italian restaurant.

Sure, it means you get your hands on some stunning pizza, but one thing that stands out is the setting.

This place has an amazing feel to it, and you will have no problem relaxing in the surroundings while eating your pizza.

The fact you can then enjoy one of the best crusts around is a real bonus, and we think you should certainly make your way there to try them out.

Freshness and taste stand out when you order from here. They clearly use the best ingredients around, and that results in a crust bursting with flavor. 

Add in some stunning fresh sauce with just the correct amount of tang, and this pizza comes across as a real stand out.

However, the only way you will manage to believe us is to go there in person and see just how good this pizza tastes.

Mario’s Pizza

Located on Curry Ford Road, Mario’s Pizza comes across as your classic unassuming pizzeria, but if you walked on by then you would miss out on some amazing food.

You see, this place allows its food to speak for itself, and for good reason. The array of options available here will take some time to sink in for you.

Even if you need to avoid gluten, you will always have more than enough pizza toppings to choose from, and that’s one thing we do appreciate about this venue.

This place may come across as basic, but it’s only the look of the place that falls into that bracket.

The quality of the service they offer will far outstrip the look of the place, and that’s before you even get to the actual pizza.

Overall, this pizzeria makes it onto our list because it’s the perfect example of how you cannot judge a place by how it looks.

If you did, then you would surely walk on by which would turn into one of the biggest mistakes you had ever made.

Brad’s Underground Pizzeria

Located on Curry Ford Road, this pizzeria may not have the longest history of creating pizza, but if you have not yet ventured here, then we suggest you change that immediately. 

For many, the pizza that stands out is the deep pan at this place, and that stands for any of the various toppings you may want to try out.

People love the crisp exterior to the crust and the fact it doesn’t feel too heavy when eating it. But on top of that, people comment about the cheese.

Quite simply, it’s out of this world and has the ability to add so much flavor to the entire pizza. Also, they tend to add a lot of it to the pizza, so you won’t feel as if you miss out.

Brad’s Underground Pizzeria comes across as one of these secret places you could miss, and that’s a horrible idea. We think it more than deserves its place on our list, and have no doubt you will love their pizza.

Brick and Fire Pizza

brick and fire

Located on S Orange Ave, Brick and Fire Pizza views itself as an inventive pizzeria that has the ability to offer you something completely different when it comes to pizza.

Now, that sounds like a challenge, but it’s one they willingly take up, and they also deliver on their promises.

They only use the best ingredients around for their pizza, and each one ends up directly on the brick helping to add to the depth of flavor that also comes from the sauce and toppings.

It also provides it with more of an authentic taste, and don’t forget about the crunch either.

But what we also love about this place is the fact they have made it a real casual dining experience. The feeling comes across as extremely laid-back and friendly, and this goes over even to the staff.

If you have any questions or issues, they will always help to deliver the perfect experience along with the perfect pizza.

But don’t expect just your usual toppings here. It’s not going to work like that. Instead, Brick and Fire Pizza does get creative with what they offer.

So, you need to get there and check out their latest menu to see just how different the pizza here is when you compare it to your usual fare. 

Our List

That’s our list of the best pizza in Orlando, and we think you should start at the top of the list and then work your way through every single place.

We know they offer some of the best pizza around, but the only way you can find this out for yourself is to go ahead and taste each offering.

What you will quickly find is that these pizzerias that appear on our list take their craft to a whole new level.

From crunchy crusts, to tangy sauce and a whole lot of toppings to choose from.

We think you will probably find yourself going through the list time and time again just to ensure you have the ability to really taste the best pizza in Orlando.

From family affairs, to hipster joints and a whole lot more, Orlando has everything you could ever want when it comes to pizza and different experiences.