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Best Pizza in Phoenix – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza in Phoenix, and we can assure you that you will find some amazing food on offer.

Some names may seem familiar to you, but we also believe you will find a few new places. Anyone residing in the Phoenix area may already know that you have several pizzerias to choose from.

However, with so many options, knowing which ones offer the best pizza may prove harder. But that will soon change.

Also, I don’t think Phoenix only has one style of pizza. Whether you want something that’s authentic Italian, Chicago-style, or inspired by New York, Phoenix has something to offer. However, we think you should check out each style to determine the one you prefer.

So sit back and find the names that made it to our list. After reading them, it’s up to you to go ahead and check out what each place offers. So, prepare yourself for some amazing pizza.

The Parlor Pizzeria

the parlor pizzeria

Located on East Camelback Road, The Parlor Pizzeria is best described as offering a rustic and authentic Italian atmosphere and some gourmet pizza. 

Here, you can expect your pizza to come out of a wood-fired oven with some of the best crust in the country. Look forward to enough crunch and chew along with ample flavor turning this crust into a delight.

They make everything by hand here and only use the best ingredients. It’s clear that making pizza is a real passion that even extends to their staff. Ask them any question you like, and they will happily answer.

A quick word about their toppings. They do provide ample toppings with each pizza, but if you want extra, then don’t stress.

Their focus remains on making sure you love your pizza, and they will do anything they can to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Overall, this place has more than enough options regarding their pizza, and if you want a real authentic Italian taste, then this remains one place you need to check out.

Stumpy’s Pizza and Subs

Located on East Northern Avenue, Stumpy’s Pizza and Subs remains a whole lot more than just your local neighborhood pizza joint.

Established in 1999, you have your classic strip-mall joint-style place and a wide range of pizza options to choose from.

Honestly, this place comes across as quite laid-back in its approach, yet the pizza they produce makes them stand out. Also, it’s very easy to miss as it’s a small place, but inside it’s packed full of amazing pizza.

This mom-and-pop style pizza place only uses the highest quality ingredients in its pizza. That means they source the best ingredients from around the United States, leading to a high-quality pizza.

Overall, we see this as a friendly pizza place that just happens to produce some amazing pizza simultaneously. It’s well worth checking them out.

Paradise Valley Pizza Company

paradise valley pizza

Located in Desert Valley Plaza, the Paradise Valley Pizza Company focuses on pretty much one thing; producing some amazing pizza.

One thing we love about this pizzeria is how they incorporate local flavors into their pizza. So, expect some southwestern style and toppings with this place.

They do focus on thin-crust pies here, but that’s not exactly a problem. The stand-out is the Pizza Brulee mixing beef, bacon, different cheeses, and some burnt sugar. It’s completely different but will also blow your mind simultaneously.

The crust here has ample flavor and crunch to the bite, which you always look for with a pizza. They also include enough tang in their sauce to make a difference to the overall flavor, so you certainly don’t feel let down by them.

Overall, the different toppings and mixes on their menu allow this place to stand out from the crowd.

If you want to get away from the classic toppings and try something different, then the Paradise Valley Pizza Company is the place to go.

Spinatos Pizzeria and Family Kitchen

Spinatos Pizzeria and Family Kitchen is a local chain, meaning more people in the Phoenix area can enjoy the stunning pizza on offer here. With a focus on more homestyle Italian eating, pizza does form a big part of what they offer, and boy, is it good.

They offer a classic Chicago-style pizza here and state they remain the official pizza of the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury.

While that may not count for much in the taste department, it shows their confidence in the product they offer.

One thing you do get here is ample choice. They provide you with a wide range of toppings and possible options on their menu that you have no idea where to begin. 

Also, don’t worry about the thickness of their Chicago crust. It’s still light and doesn’t weigh you down. It’s clear they have managed to perfect their crust over the decades.

Overall, we love that they offer more than just a thin-crust pie. Their Chicago-style pizza remains one of the best in Phoenix, and if that’s the style of pizza you enjoy, then this place must appear on your list of places to visit.

Streets of New York

streets of new york

Established in 1976, and located on West Carefree Highway, Streets of New York offers New York-style pizza, but the name sort of gives that away. However, it does mean you get a lot of crust here.

They immediately tell you how they only use the freshest and best ingredients and from sources that go about their business correctly.

They strive for absolute consistency with their ingredients, which should result in their crusts having a constant taste no matter how many times you return.

Even the tomatoes they use in the sauce are Roma and come from Italy. That does mean they seek to add a real sense of authenticity to their pizza, and that’s certainly something that comes across in the final pizza.

But this place appears on our list mainly because it offers New York-style pizza. If that’s your preferred style, you need to check out Streets of New York to see if it matches your expectations. We think it will.

Gio’s Pizza

The simply named Gio’s Pizza is located on West Anthem Way, and its focus is on providing its customers with authentic pizza inspired by New York and Sicilian styles. That should always lead to a good pizza, and that’s certainly the case here.

They even go as far as to import most of the ingredients they use from Italy. Their suppliers in Italy focus on providing ingredients used in pizza, so that should also translate into a wonderful pizza for you to check out.

This pizzeria knows what it’s doing with its pizza. You get ample crunch and chew in the crust, which adds to your overall enjoyment, and then there’s the sauce.

At times, some pizzerias offer sauce that’s just bland. That’s not the case here; they know what to do regarding making the sauce.

Instead, you have a sauce that provides you with that perfect balance of depth of flavor and enough tang to coincide with the flavors of the different toppings. Oh, and speaking of the toppings, you get everything as fresh as possible.

Overall, it’s the way they go as far away as Italy to get the best possible ingredients that help this place stand out from the crowd. It’s reflected in the quality of the pizza they offer, and it’s one place we think you certainly need to check out.

Overall Conclusion

So those are the best pizza options in Phoenix, and all that’s left for you is to start checking out each one for yourself. We know you will love the pizza on offer here, and there’s a good chance you will find a new favorite.

Phoenix has so many options available regarding pizza, but hopefully, our list makes your life easier to know where to start with your search. At least it allows you to go out and experience a whole lot of pizza in the meantime.

From Italy to New York and even a trip to Chicago, pizzerias in Phoenix cover so many styles and influences that we know you will find something you love.

All you need to do is try out as many as you want, so why not start at the top of our list and work through them all? That just appears the best way of doing things, in our opinion!