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Best Pizza in Pittsburgh – Full List

The focus today is to introduce you to the best pizza in Pittsburgh, and we have a list of the best places in the city that we think you need to visit. 

If you love pizza and live in Pittsburgh, you probably already know you have several amazing pizzerias to check out.

However, with so many in existence, it is harder to determine which places you need to visit.

Pittsburgh has some of the best pizza houses in the country, and we are talking about pizza styles worldwide.

However, we do notice a preference for more Italian-style pizza in the city, but that’s fine.

So, let’s get on with our list and start to see which pizza places we think you should go ahead and check out to determine which one offers the best pizza in the city.

Fiori’s Pizzeria

Located on Capital Avenue, Fiori’s Pizzeria is more of a casual pizzeria to check out, where the primary focus remains on the pizza.

This pizzeria deals with hand-tossed pizza with a real authentic Italian feel, so every pizza remains a treat.

They make a big deal because they use fresh ingredients and stick to that authentic approach. This ultimately leads to their crust coming out as light and fluffy, so there’s no chance of you feeling as if it sits in your stomach.

But people also mention the stunning sauce with the pizza here. It completely changes everything regarding taste, and many people speak of how the sauce has blown their minds. 

Also, people talk about customer service. Fiori’s Pizzeria comes with a super friendly atmosphere, and they will have no problem answering any questions you may have regarding your pizza.

Overall, people regularly refer to this place as offering some of the best pizzas in Pittsburgh, and we agree that they deserve to appear on our list.


di pietros

DiPietro’s is not only a pizza place but a full-blown Italian restaurant. That does mean pizza does not form the main focus of their business, but we reckon you should go ahead and try it anyway.

Based in Perry Highway, this place is a real authentic Italian restaurant, and that authenticity extends to their pizza.

Also, they only use premium fresh ingredients, which comes through in the quality of the pizza you then get at this restaurant.

They have a focus on Sicilian-style pizza, and you can guarantee you will get a pizza crammed full of amazing toppings and full of flavor.

Also, expect a reasonable crunch when you bite into the pizza, so each bite is an absolute delight.

If you want to experience a real family feel with your pizza, then DiPietro’s could very well offer you exactly what you need.

Sir Pizza

Located on Sewickley Oakmont Road, Sir Pizza has more than just a cool name to entice you through their door. Instead, their pizza also speaks volumes, and that’s why we think it deserves to appear on our list.

Opened back in 1975, Sir Pizza still focuses on making fresh dough on the premises using only the best ingredients around. That makes a huge difference, and we know you will have a fantastic experience when it comes to biting into that crust.

Also, they speak about the sheer variety of toppings available at their pizzeria, and we can assure you that you will feel somewhat overwhelmed with it all.

However, that’s a great thing, as it does mean you can find the perfect toppings no matter your preferences.

But overall, people just feel that the pizza at Sir Pizza remains consistent when it comes to what it has to offer. You just know you will get a stunning pizza no matter which one you order, and that’s a huge deal.

Pietro’s Pizzeria

Located on West Ingomar Road, Pietro’s Pizzeria launched back in 1992, and they have cooked up a storm with their pizza ever since.

With an authentic Italian background, you know in advance that every pizza comes out exactly as you would expect if you were back in Italy.

That means their pizza comes with the best crust around, the tastiest sauce, and all of the ingredients used remains as fresh as possible. Also, they only seek to use premium ingredients, and we just love when a pizza place takes that approach.

But we also noticed that their pizza takes a lot of eating. It crams so much into the pizza that you have a good chance of having some leftovers for the next day. Of course, that’s not much of a problem in our eyes.

If you want to taste true Italian pizza, Pietro’s Pizzeria must appear on your list of places to check out. Remember that you will have a difficult decision regarding the toppings you want to choose as they have so many options available.

Iron Born Pizza & Pasta Strip District

iron born pizza

Located on Smallman Street, Iron Born Pizza offers you the chance to sample some Detroit-style pizza in Pittsburgh.

We love it offers something a bit different from the norm, and we know you will love your experience and your pizza, of course.

One thing we love about this place is how they just make no fuss about their place or pizza. They let their food do the talking and boy, does it do much of that.

They go big on the fact that they take their passion for pizza to a whole new level by ensuring each pizza they produce reaches very high standards.

Also, they use the freshest ingredients and make a big deal of the sheer quality of everything they do.

But don’t expect to see the same thing on their menu repeatedly. Instead, they seek to bring some innovation into proceedings, which means you stand a good chance of seeing some different pies up there.

Overall, we think this place is a real stand-out, and you need to try it yourself.

Mineo’s Pizza House

On Murray Avenue, Mineo’s Pizza House has been offering some of the best pizza in Pittsburgh since 1958.

That means generations of people have enjoyed checking out what they have available, and they remain popular even today.

Here, you can choose from full pies or slices, and they also focus on Sicilian-style pizza or white pizza.

You also know that you will never leave there feeling anything less than full such is the sheer amount of toppings you get on their pizza.

This pizza house makes sure you never have to ask for some extra cheese. They add so much already that it means you feel overwhelmed by the toppings.

With a light and tasty crust, you feel you get the perfect crunch and bite every time. Overall, the range of options and the absolute authentic taste help this pizza house to stand out from others.

Pizza Lupo

pizza lupo

Located on Butler Street, Pizza Lupo promises it will blow your mind when you check out their establishment and bite into one of their pies.

Honestly, we believe them with this as so many people in the Pittsburgh area have already agreed that they offer one of the best pizzas in the city.

They may not have been in operation for too long, but what you get here is an authentic pie made with the best ingredients and a lot of love. It sounds like a perfect recipe, and then you have the actual taste.

But with this place, it’s not just the crust that stands out, even though it’s amazing. Instead, their sauce offers the right balance no matter the toppings you then go for with your pizza. 

Overall, Pizza Lupo seeks to deliver stunning pizza, and it’s something they achieve with absolute ease. If you have never tried them, now is the time to start.

Overall Conclusion

So that’s our list of the best pizza in Pittsburgh, and you do have several options available to go and check out.

Honestly, we believe the best approach is to go ahead and start at the top of our list and work your way through every option. 

At least by doing that, you will find it easier to come up with your list of the pizza places that you feel offer the best pizza in Pittsburgh.

Also, you have the opportunity to experience a lot of pizza, and we never see that as a bad thing.