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Best Pizza in Portland, Oregon – Full List

What you will find below is a list of the best pizza in Portland, Oregon. After checking out the list, we believe you should go ahead and start at the top of your list and go out and experience each place on your own.

Regarding pizza, we reckon Portland has some of the best options in the country. There’s a good chance you will notice that Portland has more pizzerias than you initially expected.

Now, while we see that as a good thing, it also leads to some problems. After all, when you have so many options, where do you even begin choosing a pizza place to go and check out?

Well, that’s where we can help.

Let’s face it, we all have our own ideas as to what makes a good pizza. The only way you will then find yourself in a position of choosing the best pizza is to try as many as possible.

So, let’s get on with that list to let you know where you should begin your search.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza

kens artisan pizza

Located on SE 28th Avenue, Ken’s Artisan Pizza produces some of the best pizzas in the entire city, and each pie comes with a whole lot of love.

This business has a bakery as well, so they know a thing or two about making dough, and that’s why this pizza place has such a good reputation when it comes to the crust.

But that’s not the only reason you should head there to check out their pizza.

You see, along with the usual toppings you expect to see on a pizza, they also come up with more unusual toppings linked to what’s in season.

That puts a different slant on pizza, and we think that’s a good enough reason to check out the toppings they currently have available.

But in 2022, this pizza place was voted one of the top 50 pizza places in the country, and that’s a huge deal. If you live in the Portland area, this pizzeria must appear on your list of places to try.

Life of Pie Pizza

Located on N Williams Avenue, Life of Pie Pizza focuses on producing pizza in a wood-fired oven leading to a spectacular flavor from the very first bite.

But this place is not all about the pizza, even though their pizza tastes amazing. Instead, they spend a lot of time focusing on the atmosphere; we promise you will love this place.

You see, Life of Pie Pizza offers a chilled atmosphere and laid-back feeling for your pizza. It’s hip and cool, so the fact you then have a tasty pizza on top of it all just comes across as a huge bonus.

Everything they use and make is as fresh as possible. The dough comes with a decent flavor to it, and people compliment the olive oil they use and state how it adds an extra something to the overall taste.

Overall, you have more than enough options for toppings, and the pizza tastes amazing.

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

lovelys fifty fifty

Located on N. Mississippi Avenue, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty not only has a cool name, but they also produce some outstanding pizza as well.

They also produce wood-fired pies, which means you are hit by an absolute taste explosion from the first bite.

Opened back in 2010, they state how they prefer to use ingredients from farms across Oregon, so they do try to keep everything as local as possible. That tends to lead to the freshest ingredients possible, making a difference in the flavor.

What you get here is a pizza where everything is made from scratch. Also, most ingredients have been organically grown, which could prove a huge deal for some people.

But it’s not just the pizza that gets compliments from this particular pizza place. People also comment on the level of customer service they get as well.

Nothing will prove too much for the staff at this place, so you have that fantastic blend between tasty pizza and a wonderful experience overall.

Fino Bistro and Pizzeria

Located on N. Denver Avenue, Fino Bistro and Pizzeria serves much more than pizza as it blends in with a variety of another Italian cuisine. However, they certainly know what to do when making pizza, so we feel this is a place you should visit.

But here is an important point to mention. Their pizza tends to come with a New York style, which means one thing, bigger slices.

Another thing we love about this pizza place is the fact it’s quite casual in its approach. This laid-back atmosphere makes it easier to enjoy a tasty pizza, and we assure you that you will get your hands on one tasty pizza.

Also, expect the slices to blow your mind in flavor and the number of toppings you receive. Chances are that you will feel exceptionally full in next to no time, but that’s hardly a bad thing.

Pinky’s Pizza

pinkys pizza

Located on N. Interstate, Pinky’s Pizza focuses on offering artisan pizza in what you can only describe as a very rustic atmosphere.

However, we think that all works out pretty cool, and even if rustic is not your thing, eating some amazing pizza will certainly change all of that.

With a focus on using only the best possible ingredients, Pinky’s Pizza tends to produce something out of this world. Their crust comes across as light, and it certainly won’t weigh you down, either.

But people speak about not just their pizza but also the customer service there. They will go out of their way to offer you exactly what you want with your pizza, and they hate to disappoint.

But here is another important point. This pizza place has a whole host of impressive options for any vegetarian. You will find it exceptionally easy to get the perfect pizza when you come to this place, no matter your preferences.

Good Neighbor Pizzeria

Located on NE Dekum Street, the one thing that stands out when it comes to Good Neighbor Pizzeria is that they go big on only using farm fresh ingredients. Also, that freshness does shine through when it comes to the finished pizza.

The one thing that stands out with this pizzeria is that they seek to produce unique pies crafted with absolute attention.

Also, their service is always viewed as attentive and with a desire to provide you with everything you want in your pizza.

Their establishment is stripped back and to the bones, but that’s quite cool in our book. It’s important to remember that this place focuses on pizza rather than anything else, and it’s something they do very well.

Overall, the freshness and customer service make this pizzeria stand out from the crowd. We think those two reasons should be enough to tempt any individual to check out what they offer.

Flying Pie Pizzeria

Located on North Lombard Street, Flying Pie Pizzeria is a real kid-friendly pizza joint, and that’s a perfectly fair representation.

Also, this place has two locations in Portland, so you have double the opportunity to see what they have on offer.

What we love about this place is a simple fact that their slices and pies are large and filling. You will not feel hungry after checking out this place, and that’s exactly what should happen.

When it comes to toppings, then you will have more than enough to choose from, and then there are their crusts. At Flying Pie Pizzeria, you will find their crusts come out crispy and light, so you get a decent crunch when you bite into them. 

That’s the type of crust we love to discover, so this pizzeria is more than capable of delivering a fantastic crust with every single pizza.

Overall, we just feel this is a laid-back pizzeria that also loves welcoming families in for a pizza. Their pizza also comes out so well and remains another bonus in our book.

Overall Conclusion

Portland has some amazing pizza places for you to check out, and we reckon you should start at the top of our list and work through them all. 

By the end, there’s every possibility you will have more than one favorite pizza place, but that’s not exactly a bad thing. All you need to do is to start checking out the different pizzas and then determine which one you prefer.

At the end of the day, while this list does not cover every pizzeria in Portland, it gives you some ideas about the places that exist. Enjoy discovering all of these different pizzas.