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Best Pizza in San Antonio – Full List

Below is our list of the best pizza places in San Antonio that we think you need to check out. However, you may very well run into a bit of a problem.

No matter your personal pizza preference, San Antonio will have a pizza place capable of offering you exactly what you want.

We believe you will suddenly discover that San Antonio has more options than you thought possible.

Each place on our list offers some amazing pizza, but it will still involve you checking out every single one in your own time. After all, the best pizza remains subjective and something personal. 

However, our list covers so many possibilities and amazing pizza places that we think you should simply start at the top of the list. So, which places do we recommend as the best pizza in San Antonio?

Dough Pizza Napoletana

Located on Blanco Road, Dough Pizza Napoletana focuses on producing some of the best Neapolitan pizza in the city.

dough pizzeria

As a pizza house, they state how they only ever use ingredients from local farms and are as fresh as possible, and we love that.

But that’s not all. They also mention how they use Neapolitan techniques and methods to produce their pizza. This adds a real authentic feel to everything they do, and we feel it gives their pizza a special edge.

Of course, every pizza goes through a wood fire to further increase that authentic taste, and overall it does lead to an amazing pizza.

But then you have options regarding the toppings. They have more than enough for you to choose from, giving you a great reason to keep returning to get more of their wonderful crust.

Overall, the pizza’s authentic taste makes this place stand out, and it’s a fantastic reason for it to appear on our list.

Southtown Pizzeria

Located on South Presa Street, Southtown Pizzeria promises you a real authentic Italian taste to your pizza, and they will just not disappoint.

With fresh pizza made just as you want, there’s no chance of you having a bad experience at this place.

They make sure they use only the freshest ingredients around, and with a focus on Neapolitan-style pizza in a rustic setting, it’s a pleasant place to eat.

Honestly, you could easily think you find yourself sitting in Italy rather than in San Antonio as soon as you walk through the door.

But you will also discover that the staff knows a lot about pizza. You can ask them anything, and they will have an answer for you, and that does go ahead and add to your overall enjoyment and experience.

The crust you get here comes with a slightly chewy texture, which works well, and then there’s the all-important crunch. You get enough crispy finish to keep you happy without the crust being too crunchy.

Overall, it’s just a fantastic pizza.

Il Forno

il forno

Located on Nogalitos Street, Il Forno offers authentic Neapolitan-style pizza cooked on a wood fire to add to that Italian taste.

This pizza house focuses on producing the freshest pizza around, and you can dine indoors, outdoors or even take pizza home with you.

Their approach involves a rustic setting and nothing more than a laid-back atmosphere. Mix that in with some stunning pizza, and Il Forno can blow your mind with their pizza.

The crust you get here comes out as crunchy with enough of a chew to make it a pleasure to eat. Add in some tangy sauce to really add a whole lot of flavor, and you do have a fantastic base to work on with your pizza.

With a wide range of toppings available, you do have the opportunity to create your pizza to meet your individual preferences.

Also, they tend to include more than enough toppings on each pizza so you won’t feel disappointed.

Overall, it’s the taste of the pizza that allows Il Forno to stand out. It has a great atmosphere, and then the pizza crowns everything.

Pizzeria Vesuvio

Located on South Alamo Street, Pizzeria Vesuvio brings Italian pizza to San Antonio, and they promise to deliver some amazing pizza no matter which option you choose from their menu.

But it’s not just people from San Antonio that state Pizzeria Vesuvio offers stunning pizza. Even visitors to the city comment how it’s one of the best compared to their city. 

With the best ingredients from local farms and sources, their pizza comes out as fresh as you could ever imagine. It leads to some real crunch and chews to the crust, and then you have the sauce.

They make their sauce from scratch, which means you have a unique flavor to your pizza. Add in either toppings suggestions from their menu or by making your own, and their pizza just seems to move to a whole other level.

We feel you will have a fantastic pizza experience if you go ahead and check out what Pizzeria Vesuvio offers.

The Last Slice Pizza

the last slice

Located on Macarthur View, The Last Slice Pizza offers you a substantial range of pizza options from their direct menu and how you can personalize your toppings.

Known for their substantial crust, you can expect some pretty good crunch and a reasonably chewy texture. We don’t see much wrong with their pizza in general, so it does mean you can expect to feel more than satisfied.

Using local, fresh ingredients, everything at The Last Slice Pizza will be made in front of you while you wait, and that means the freshest pizza around.

But we love this place because the owner and staff want to attend to you and ensure you get exactly what you want.

They happily answer any questions or deal with any problems, so we don’t believe you will ever feel disappointed.

Overall, with a great atmosphere, and even better pizza, The Last Slice Pizza could turn into your new favorite pizza joint in San Antonio.

Mellow Mushroom San Antonio

Located on North Loop, the Mellow Mushroom is a pizza place that matches up pizza with an overall funky, art-filled atmosphere.

It may not initially be a fantastic match, but it works exceptionally well.

This pizza joint has been the favorite place for so many people in San Antonio for years, and it’s easy to see why when you check out their pizza offerings.

When you do, you discover that you have so many available options that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Their pizza is stone-baked, and we feel it does manage to deliver an impressive pie with an even more impressive crunch to the crust.

Also, if you order extra of anything, then expect to feel blown away by just how much they add on.

Some people think it’s just too much when you ask for extras.

Overall, the sheer range of options and that tasty base allows this pizza house to make it onto our list.

We believe you need to get on out there and check out their menu, but prepare to feel overwhelmed by the absolute quality of their pizza.

Overall Conclusion

So there you have it, our list of the best pizza in San Antonio, and we know you probably now want to head on out there and taste them all for yourself. 

With a focus on keeping things nice and traditional, San Antonio pizza houses have the potential to deliver some amazing experiences.

If you prefer your crust to have that nice chewy texture and a real crunch to the bite, then rest assured that this city can deliver that.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try them out at the top of our list and see which one you prefer.

You might just want to work around them a second time to double-check, as this is a tough thing to work out. 

We think San Antonio has some spell-binding pizza just sitting there waiting for you to take a bite and discover.