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Best Pizza in San Diego – Full List

We don’t plan on giving you a list of every single pizza place. Instead, we will focus entirely on the best pizza in San Diego.

Creating a list of every pizza place in San Diego is impossible in such a short time. After all, you can probably think of many pizzerias in your local area without too much thought.

That’s what you will see below, and we firmly believe you will love any pizza you then purchase from any of the places on our list.

Also, why not treat yourself by doing your test, working through the various pizza places, and seeing which one comes out on top for you? 

So, let’s get on with the list and see which pizza place grabs your attention first.

Pizzeria Luigi

pizzeria luigi

Located on 25th Street in San Diego, Pizzeria Luigi has a strong reputation for producing some of the best-tasting pies in the whole of the city.

Their main focus is on New York-style pizza, giving some insight into what you should expect when you go there.

It means you will get your hands on some pretty big slices, but we don’t see that as a problem. 

Launched in 2004, it does mean Pizzeria Luigi has been delighting people for close to 20 years now. Since that initial launch, countless people have become regular visitors and enjoyed the crunch and taste of their pizza menu.

But this is all done with a distinctly authentic Italian taste accompanied by some of the freshest ingredients. Ultimately, it leads to a fantastic pizza that will blow your mind with every bite.

Pizza e Birra San Diego

Located on India Street, Pizza e Birra has long had a reputation for some amazing pizza, and we firmly believe you will share that opinion if you go ahead and check them out.

Set in a casual environment, they produce their pizza in a wood fire, so you get that authentic taste with every bite. However, it’s not just how they produce the result that makes this pizza place stand out.

We mean the ingredients they use and how they make the dough. With this pizzeria, their crust remains light and crispy leading to that all-important crunch, and that’s one thing we love about a good pizza.

But that’s not all.

They use the freshest possible ingredients every step of the way. That freshness comes out in the taste of the pizza, and it’s clear that each pizza they produce is a real labor of love.

Overall, add some good customer service; your experience at this pizzeria should always remain positive.

Tribute Pizza

Located on North Park Way, Tribute Pizza states how they combine Neapolitan and New York-style pizza, resulting in something that comes across as slightly different from what you would expect. 

They state how they focus on using only American products and ingredients while they seek to maintain absolute freshness at all times. That’s something we do appreciate, and we also feel it makes a huge difference when it comes to the taste.

Also, they cook their pizza in a wood fire, which always leads to a far more authentic taste and a better finish to the pizza. However, we also need to mention their crust.

The dough they use leads to the perfect crust. It’s light and filling enough without going over the top. Ultimately, it means you will discover that all-important crunch as soon as you bite into the crust, and we appreciate that so much in a pizza.

But a quick word about the waiting staff. The knowledge they have when it comes to pizza will also blow your mind. They will answer your questions, and it’s clear they know what is going on with pizza.

Overall, you will have a wonderful experience and some excellent pizza.

Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria

Lefty’s Chicago Pizzeria is located on Goldfinch Street if you want to experience the best Chicago-style pizza in the city.

Yes, this place focuses on that Chicago-style pizza, which means you have the opportunity to try something different.

These deep-dish pies are made to a high standard, and don’t worry about the crust. The base here remains light throughout, so even though it’s a deep dish, it won’t leave you struggling.

Also, it does help that they use the finest ingredients, and you can access many toppings. We love having this variety and options available, and the ingredients’ freshness comes across loud and clear.

In addition, they offer slices as well. So, you don’t have to go ahead and eat the whole pie unless you want to. 

Overall, we love this place because they sell deep-dish pies. Also, these pies come out piping hot, with some amazing cheese on top, which is a huge bonus.

Sisters Pizza

sisters pizza

Located on Fourth Avenue, Sisters Pizza has long been held in high regard regarding the quality of the pizza they produce.

With a preference for an east coast style pizza, this place offers you a beautiful crust and ample toppings, and we highly doubt you will have a bad experience here.

Established in 2018, they manage to not only make some amazing pizza but manage to also create a real family atmosphere as well.

It does lead to a far more laid-back approach to your experience, and the staff will also answer any questions you may have.

One thing you know in advance is that each pie or slice remains fresh, thanks to the ingredients they use.

What you see is that Sisters Pizza takes real pride in every step of its pizza making, and we believe you will taste the difference as a result.

Overall, the family-style atmosphere marks this pizzeria as one of the best in San Diego. We firmly believe you will agree with us when you check it out.

Landini’s Pizzeria

Located on India Street, Landini’s Pizzeria focuses on delivering a real no-frills experience with pizza. We have no problem with the no-frills establishment when the pizza on offer is as good as you get here.

This place focuses on New York-style slices, so you can expect a huge slice to sit on your plate when you order.

However, it also means you get a thin crust and a huge amount of toppings, and if you love cheese, this pizza will become a favorite in no time.

Their crust comes across as outstanding at all times. You get that all-important crunch without it tasting dry or anything else. Also, their crust has a nice flavor, which you can miss elsewhere.

Their toppings only involve the freshest ingredients, and they try to source things as close to San Diego as possible. That freshness comes across in the overall flavor; we feel it’s a fantastic combination.

In addition, their customer service comes across as highly knowledgeable when you ask them about pizza. We also appreciate this because you want to feel you can ask whatever you want and that the pizza place knows all about their pizza.

Overall, this pizzeria is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a thin crust and a preference for a New York-style pizza. 

Overall Conclusion

So that’s our list of the best pizza in San Diego, and we have hopefully provided you with a few names you may not have even tried yet. However, we believe you should set to work on that and try as many of the pizza places listed here as possible.

San Diego has so many pizza places to choose from that we know it’s tough. So, the logical approach to take here is to go ahead and work through each name and sample pizza at every place.

While we cannot guarantee you will fall in love with each place, even though it’s possible, the simple fact is you will get the opportunity to eat lots of pizza. Now, is that a bad thing?

With the option of eating some amazing pizza in a relaxed atmosphere, you have far too many options available when it comes to pizza in San Diego. Best you go ahead and check out the different places to see which one you like most.