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Best Pizza in San Francisco – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza places in San Francisco, and you will see we have selected a number of them.

Of course, choosing the best pizza does happen to be something that is not that easy to do, but that’s why we recommend checking out every single option that appears on our list.

One thing we can say with absolute certainty is that San Francisco has some of the best pizzerias in the country. Not only that, but you have a vast number of them to choose from across the city, but then that’s not exactly a bad thing.

However, one thing we can say is that it does make your decision on which pizzeria to visit that bit harder. So, we want to help.

The cool thing is that it does mean you end up getting to try some amazing pizza, so let’s get on with the list and check out the places that we recommend.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

tony's pizza napoletana

Located on Stockton Street, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is a popular Italian eatery where pizza really does play a central role in what they have to offer.

The amazing thing is that Tony himself has won international awards for making the best pizza in the world, and that alone is a reason to head there and check it out.

One thing that’s fantastic about this place is the array of options you have when it comes to your pizza. From Roman-style to on a coal fire, the difference in taste will blow your mind. 

The thing that comes across loud and clear is that this place takes their pizza seriously. Each pizza is the direct result of only using the best ingredients around, along with their vast experience of making some of the best pizza in the world.

If you find yourself in San Francisco and want to experience pizza, then this place is one you need to check out.

Little Star Pizza Divisadero

Located on Divisadero Street, Little Star Pizza is more than just part of a chain. Instead, what you have here is a pizza chain where the quality of what they offer remains constant.

That means you can always guarantee picking up a tasty pizza, no matter the day of the week.

While they do offer thin-crust, it’s their deep-pan pizza that stands out at this establishment. Also, they offer a cornmeal crust which you may wish to try out, and it’s something we do recommend.

People also comment on the quality of the sauce you get with their pizza, and it does stand out from the crowd. They ensure everything remains fresh,from the ingredients through to the final pizza, and that does make a difference to the taste.

Overall, when you have some amazing customer service along with tasty pizza, then it means this place is a winner.

Montesacro SoMa


Located on Stevenson Street, Montesacro SoMa is a busy Italian eatery where pizza remains on the menu on a daily basis. Here, their pizza comes out of a traditional brick oven, and that’s only the beginning of your authentic pizza experience.

People comment on the quality of the crust from this place, and it will truly blow your mind. It has just more than enough crunch and chew for it to come across as a real pleasure to eat, and then there’s the sauce on top.

Everything is crafted from the best ingredients around, and that also means something else, it’s all fresh. Also, they do provide you with a blend of classic toppings along with a few specials, so you do have a lot to choose from.

Overall, people love not only the pizza, but also the quality of the service they receive when they venture to Montesacro SoMa. It’s clear you feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door, and you will certainly feel glad you went there after tasting their pizza.

Golden Boy Pizza

Located on North Beach, Golden Boy Pizza blends California with pizza from Sicily, and that’s certainly a powerful combination. Also, they do focus on producing Foccacia pizza, so you always have the opportunity to try something a bit different here as well.

But a quick word about the toppings. They have so many options when it comes to both meat and veggies, so you should never feel left out no matter your preferences. In addition, they will always try their best to accommodate any requests, so keep that in mind.

There’s no doubt this place is all about the pizza, and they will certainly not let you down. From using the freshest ingredients around, to producing a pizza with the perfect degree of crunch, Golden Boy Pizza has the ability to blow away your taste buds.

Za Pizza

za pizza

Located on Hyde Street, Za Pizza promises to not only offer you wonderful customer service, but also some of the best pizza around. We think that’s a promise they manage to uphold with absolute ease.

Za Pizza comes across as your typical local pizza joint, and their focus is on producing high-quality thin-crust pies. They have managed to perfect their crusts to such an extent that you always know what to expect when you order from them.

What we mean by this is that you get a crust where you have ample crunch and chew with each bite, and we see that as important. Also, their sauce has a bit of a tang to it, and it balances itself out with the flavor of all those toppings.

Talking about the toppings, they have so many options you won’t know where to look next. In addition, this pizza place has been operating for years, and you don’t survive as long as they have if your pizza does not meet a certain standard.

Overall, if you want a laid-back pizza place that offers mind-blowing pizza, then we don’t think you should look past Za Pizza and what they have to offer.

Pizzetta 211

Located on 23rd Avenue, Pizzetta 211 is not the place for you to check out if you want to visit a large pizzeria. You see, this place comes across as far more compact than that, but we do love the friendly atmosphere that’s generated by its smaller size.

However, this place is all about the pizza, and for good reason too. They hand-craft each pizza with it mixed in with a whole lot of care and attention. Also, they love to use seasonal ingredients as well, so you never know what changes could end up appearing on the menu.

But that’s one thing we love about them. They have a versatility to their menu, and that does mean you always have something new and exciting to check out. It seems other people feel the same way when you check out how busy they are every day of the week.

Add in some cool customer service, and it’s clear that Pizzetta 211 deserves to appear on our list of the best pizza in San Francisco.


Located on Diamond Street, Gialina is a small pizzeria with a big reputation for producing some of the best pizza in the city. Actually, they have such a small place that they even ask people to limit the number of pizzas they order at the one time.

But they also have another problem, and that’s their popularity. You see, their Neapolitan style pies come packed with a whole lot of flavor, and what’s not to love about that? We think you will fall in love with this place, and their pizza as well.

They search high and low for the best ingredients around, and that does come across loud and clear in the quality of the pizza they then produce. We also appreciate the array of toppings they have available, so getting that perfect pizza should never prove difficult.

But people also comment on the way they don’t overcrowd the pizza with toppings. They get the right balance, and that results in a far superior pizza.

Overall, it’s clear that Gialina is a place that just loves producing high-quality pizza with that authentic Italian style and methods. If you want something that tastes as if it can transport you all the way to Italy, then this is the place for you.

Overall Conclusion

And that’s our list of the best pizza in San Francisco, and hopefully we have provided you with some food for thought. Our advice is for you to go ahead and begin at the top of our list and work through each and every place.

In doing so, you get to sample some of the best pizza San Francisco has to offer, and who wants to pass up the opportunity to have some stunning pizza?

We know that deciding on the best pizza is something that comes down to personal preference. However, we feel confident that the places in our list will meet your own personal standards, no matter the type of pizza you prefer.