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Best Pizza in Vegas – Full List

What you will find below is our list of the best pizza in Vegas, and we know you will love whatever you sample from each and every place.

Actually, our recommendation is not to simply go ahead and choose one place, but rather check out each and every one.

Vegas has everything, and included in that is some of the best pizza around. But would you expect anything else from this particular city?

Actually, the problem is that Vegas has too many pizza joints to check out. It becomes quite difficult knowing which ones to choose, and that’s where we come in to try to help you out.

The pizza places listed below offer you an array of styles and influences. So, we feel confident you will find something you love.

With that, here is our list of the best pizza in Vegas.

Good Pie

good pie vegas

Located on South Main Street, Good Pie is aptly named because you will indeed get a fantastic pizza if you venture out and order from this establishment.

With a focus on creating a Brooklyn style pizza, it means you better get ready for a pizza bonanza as they don’t believe in offering you little for your money.

But that’s not all. They also make Detroit style pizza as well, so you have different inspirations and we love having that variation. 

People talk about the quality of the crust from Good Pie, and for good reason. You will love the crunch with each bite, and they manage to get just enough chew for you to want more.

But people do also talk about the level of customer service that you get at this place, and they try their best to ensure you get the pizza you want. 

Overall, when you blend together a great atmosphere and some stunning pizza, then you get a fantastic pizzeria.

Yukon Pizza

Located on East Fremont Street, Yukon Pizza provides you with some stunning sourdough pizza that’s cooked on a wood fire. That means you get an authentic taste, and I promise that any pizza from this place will prove tastier than you expect.

At Yukon Pizza, you get more of an artisan pizza, so you should know that each pizza comes from a source of absolute pride. It’s clear that this place loves what it does, and that love comes through in every single pizza they make.

On top of that artisan feel, this pizzeria does only ever use the best possible ingredients in their dough. This comes through loud and clear with each bite, and their crust remains one of the tastiest out there.

But we also love the fact this place is not your typical pizzeria. Instead, they limit what they do, and that makes it even more special than you would expect. It’s this love of pizza that makes us want to add this particular place to our list.

Dom Demarco’s Pizzeria

Located on West Charleston Blvd, Dom Demarco’s Pizzeria offers a Brooklyn style pizza even in the heart of Vegas. However, you do get the opportunity to also try some more Sicilian style pizza as well, if that’s what you prefer.

We love this ability to choose different styles of pizza under the one roof, and it does mean there’s every chance that you will find your perfect pizza in this one establishment.

But prepare yourself for an absolute treat when it comes to the crust because it will become a taste sensation.

But a quick word about the sauce here as well. People love it, and for good reason. Not only do they use the best ingredients around, but it has the right balance of flavors in it.

You will find the sauce perfectly compliments the crust, and that’s all before we even get to the toppings.

Also, a quick word about the service. It’s outstanding. There is no doubt you will enjoy your time here, and also get to eat some tasty pizza as well.

New York Pizza & Pasta

New York Pizza Pasta Vegas

Located on S Jones Blvd, New York Pizza & Pasta explains what to expect from this place just by its name. Of course you can rightfully expect some New York style pizza, and that means big slices and a huge amount of cheese.

This compact place focuses purely on the pizza rather than anything else, and it’s not going to let you down. From the chewy crust, to the amazing crunch you get with each bite, you just know you will have the best pizza experience you could ever imagine.

The array of toppings you can experience here will give you a lot to think about. Also, their menu comes across as extensive, so you will never feel as if there’s nothing to eat.

But you should also expect a fun-filled atmosphere and environment when you go here. It’s laid-back and you can simply relax and enjoy the pizza. What else could you want in that situation?

Guerilla Pizza Company

Located on S. Industrial Road, the Guerilla Pizza Company offers you some Detroit style pizza, and if you have never experienced this type of pizza before, then now is the time for you to check it out.

They have been delighting people for years with their pizza, and if you decide to head here, then you will understand why.

However, we do not doubt that you should go ahead and do just that because you will have the time of your life in their establishment.

Here, you get a deep dish pizza, but don’t think that means a whole lot of dough. Their crusts offer you everything you ever want from a pizza with a gorgeous chew and that crunch on the surface that just adds a whole lot to the experience.

But here is one thing that keeps people coming back to this pizzeria: their consistency. You will always get a fantastic pie no matter when you head there. 

Marsigliano’s Pizzeria & More

Located on West Sahara Avenue, Marsigliano’s Pizzeria & More promises you some of the best pizza in Vegas, and we cannot argue against that.

This family owned pizzeria delivers authentic Italian food made with a whole lot of passion, and that’s something that does come through in each bite.

People even refer to their pizza as out of this world when it comes to the taste, and the freshness of the ingredients used does shine through. 

But we love that this has remained a real family business. You get that warm welcome as soon as you step through the door, and then you get to try the pizza.

When you do try it, prepare yourself for tasting their stunning crust and tangy pizza sauce. Of course, there’s also the toppings and they ensure you will not feel underwhelmed. 

Overall, we know this pizzeria will quickly become one of your favorite places to check out.

Verrazano Pizza

verrazano pizza

Located on S Rainbow Blvd, Verrazano Pizza provides you with a real casual and laid-back pizza joint, so this means no-fuss eating. We love that simple fact, and then you have to contend with the pizza itself.

Their focus with their pizza is to produce the best New York style pies in the city, and we think they do a pretty good job of that.

In addition, it does mean you get huge slices alongside more than enough toppings, so there’s no way you will feel anything other than full when you visit here.

But we think one of the best things is the atmosphere. It allows you to really focus on your pizza, and the staff work extremely hard to deliver everything you want at all times. They listen to your needs and want to ensure you get what you want.

Overall, this pizzeria brings New York straight to Vegas, and we know you will love your time here and the pizza eating experience you will then encounter.

Our List

And that’s our list of the best pizza in Vegas, and we have no doubt you will love each and every place that appears here.

Keep in mind that we have offered you different styles of pizza inspired by not only the United States, but also back in Italy.

We know you will find the perfect pizza for your own tastes, and you may even encounter some new toppings you had never even thought about.

No matter what happens, we believe you should simply start at the top of our list and work through each one.

In doing so, you will taste some of the best pizza you will find in Vegas, and don’t act surprised if you end up going through the list more than once just to ensure you can really work out which one tastes best in your opinion.