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Best Pizza Places in Boston – Full List

What you will find below is a list of the best pizza places in Boston, according to our own research. We have spent time checking out reviews and getting to grips with what the people of Boston have to say about pizza.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Boston has more than its fair share of amazing pizza places to check out. We think the toughest part is when you need to work out which pizza place you need to go to first.

It sometimes feels as if pizza remains available on every corner. Also, that thought remains pretty accurate.

However, that then leads to a problem, and it’s a problem we plan on trying to solve. 

The result is this list. Now, we know more pizzerias exist in Boston than you will see here, but think of this as a place to start exploring pizza options in the city.

But while there remains a preference for more New York-style pizza, that’s not your only option. Instead, you do have a lot of pizzerias in Boston with a strong Italian heritage, and that heritage shines through when it comes to pizza.

We feel confident you will love whichever place you check out first. Pizza just remains that good whenever you are in Boston.

With that in mind, let’s get on with the list. We have several establishments to work through.

Santarpio’s Pizza


Located on Chelsea Street, Santarpio’s Pizza remains a family-owned business that knows a thing or two about making delicious pizza.

With a focus on producing New York-style pies, you get a stunning crust accompanied by some amazing toppings.

But this place is about more than just the pizza. Every customer is made to feel exceptionally welcome as they venture through the door. It makes eating pizza something of an experience and adds to your overall enjoyment.

They use fresh ingredients, from making the crust to the toppings themselves. Doing so means you get a serious taste explosion with every bite. We think you will lose your mind from that very first mouthful.

Overall, there’s a reason why Santarpio’s Pizza has been held in high regard for years, and the best thing is to head on over there and check it out for yourself.

Regina Pizzeria

Regina Pizzeria has been around since time began. It was launched in 1926 and now has several chains across the Boston area.

The reason why it has several chains is easy to understand. Their pizza tastes amazing.

What you have here is a pizzeria where you should not expect any frills. You see, they keep things to a minimum, but their pizza is then cooked in a brick oven, giving you a finished pizza with a lot of taste.

This pizzeria knows how to produce the perfect crust, and you will then find yourself blown away by the quality of the sauce that accompanies it. We reckon you will find it hard to locate another crust as good as this, from enough crunch to a light taste.

But then you have the toppings. They love to ensure you get more than enough, and you also know the toppings are fresh ingredients. 

Overall, Regina Pizzeria has so much to love that you must get to one of their locations yourself.



If you want a pizza full of flavor and a thin crust, we suggest checking out what Picco offers. Located on Tremont Street, their pizza crust is crafted from sourdough, giving it more of an artisan taste.

That alone sums up this place as it’s all about producing high-quality pizza that will taste unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

From a crust perspective, this means that their pizza remains light and crispy when you bite into it. It’s exactly what you should look for when ordering a thin-crust pizza.

The atmosphere at this place remains quite casual, so you can easily go there for a quick bite to eat and not have to worry about anything. Also, the staff stands out when it comes to knowing what they are talking about regarding pizza.

For ingredients, then expect freshness and most items coming from local vendors. They also make everything from scratch, so this is a real hands-on approach to making pizza.

Overall, this translates into something that will blow your mind, and Picco offers one of the best pizzas in Boston.

Pastoral Artisan Pizza

Pastoral Artisan Pizza focuses on delivering quality Neapolitan pizza with a hand-crafted touch throughout the process. Located in the Fort Point area, this place has quickly built a name for itself with the quality of its pizza, and we know you won’t feel disappointed.

This place has a rustic and chic feel, but the pizza will take you back to Italy. Everything tastes and feels authentic, and we promise you will take your first bite and know you made the correct decision in going there.

Their wood-fired pizza takes on a new flavor compared to other cooking methods. It brings everything alive with the pizza, which applies no matter the toppings you opt for.

Talking of toppings, everything is as fresh as possible. Also, you have many choices out there, and they will go out of their way to produce the perfect pizza for you.

This place makes pizza feel like more of an art form than anything else, and we know you will love your time there.

Sal’s Pizza

sals pizza

Located on Tremont Street, Sals’ Pizza has been around since 1990, so they have several years of experience serving pizza to the people of Boston behind them.

That has led to them having several locations, but each place delivers the same high-quality pizza.

One of their main things is offering 19-inch pies. That’s big, but they help you get creative with the toppings.

In short, even with that large pizza, you will have no problem knowing what to put on there.

But you don’t have to order the full pizza. You can also buy by the slice, and even that will prove an experience all in its own right. 

They go for fresh ingredients of the best possible quality. Also, they love what they do, which becomes apparent even when you deal with their staff. Their customer service is excellent, but it’s still not as good as their pizza.

Sals’ Pizza has served countless customers over the years, and we reckon you should check them out and see why so many people keep returning.


Located on Hanover Street, Locale sees itself as more of a modern pizzeria, and we don’t see anything wrong with that.

The key here is the quality of their pizza, and we promise you will not feel as if they have let you down.

With pizza inspired by Naples, you get a light and airy crust made with the best ingredients and packed with more flavor than you would perhaps expect. Also, a quick mention of the sauce. It’s mind-blowing.

But not only that, they also know how to strike that balance between sauce and cheese. You don’t want one overpowering the other, and that’s certainly not going to happen here.

The ingredients they use remain the freshest, and they make everything they can from scratch. Ultimately, this leads to a unique pizza that we know you will love.

Locale seeks to take pizza to a new level, and we feel it’s something they have managed to achieve. Perhaps you should head over to see what’s going on and determine if you agree with us and our opinion.

Overall Conclusion

Boston has far too many amazing pizzerias to choose from, so our list here has covered only some of those that stand out from the crowd. 

With so many to choose from, we know it’s tough to know where to begin. So, hopefully, this list will go some way to making that decision a lot easier.

Actually, why not do the sensible thing and visit every place that has appeared on our list?

At least then, you can see all the fuss with each pizzeria, and you may find your new favorite pizzeria in the process.

If not, then at least you have had an excuse to eat more pizza. Not that anybody should ever need an excuse to do that.