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Best Pizza Slices in Brooklyn, NY – Full List

With all of its history, is it any surprise that some of the best pizza slices are in Brooklyn and not just New York City?

However, you then need to deal with another problem, and that’s the simple fact you have so many options available when searching for a pizza slice.

So that’s what we plan on helping you with right now. What you will find below is our list of the best pizza slices in Brooklyn. Now, we couldn’t include everyone, as that would make the list too long. So, we have narrowed it down to only the best.

It wasn’t easy. Brooklyn appears to have a pizza place literally around every corner. But we have managed to list those places that not only do we think to offer the best slice, but other customers agree with us.

paulie gees slice shop

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Based on Franklin Street, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is well known for producing quality slices at prices you will love. However, they don’t only provide you with tasty pizza. Their customer service is also second to none as well.

They go big for the retro style with their appearance, but we find that their slices speak for themselves. You get a fab crunch with the crust, and they make sure they don’t give too much sauce to overpower the rest of the slice.

That means they hit a home run regarding the cheese, sauce, and crust ratio. Also, their crust has a lot of flavor, so even if you are not a big fan of the crust part, this will blow your mind.

Overall, you will see with the first bite why people tell visitors to get to Brooklyn to check out the slices here, even if it’s the only reason they venture into Brooklyn in the first place. 

Original Square Pizza

Located on Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, the Original Square Pizza has the ability to produce a high-quality slice every single time your venture through their door. 

This place has remained a favorite in the Brooklyn area for years, and it’s easy to see why when you take your first bite of one of their slices. Immediately you will find yourself getting that crunch from the crust, and then there’s the whole lot of flavor that will then hit you.

These slices come with a tangy tomato sauce and a lot of cheese, and then there are whichever toppings you add to your slice. Overall, it’s a taste explosion, and you also get to experience their amazing customer service as well.

Joe’s Pizza

joes pizza

Joe’s Pizza was established back in 1975, and since then, its base on Bedford Avenue has served countless people some of the best pizzas in the whole of New York. 

Launched by Joe Pozzuoli, they go big for producing authentic slices packed with flavor and just a simply wonderful pizza experience. With their sweet tomato sauce and crunch in the crust, we know you will feel blown away with the first mouthful.

People comment about the blend that exists between the sauce and the toppings. You will regularly see comments about their pizza and how amazing it is, and if people in Brooklyn say that about this place, then you know how good the pizza must be.

Also, if you want to find the place that offers the best white slice in the area, then this is the place you need to check out. 

However, watch out for you need to wait. This place gets so busy and remains popular that you could run into a queue when you venture there. The only thing we can say about that is it’s worth the wait.

L’Industrie Pizzeria

This place is a local favorite, and if you venture out to check on L’Industria Pizzeria, we are sure you will understand why people love it so much. 

Located at 254 S 2nd Street in Brooklyn, what we love about this place is how they produce more artisan slices than the same slices you see elsewhere. That does mean there’s every possibility you will find something a bit different when you go there, and we love that fact.

However, while they produce different slices from the norm, they still cover all of the favorites. That does mean you can still get your pepperoni if you want, and we promise it will taste amazing.

L’Industrie Pizzeria has established a name for the crust’s quality. Their thin crust has such an amazing amount of crunch that it makes you excited for every bite.

Also, let’s not forget the cheese and toppings. They add more than enough to each slice, so you feel satisfied and more than happy with your purchase.

Overall, we think you will love what’s on offer at L’Industrie Pizzeria, so give it a go and see if you agree us.

J&V Pizzeria

J&V Pizzeria, based on 18th Avenue has a reputation amongst its customers for producing superb slices with more crunch than you care to imagine.

They have been offering pizza for several years, and you don’t survive in such a difficult market as Brooklyn if you cannot offer something special with pizza.

One thing we love is the array of toppings available at this pizzeria. You will have to take your time to go through them all because you do find yourself having too many to choose from.

But that’s not all. They also have a fantastic cheese-to-sauce ratio on their slices, so one does not overwhelm the other. We love this as there’s nothing worse than when a pizzeria gets this balance wrong.

Thankfully, that’s not the case here, and we can guarantee you will love your slice from this establishment. The only problem is to work out which toppings you will try first.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

Based on 86th Street, L&B Spumoni Gardens has been producing pizzas at this one location since the 1950s. They have a whole lot of experience when it comes to making some wonderful pizza.

They focus on producing a Sicilian square pizza, and you will struggle to find anyone having a bad word to say about the quality of their pizza.

Quite simply, their pizza comes across as exceptional, and it’s obvious that they know what to do when making pizza.

It goes bigger than that. People see their slices as iconic in Brooklyn, and that’s a good enough reason to go and check them out.

But what should you expect?

Well, you get a thin crust with a lot of crunch, and we see that as a fantastic starting point. Also, there’s the tangy tomato sauce that accompanies their pizza. 

But it’s also clear they know a thing or two about balancing out ingredients. You get to taste every ingredient on their slice, which adds to the overall enjoyment factor.

Overall, what you get here is a pizza slice with so much authenticity and tradition that it comes through in the taste.

If you want something with so much flavor, and is also iconic, then this is the place you want to check out.

Di Fara Pizza

di fara pizza

Located in Midwood, Di Fara Pizza uses only the highest quality ingredients. Mix that in with their ability to produce quality pizza, and what you get here is something that will blow your mind.

With years of experience behind them, they deliver a consistently good slice no matter the toppings you want on it. Their slice has often had comments regarding how out of the world it tastes, and that comes from people who know a thing or two about pizza.

But here’s an important point. This pizza place has a lot of hype, which is tough to deal with.

However, the cool thing is they follow through on their hype. Many people think it’s the best pizza in the whole of New York, and not just Brooklyn.

But that’s for you to decide, and the best way to do that is to check them out in person and see what you think once the experience is over.

And those are the best pizza slice places in Brooklyn, and we just know you will love whichever place you visit. The key here is to start at the top of our list and slowly work through them. 

By the end, you will find yourself in a position whereby you can select your favorite from the options we have included above.

However, while we cannot predict who you would choose, we can safely say you will have a fantastic time trying all the different slices in the process.