Can You Freeze Pizza Hut Pizza?

Here, we will answer the question as to whether or not you could actually freeze Pizza Hut pizza. Also, if you can do that, then how on earth do you go about making it edible again?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you order a pizza from Pizza Hut that just ends up too big for your appetite? At that point, you need to consider how on earth you store the remaining slices.

One option involves putting it in the fridge and eating it the following day, but is that your only option?

Can You Freeze Pizza Hut Pizza?

The Answer

The answer is a resounding yes, and that may come across as music to your ears. After all, we don’t always want to then go and eat the rest of the pizza the following day. So, the fact you can put it in the freezer to enjoy later is the perfect solution.

But it all depends on how you freeze it, and we do still need to take you through the defrosting process, so why don’t we just go ahead and do that?

How to Correctly Freeze Pizza from Pizza Hut

The key here lies with the preparation of the pizza, and you have two main options. 

First, you can either place the slices in an airtight container, or the second option is to wrap them up in plastic wrap followed by a second layer consisting of foil. If you go for this second option, then make sure the plastic wrap is tight around each slice.

Of course, you need to ensure the pizza has cooled and is not still piping hot when you go to freeze it. However, don’t leave the pizza out for more than two hours. After that, you start to move into the area where bacteria may start to play a role and make things slightly dangerous.

As a potential extra step, some people recommend using wax paper and laying a slice on the paper. Use the wax paper as a way to separate the slices, so they don’t freeze directly onto one another, and then pile them up. 

After that, you can wrap all the slices at one time using the plastic wrap and foil method mentioned earlier. 

Plastic wrap actually plays more of an important role than people realize. Its main aim is to stop freezer burn to happen to your pizza because that type of thing just ruins the slices.

Also, if you want to give your pizza some added protection, then use a freezer bag and place the slices in there. You may not always need to use this step, but it should help keep your pizza in pristine condition.

How Long Will It Last?

So here’s an important point. Your frozen Pizza Hut pizza will not last for an eternity. Instead, what you manage to do by freezing the pizza is to extend its lifespan by up to two months. However, we do recommend eating it before you hit the fourth week.

After two months, the taste of the pizza just does not remain the same when you defrost and warm it up. At that point, it tastes like a ruined pizza, and nobody wants to eat that type of thing.

Now that’s not us saying you must go ahead and throw out the pizza once you hit that two-month mark. Far from it. This pizza will still come across as edible, but just not to the same heights as you would expect, or hope.

Also, some people say they have kept those leftover pizza slices in the freezer for up to three months and they still came out fine. That length of time comes down to personal preference and what you expect from your pizza. However, it’s worth checking it out to see how you feel.

How to Correctly Thaw Out Your Frozen Pizza

Let’s jump forward a bit in time and say it’s four weeks after you wrapped up your leftover pizza from Pizza Hut and put it in your freezer. Those slices are frozen solid, and now it’s time to see just what it tastes like.

So, you need to know how to correctly thaw out that frozen pizza.

The Best Approach – The Refrigerator

The best approach to thawing out your pizza is to allow your refrigerator to do the hard work for you. Now, we do admit that this will involve you planning ahead as it means taking the pizza out of the freezer and placing it in your fridge overnight.

However, if you froze some thin crust pizza, then it may only take a few hours in the refrigerator to thaw out enough to then warm up. 

But the refrigerator is not your only option.

Warm Water and the Countertop

Alternatively, you can take the slice out of the freezer and place it on a countertop and allow the natural air to thaw it out. This could take an hour or so, but not everybody likes the idea of it sitting out like that.

You may also wish to attempt to speed up the process by filling a dish with some warm water and placing the pizza, in a freezer bag of course, in the water for a few minutes. This does help speed up the thawing-out process.

You can certainly try these approaches should you decide later on in the day that you would quite like to have some pizza that evening. 

One Thing You Shouldn’t Do

Now while you could technically do this, we don’t recommend it. What are we talking about? Use your microwave to thaw out your pizza and warm it up.

Your microwave will manage to do this, but it’s the impact it has on your pizza that stops us from using a thawing and cooking method that takes mere minutes. With a microwave, the crust tends to come out like rubber, and who would want a pizza like that?

So while it may prove tempting due to the speed, you do increase the chances of then throwing out your pizza thanks to it tasting really bad.

Reheating Frozen Pizza Hut Pizza

Finally, what would you expect to do when it comes to reheating your frozen Pizza Hut pizza? Well, you actually have a couple of options, and they can all pretty much deliver a good end result.

The options you have available include your oven, air fryer, or skillet. You could use the microwave, but we described above how that’s not a good idea.

No matter the option you go for, you do need to make sure you go through the thawing-out process described above. It just makes your pizza taste better rather than attempting to cook it straight from frozen.

pizza in air fryer

The Air Fryer

If you intend to use your air fryer, then set it to 180C and cook for around five minutes. If you have a thicker crust, then drop the temperature to closer to 165C and you should manage to avoid the cheese burning.

The Oven

Alternatively, if you intend to just use your oven, then heat it up to 180C and put a sheet pan in the middle of the oven. Make sure the sheet pan is nice and hot first, and then place the pizza slices on it.

If you want to heat up more than one slice at a time, then ensure you have space between each slice. Find your pizza ready to eat in around five to seven minutes. 

pizza in skillet

A Skillet

But perhaps the best method for warming up frozen pizza is you using a skillet. For this, you want to preheat the skillet on medium heat, and when warm add your slices.

If warming up more than one slice, ensure no touching between the slices. Let it cook for around two minutes to allow the crust to thaw out and become nice and crispy.

Once the crust is crispy, sprinkle the toppings with some water and cover the skillet with a lid. This turns the skillet into a steamer, and the steam will add some moisture to both the cheese and the dough.

After two minutes, remove the lid and serve your pizza. 

All three methods listed above work well in their own right. The air fryer works well for getting everything extremely crispy, so if that remains important to you, then it may prove the best approach.

But honestly, any of the three will deliver a tasty pizza. However, just double-check that the slices were warmed right through before eating. 

Overall Conclusion

You can indeed freeze pizza from Pizza Hut, and if you have leftovers, then there’s nothing to fear by throwing the slices in your freezer. However, make sure you package things up correctly, or your pizza will fail to hit the heights when it comes to warming it up.

Also, keep in mind you should really store the pizza in your freezer for a maximum of two months. After that, it won’t taste quite as you imagined it would, and a disappointing pizza will always stay with you as a bad memory.