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Did Pizza Hut Stop Making Dessert Pizza?

So, why did Pizza Hut stop making dessert pizza, or has it only been discontinued? What even was the dessert pizza in the first place?

One of the things you can certainly say about Pizza Hut is that they have a tendency to come up with something slightly different.

Whether it’s something stuffed in the crust, the toppings, or a combination of both aspects, you can always locate something that stands out on the menu.

But we don’t want to talk about something with just a slight difference from the norm. Instead, we want to talk about something Pizza Hut created that blew the mind of people with a sweet tooth.

That thing is the fabled dessert pizza.

dessert pizza

We have a few things to go through to get to the bottom of what was included in this particularly sweet treat.

The Answer

Sadly, Pizza Hut no longer makes the dessert pizza and it currently sits in a long list of items that once appeared on the menu but was then stopped.

It appears people do not feel happy about this either. You can quickly discover campaigns online where people want to see dessert pizza appear again, but whether or not Pizza Hut will listen remains unknown.

Why Did They Stop it?

So why did Pizza Hut decide to stop selling dessert pizza? That’s a tough one to answer, and we cannot find a reputable answer anywhere.

It seems that Pizza Hut simply removed it from their menu. As a company, they do go ahead and do that with certain menu items from time to time. It doesn’t always translate into something major.

The one thing we do know is that not everyone appears happy with the decision. Numerous people across the United States want to see it brought back to the menu, so it must have struck a chord with some people.

But sadly, Pizza Hut appears to keep quiet about all of this, so don’t expect any drastic changes to the menu, or shock announcements, any time soon.

What Do We Mean By Dessert Pizza?

So now that we know the answer, some people may also wonder what we mean by dessert pizza? Well, if you have never tried it, then boy is it an absolute delight to try.

This pizza is the perfect solution for those individuals who love pizza but also have something of a sweet tooth.

Honestly, you can have almost anything you like on your dessert pizza, just as long as it’s sweet and stuff that would appear on any dessert menu.

It gives you a lot of flexibility, which is one thing we love about it. However, some differences do exist between a normal pizza and this version.

But one thing we do love about a dessert pizza is the base. You need to forget everything you thought you knew about pizza because this version comes across as something different.

chocolate chip pizza

The Base

On most occasions, the base of a dessert pizza has more of a cookie consistency than a dough-like texture. This base makes more sense, as it doesn’t sound too good to have a whole lot of thick dough for your dessert.

Also, you tend only to get a thin crust, which makes sense. The key here remains on the toppings that come with the base, where the fun starts.

But you may find times when your particular dessert pizza comes across as a giant version of some cookie you love. It may turn out as basic as that, and it all starts with the idea of the base.

Dessert Pizza Toppings

Where do you even begin with the toppings on a dessert pizza? Well, the only limit remains your imagination with this type of pizza. So, here are some ideas of what could appear on your dessert pizza to try to kickstart some ideas.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza

This tastes as good as it sounds since this pizza does come out as a giant chocolate chip cookie. First, get the cookie-style base, then cover it in a chocolate spread, and finally, round things off with lots of chocolate chips.

This dessert pizza takes no time to make and will certainly help those sweet-loving taste buds. Of course, you can throw any type of chocolate chip onto this pizza. As long as you cover the surface, then we don’t think it matters.

Oreo Fudge Brownie Pizza

If you want to try something completely different, an oreo fudge brownie pizza is a wonderful option. Here, the crust is made from a giant brownie rather than anything else, so that’s a good start for most people.

After that, crushed Oreos spread all over the base along with a fudge sauce, finishing the pizza. However, you will struggle to stop eating too much of this pizza if you love chocolate.

Cookies and Cream

If you have never thought about cookies and cream pizza, you have missed out on this part of life.

If you have ever made small cookies and cream at home, this recipe simply calls for you to make one huge cookie and cream to cut up into slices.

All you need to do is to scale up the ingredients you use in your normal recipe and get to work on making the biggest version you have ever seen in your life.

Just remember to keep the ‘crust’ nice and thin. You want that real cookie crunch to it, or else this dessert pizza will miss the point.

dessert pizza

Cinnamon Roll Dessert Pizza

A cinnamon roll can blow your mind, so imagine what a dessert pizza version can do. Well, this is your chance to go ahead and make your version, and we promise it will taste amazing. 

The idea here is to make the biggest cinnamon roll you have ever set eyes on in your life. Everything is then rounded off by some cream cheese frosting, just as you would do with a normal cinnamon roll. 

Also, throw in some of that dried fruit to ensure you get that authentic taste. It just wouldn’t come across like a cinnamon roll without it.

You must admit that the idea of a huge cinnamon roll comes across as a fantastic idea. We believe this could become something you fall in love with, and who could blame you?

Apple Crumble Flatbread Pizza

Yet another option here is to consider an apple crumble flatbread pizza. Once again, the flavors you get from this pizza come across as completely different, and your taste buds will go crazy even from the same bite.

For this, you need to go ahead and make that apple have a warm, comforting taste, then throw it onto a flatbread to act as the base.

Using a flatbread makes so much sense. It has a firmness, which means you can effectively pick up that apple that crumbles in your hand without running into problems.

Look at adding a whole lot of spice to the apple. Then, if you want to indulge with this pizza, add a scoop of vanilla to the middle of the pizza when ready to eat it. 

Honestly, if you love apple crumble, this pizza could win out of the different ideas mentioned above.

But what we have attempted to do here is to provide you with some ideas that could spur your imagination when it comes to making a dessert pizza. We have included fruit, cookies, chocolate, and so much more.

But that’s not all.

Others have included pumpkin, flapjacks, different cookies, favorite candy, and anything else you can imagine. That’s what comes across as so brilliant for these dessert pizza ideas. 

Overall Conclusion

So if you want to experience dessert pizza, Pizza Hut is not the type of place you want to check out. While it did appear on their menu, things have changed, and Pizza Hut has shown no sign of it coming back.

But who knows what may happen in the future? If enough people annoy them and ask for it to return, perhaps they could change their minds at some point.

As of right now, if you want dessert pizza, then you need to come up with your very own recipe and make it at home.

Thankfully, you will find ample recipes online that show you how to do that, and it won’t even take too long to come up with something tasty.

If you have never ventured into the world of dessert pizza, change that as soon as possible. Even if you do not view yourself as having a particularly sweet tooth, it’s still a real experience you should not miss out on.