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Different Types Of Crusts in Dominos Pizza – What’s the Best?

Dominos does offer different types of crusts on their pizza menu, but that can lead to a bit of a problem. Often, people simply go for what they know, and they never change their minds, and that’s not good.

So this post intends to look at something a bit different from the norm. Instead of offering you a multitude of recipes you can go ahead and make yourself, we will focus on what someone else is doing.

In this instance, we can look at the pizza empire that is Dominos. However, we will look at just one thing, in particular, the crusts.

The truth is that pizza can come in a variety of crust options, and knowing which one is best could change your pizza eating experience.

So, when it comes to Dominos, what options exist, and which one is actually the best?

This question comes down to what people prefer. It’s not an easy one to answer since some people prefer dough while others think it’s pretty pointless.

But to help, let’s go through the different options you should see when you venture to Dominos in order to buy a pizza.

A Multitude of Options

Dominos does have a multitude of options when it comes to their crusts, and that’s actually a good thing. However, it does give us a few points to work through if we then intend on helping you ascertain which one is best.

Now, the different crusts listed below should always appear on the menu at Dominos, and that applies no matter the store you visit. There is nothing special here when it comes to the crusts, and nothing is unique to them.

However, it’s still good to know what to expect in advance to then allow you to make your decision even before you head there to order your pizza.

Gluten Free

Let’s get an obvious one out of the way first, and that’s the gluten-free crust. This crust needs no introduction as it’s clear as to what you should expect.

The only problem with the gluten-free crust is that it is not always available in every size. In fact, you will often find that this crust has limited options, and that’s not a good thing. 

However, you can still build your own pizza with your own choice of toppings even if you need to go down the gluten free road. 

Deep Pan Crust

deep pan pizza - Different Types Of Crusts in Dominos Pizza

Moving onto the crusts that do contain gluten, we start with the deep pan crust. In a sense, the Dominos version is similar to a Chicago style deep pan pizza, but it generally does not reach the same heights as the Chicago version.

They do cook this pizza in a pan, and in doing so they put the dough on the base of the pan, and then bring it up the sides before adding the toppings. The pan itself helps the crust to rise, but don’t expect things to taste like too much dough.

However, it does mean this pizza has more of a deeper bite to it, so if you prefer a base to be a bit on the floppy side, then this is not the option for you.

Classic Crust

The classic crust is undoubtedly one of the favorite crusts on the Dominos menu, and for good reason. It keeps things nice and simple, and hits the middle ground between having a good base, and yet not offering too much of a base either.

This base does tend to work better with thicker ingredients, where the thin crust could struggle a bit with too much being added to it. At the same time, they do tend to make this crust so the inner part of it comes across as having a bit of a chewy nature to it.

Do understand that this crust often has something of denser inside it than other options. It certainly does not contain as much air as you may like.

However, this crust is reliable and offers enough crunch to keep most people interested.

Thin n Crispy

thin crust pizza - Different Types Of Crusts in Dominos Pizza

For people who like their pizza with as little dough as possible, then the thin n crispy crust will always win the day. This particular crust tends to be the most popular across all of the Dominos chain, and not just because it’s viewed as the slightly healthier option.

The crust itself comes across as extremely versatile regarding the toppings. People love it as it manages to avoid making you feel as if you have a heavyweight in your stomach after eating it thanks to it only using a fraction of the amount of dough.

Dominos will also cook this crust in a shorter period of time, and can also do so at higher temperatures. From a texture perspective, then it’s more like a bread texture rather than anything else. 

However, do not expect this particular base to add anything to the overall flavor or taste of the pizza. It tends to come across as pretty bland with it relying on the toppings rather than anything else.

Cheesy Crust

cheese crust pizza - Different Types Of Crusts in Dominos Pizza

The cheesy crust is another one that does not need much of an explanation as to what to expect. It quickly became popular after Dominos added it to their menu since it gives some of that gooey cheesy taste with every bite.

If you are not keen on the crust part, due to thinking it has no taste, then the cheesy crust will completely change your opinion of pizza. 

Also, don’t think that they only include a small bit of cheese because that’s not the case. Instead, the entire crust is crammed full of cheese, and then when it’s all cooked, it pours out as soon as you rip a slice off.

But understand that this cheesy crust only adds a relatively small amount of flavor to the entire pizza. In saying that, it’s still better than the bland and boring crust that most people end up getting.

So, if you end up the type of person who leaves the crust thanks to them having no flavor, then this is your solution.

Puff Crust

The final option we will include is the puff crust. Now, this crust does not always feature on the menu, and most people do not even know it exists. However, you are potentially missing out on the perfect crust for you.

This crust comes with a unique edge to it. What you get with the crust is a very thin crust in the middle followed by a puffy crust on the edge. It’s in a sense combines thin crust at the heart with the edges more like a deep pan with their size.

This crust ends up coming across as pretty deceptive. The middle can feel quite dense at times, but the puff crust on the edge is always light and full of air, so if you were expecting a lot of dough, then that’s not the case here.

The puff crust is not common, but that’s a shame as it does give you the best of both worlds when it comes to the base. 

So, Which Option Wins?

This decision is not an easy one to make. It all comes down to real personal preference. However, if you had to pick one, then it does seem as if the thin crust will end up winning.

The reason for this is that it doesn’t take long to cook, and it still offers you so many options regarding the toppings. Also, it never feels heavy in your stomach after eating, and that’s an uncomfortable thing when it happens.

But that’s not to say that any of the crusts listed above are not good in their own right. Each one is made to the same standard, and it’s only some subtle differences that lead to each crust.

At the end of the day, it often depends on how much you enjoy the actual crust of the pizza as to which one you choose. If you are not a ‘dough’ type of person, then the thin crust is the best one.

By becoming aware of your dough preference, it allows you to cut down your options, and it makes it easier to then settle on your pizza. Alternatively, ask a member of staff for their advice the next time you place an order at Dominos. They will only be too happy to help you out with their suggestions.

Overall Conclusion

Dominos does have a number of crust options available to their customers, and this applies across their entire chain of stores. However, the crust options available on their menu are not unique to them.

Of course, instead of trying to choose which one is best, you could always try out different pizzas with different bases to come to your own conclusion. At least with that option, it means you get to try different pizza toppings as part of your own ‘research’ into pizza crusts.