Different Types of Mozzarella Cheese For Pizza

If you are looking for the best mozzarella cheese for your pizza, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about some of the best mozzarella cheese that you can use to make your favorite pizza. Keep reading to learn more.

It is nearly not possible to make your favorite pizza without Mozzarella cheese. Nothing beats the creamy, soft, and stringy of this cheese. But different types of Mozzarella cheese come with different flavors and consistency. 

What Is Mozzarella?

Mozzarella is a traditional soft cheese (white) from Italy. It has a light milky flavor and a soft texture. Because of its soft consistency and creamy flavor, it is an excellent cheese for nearly all types of pizza.

It is the staple cheese for Neopolitan pizza. In addition to cow milk and fresh buffalo mozzarella, it comes in various other forms. The ideal type of mozzarella cheese will depend on the pizza you want to make and what you are looking for.

Fresh Mozzarella (Fior di Latte)

Different Types of Mozzarella Cheese For Pizza
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Fresh mozzarella is a cow milk-based mozzarella cheese. It is the most common type of cheese used to make Neopolitan-style pizza. This cheese comes in a bag of liquids to ensure that it stays fresh.

It has a nice, fresh flavor that you will not find with the dry pre-shredded cheese. Besides, it usually melts well and does not burn easily. This makes it excellent for pizza baked at high temperatures.

One of the drawbacks of this cheese is that it has a lot of moisture since it is stored in liquids and has a short shelf life. In addition, it is difficult to shred fresh mozzarella cheese because it is so soft. 

If you bake your fresh mozzarella cheese in a hot wood-fired oven, most of the moisture in it will evaporate. However, if you use a home oven, you will likely be left with moisture that will be absorbed into the pizza crust.

This will prevent the crust from going crispy. A home oven does not usually get hot enough to make all the moisture in the cheese evaporate. However, you can use pizza steel or pizza stone to improve the baking in the home oven.

You can drain the cheese properly and dry it using paper towels before adding it to the pizza. This will ensure that you get rid of the excess moisture.

To get rid of even more liquids, you can consider cutting the cheese and wrapping it in a paper towel for around 35 minutes before using the cheese. Be sure to do this ahead of time. Also, be sure to store it in a fridge until you need to use it.

Fresh Low-Moisture Mozzarella Cheese

Different Types of Mozzarella Cheese For Pizza
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Fresh low-moisture mozzarella cheese is an American invention popular in American pizza, like New York-style pizza. It usually has lower amounts of fat compared to Italian mozzarella cheese. The low amount of fat is because it is made from skimmed cow milk.

Low-moisture mozzarella cheese is made in the same way as Italian mozzarella cheese. However, it is normally dried using chemicals in order to lower the moisture.

This will ensure that the cheese has a longer shelf life. For this process, you can use different acids, including vinegar. It will give your cheese a different flavor.

The fresh low-moisture mozzarella cheese does not taste as fresh and nice as the Italian version. The cheese has a mild but slightly sharper taste than Italian mozzarella.

Besides, it is a bit saltier than Italian mozzarella cheese. The consistency is a bit firmer than the cheese and usually gets stringy when it melts.

One of the advantages of using fresh low-moisture mozzarella cheese is that it is easy to shred because of the firmer consistency of the cheese. In addition, this low-moisture mozzarella cheese is usually cheaper. 

Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese (Mozzarella di Bufala)

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Buffalo Mozzarella is a traditional mozzarella cheese from Campania, Italy. It is usually creamier, softer, and higher in fat. Besides, it has more flavor compared to the cow milk version. Some people also argue that it is a better-tasting cheese. This makes it a perfect pizza cheese. 

This buffalo mozzarella cheese usually comes in a container or bag with liquids like fresh cow milk mozzarella. However, the buffalo mozzarella cheese usually has more moisture.

The cheese can have as much as twice the amount of cow milk mozzarella cheese. Therefore, when using buffalo mozzarella cheese to make pizza, it is always important to drain and dry your cheese.

The buffalo mozzarella cheese is quite expensive compared to other options. Besides, it is a less accessible mozzarella cheese option.

Pre-Shredded Mozzarella

Pre-shredded mozzarella has become a popular cheese option in making pizza. It is made from the same type of American low-moisture mozzarella cheese.

However, it comes pre-shredded from the factory rather than sold in slices and blocks. This makes it very convenient and one of the best mozzarella cheeses for homemade pizza.

You will have to open the bag and pour the cheese over your pizza. If you are looking for cheaper mozzarella cheese, this is one of the best options. You can find it in your nearest grocery store.

It is the same as the low-moisture mozzarella cheese. Therefore, you can be sure that the flavor profile will be similar. It is usually slightly sharper and not at the same level as the traditional mozzarella cheese. 

Its bags contain starch and a few more anti-caking agents to prevent the strings from sticking to one another while in the bag. Unfortunately, this will have some effect on the flavor of the cheese. Pre-shredded mozzarella cheese does not taste as good as fresh low-moisture mozzarella. 

The starches may also interfere with melting. They can soak up some of the moisture from the mozzarella cheese when it is melting. This can lead to a drier layer of cheese.

In addition, the starches can burn in the oven more easily. Therefore, pre-shredded mozzarella cheese may not be ideal for high-temperature baking.

The Best Mozzarella Cheese For Thick Crust Pizza

The fresh low-moisture mozzarella cheese is the best mozzarella cheese to use in thick crust pizza. Thick crust pizza usually needs a lot of baking time at lower temperatures.

This means that fresh Italian mozzarella cheese will not be a good option as it has much moisture that will prevent your crust from crisping. Besides, pre-shredded mozzarella is not a good option because its starches will likely burn if you have a long baking time.

The Best Mozzarella Cheese For Neopolitan Pizza

The best mozzarella cheese for quality Neopolitan pizza is fresh mozzarella cheese. You can consider using either buffalo or cow milk mozzarella cheese. The high baking temperatures will make most of the water evaporate.

This will leave you with a creamy and soft melted cheese that will go well with tomato sauce as well as the slightly charred pizza crust.

The Best Mozzarella Cheese For New York-Style Pizza

The best mozzarella cheese to consider for your New York-style pizza is the fresh low-moisture mozzarella cheese. You can also use fresh mozzarella cheese, although you will have to drain and dry it well.

The Best Mozzarella Cheese For Deep Dish Pizza

For your deep-dish pizza, the perfect mozzarella cheese is the low moisture mozzarella cheese. It will help create the barrier between the sauce and the crust in this pizza. You can top it with shredded cheese if you want.

Things That Make Mozzarella Cheese Outstanding

Several benefits make mozzarella cheese a popular choice for cheese lovers. Here are some of them.


Mozzarella is made from fresh milk that does not have growth hormones. Therefore, it has the fresh milk’s natural, creamy flavor. This will make your pizza more creamy and delicious.

Good For Health

Mozzarella cheese has several health benefits to the body. It has a wide variety of nutrients for the body, such as fat, vitamin A, calcium, and protein. Besides, many mozzarella cheese products do not have gluten, preservatives, and artificial colorings. Therefore, they do not pose any health risk to the users.

Suitable With Many Foods

Mozzarella cheese is suitable for different types of food. You can use it to make your pizza and sauce or eat it with a sandwich or salad. Besides, mozzarella offers a cheese product for vegetarians. It is a good idea to satisfy your desire to eat cheese without abandoning your diet. 

Easy to Eat

Another good thing about mozzarella is that its cheese products are easy to eat. They usually have moderate texture and flavor. Besides, mozzarella cheese will make your side dishes better and even help you eat deliciously. 


If you are looking for the best mozzarella cheese for your pizza, the list above can guide you. For Neopolitan-style pizza, you should consider using fresh mozzarella. The high moisture and mild creamy flavor make fresh mozzarella cheese perfect for pizza mad in a wood-fired oven. For American-style pizza, you can consider low-moisture mozzarella cheese.