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Different Types Of Pizza Crust At Pizza Hut

If you want to know about the different types of pizza crust at Pizza Hut, you have come to the right place. We have gathered the different types of pizza crusts at Pizza Hut and reviewed each of them. Read on to learn more.

Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world. With close to 20000 restaurants across the world, it is arguably the best largest pizza chain in terms of location. Their pizza may not be the best, but they have excellent pizzas compared to other pizza chains.

They have different types of pizza crusts that pizza lovers can choose from. However, it can be challenging to decide the pizza crust to buy. You may find it hard to choose what you want with the many options.

The Pan Crust

pizza recipes
Source: keyingredient.com

The Pan Crust is a popular pizza crust, especially in the USA and other western countries. This signature crust from Pizza Hut is made using the best ingredients available. It is cooked in a slightly pan and made with a Pizza Hut thick crust.

This pizza crust is similar to Chicago’s deep-dish pizza and can handle a wide variety of pizza toppings. If you are looking for something to keep you full for the rest of the day, you can try this delicacy from Pizza Hut.

A few slices will have your stomach full and even feed friends or other members of the family. The crust has some oil underneath. Therefore, it will fry a little bit and give it a crispy outer crust.

The crust usually has a golden brown appearance and is slightly buttery than the usual thin crust on most pizzas. You will also realize that its texture goes well with the meat toppings.

Note that there is a difference between the Pizza Hut crust types in the United States of America and those from the United Kingdom. Crust types in the USA are usually cut in 8 slices, while those in the UK are cut in 10 slices.

The classic Pan Crust is usually thick, chewy, and doughy. If you are new or not used to Pizza Hut’s variety of pizza crusts, the Pan Crust can be a safe bet. 

Hand Tossed Crust

pizza recipes
Source: chefgeorgehirsch.com

This is another popular pizza crust from Pizza Hut. If you love artisanal things, you will surely love this hand-tossed crust. Traditionally, it was made by tossing the dough in the air in order to create air pockets in the crust. This would result in a fluffier, lighter, and more airy pizza base.

Several authentic Italian restaurants and small artisanal pizzerias still hand-toss their pizza dough. However, most other restaurants and pizzerias use machines to create that fluffy and airy crust.

This crust is markedly different than the Pan Crust. It is delicious, and having a bite of it will make you want to have more. You can eat a few slices in the morning, and they will keep you full for the rest of the day.

Since the Hand-tossed Crust borrows much from the Italian pizza-making tradition, it is thinner than the Pan Crust. While the hand-tossed crust is thinner and lighter with some crunch, the Pan Crust is chewy and dense.

The hand-tossed crust is thinner when cooked and will keep you eating more slices. The crust finisher is golden brown with a soft interior and a crispy outside.

Since it is made on a flat sheet and not in a shallow pan, it will taste less like fried bread. The crust has enough layer of sauce and cheese before topping with some sliced jalapenos and pepperoni.

There is also some bacon as toppings to add to the meaty taste of the pizza. If you are looking for a classic and non-fuss pizza that will easily melt in your mouth, you can try the hand-tossed pizza.

Stuffed Crust

pizza recipes
Source: queensleeappetit.com

We all love a stretchy, cheesy pizza. The more cheese in a pizza, the better. If you want an extra dose of Mozzarella, the Stuffed Crust from Pizza Hut is one of the best options to try. It is a great option that will give you more crust flavors. As the name suggests, this pizza crust emphasizes stuffing.

Pizza Hut introduced its first Stuffed Crust option in 1995. Since then, this pizza has won a reputation and has become a favorite for many pizza enthusiasts.

The innovative recipe was Pizza Hut’s way of setting itself in what had increasingly become a pizza war at the time. Different brands were going to great heights to woo their customers.

This pizza crust usually has a crust filled with warm, melty cheese. Some people may throw away the edge of the crust, thinking it is too tough or flavorless.

The rest of the pizza consists of top ingredients, including pure, whole milk Mozzarella, Pizza Hut’s 100% marinara, and your favorite pizza toppings. A single bite of this pizza will make you want more, and even try to make your own Stuffed Crust at home.

In addition to Mozzarella, other cheeses used in this crust are white cheese, fontina, and asiago. These cheeses will combine to create a bursting flavor in your mouth. This will ensure that no part of the pizza goes to waste. 

Thin Crust

pizza recipes
Source: layersofhappiness.com

Are you one of those people who prefer that their pizza be crispy and thin? If the hand-tossed crust is not enough for your liking, Pizza Hut has you covered with their Thin Crust.

It is an iconic crust from Pizza Hut and one of the best crusts you can get from them. It is not surprising that most pizza lovers like it, and it is one of the first options for those visiting Pizza Hut.

The Thin Crust is usually smaller compared to other pizzas at Pizza Hut and will require a small dough and stretch thinly. You can be sure to get a crispy crust.

If you are looking for a pizza that you can have as a snack, this is one of the best options. Because of the crust, you will hardly get full after eating several slices. 

The toppings for this crust are usually thin slices of meat and pepperoni or vegetables. This will ensure that the thin crust holds the weight of the pizza toppings.

In addition, it uses less dough which means that the crust will easily become crispy. It is also a bit healthier option. The less dough used in making this crust means fewer calories. Therefore, you can have a few slices on your “cheat day” without feeling guilty. 

The highlight of this crust is the crispy texture that will do well with the thin layer of sauce, pepperonis, and cheese. If you love crispy and extra-thin pizza, you will surely fall in love with this crust from Pizza Hut.

Cheesy Bite Crust

pizza recipes
Source: peasandcrayon.com

As the name suggests, Cheesy Bite Crust has the best cheesy dough. It has a thick layer of different cheeses and pizza toppings.

This crust from Pizza Hut is made of thick edges to counter the saltness of the cheeses. It also has a lot of vegetables such as green, red, and yellow bell peppers. 

The cheese blends with the sweetness of olive oil to create a creamy and buttery taste. Cheesy Bite Crust is a bit thicker than the other options on our list. However, it cooks to become crispy. It has the same ingredients as the other pizza crusts. 

The crust is handmade and topped with several tasty nutrients to counteract the strong taste of the cheese. If you want something from Pizza Hut to keep you full the whole day, this Cheesy Bite Crust is one of the best options. It is delicious, and a bite of it will make you want more.

Gluten-Free Crust

pizza recipes
Source: glutenfreeonashoestring.com

Pizza Hut made this Gluten-Free Crust to consider the health of its customers. It is a healthy option that has slowly become popular for individuals trying to lose weight or eat healthier. If you are looking for something healthier from Pizza Hut, this crust has you covered.

The pizza toppings used on this crust are also gluten-free. The crust is thin and is made a bit different to make up for cheese and thin toppings in order to prevent them from burning. This option is available in more than 2000 Pizza Hut branches worldwide. 

According to most pizza enthusiasts, this is the best gluten-free option compared to most pizza chains worldwide offering the same crust. It is a safe choice as it is made with no gluten added to the mix.

One of the favorites for many people is the Pizza Hut garlic crust which is known for its delicious flavors. It is garlic-free except for the buttery garlic blend. Its finisher is a delicious and crispy pizza crust that blends well with the pizza toppings.


Pizza Hut has a lot of options when it comes to the type of pizza crust. All of their options are good, but you can not choose the same type of pizza crust all the time. You can consider these crusts on our list.