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Does Costco Have Gluten-Free Pizza?

If you have ever walked into Costco, then you know how they appear to have absolutely everything you would ever need. It seems they cater to any requirements, but does Costco have a gluten-free pizza?

We all know how the number of people looking for gluten-free options has continued to increase in the last few years. That means finding those products has become much easier compared to the past.

But here’s a slight problem. As Costco offers so many different products for sale, it can give any individual something of a headache in finding the right product. You know that feeling when you go into their store and try to find something in this massive place.

So, this is where we will hopefully help and make a difference. By the end, we hope to have answered your question regarding gluten-free pizza at Costco. Perhaps you will even feel like heading out to your local Costco to grab something?

So, let’s get on with talking all about gluten-free pizza.

costco gluten free pizza

The Answer

It’s going to come as no surprise to find out that Costsco does indeed have a gluten-free pizza. Not only do they have gluten-free crusts, but they also have cauliflower crusts available as well. So, they are all gluten-free.

We find this amazing, but as we said, it’s not a shock or surprise that Costsco has you well covered in this department. They have you well covered compared to several other companies, even though the selection still does not match up with gluten options.

But then, there’s much more to this than simply finding out if they have something available. We need to know if its gluten-free crusts taste good or if you should walk past them and get your gluten-free pizza from somewhere else.

Thin and Crispy Cauliflower Crust

So if we look at their cauliflower crust, we see that it’s a thin crust option, and they use rice flour in its ingredients. That does mean it is entirely gluten-free, as the rice flour acts as the glue that binds everything together.

The crust itself comes across as relatively light, and if you have ever tried a cauliflower crust before, then this version will taste no different. It doesn’t even really come across as cauliflower when it comes down to the taste aspect.

But you also still find that the toppings are restrictive, and that is the kind of thing that drives us crazy. However, at least with this cauliflower crust, from the Kirkland brand, you get a roasted vegetable option. 

This simple change to the standard toppings can be a huge deal, and it means you do not have to go down the cheese or pepperoni route, and that’s a good enough reason to try this out.

cauliflower pizza kit

Gluten-free Crust Kit

But we also have to mention Costco Molinaro’s gluten-free pizza kit. This kit provides you with everything you need to go ahead and make your gluten-free pizza at home, and we love this as an option.

Brands tend to restrict options for ready-made gluten-free pizza, so allowing you to create your toppings makes sense. Also, it’s easy to follow the instructions on the kit, so you should have no difficulty producing the perfect pizza every time.

But here’s one different thing. The number one ingredient in this particular kit is zucchini, and if you have never tried this, then you are in for something of a treat.

It also uses rice flour to bind everything together, a combination that works exceptionally well. However, the way you can throw on your sauce and toppings helps mark this crust kit out as different from most.

But we do admit that it’s strange thinking about zucchini as the base for pizza. However, it’s because of the rice flour that it all sort of works, and it does help that it only comes in a thin crust. 

Overall, this kit could change how you make pizza at home, and you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination.

zucchini pizza kit

Sabatasso Gluten-Free Pizza

We are heading to the frozen section of Costco now, and here we find the Sabtasso gluten-free pizza, and this version has a decent flavor to it. The main version is a four-cheese gluten-free pizza, and it doesn’t come across as bland compared to other brands.

Once again, we have a thin crust pizza, but you get more than a healthy amount of cheese added to the top. The sauce does not come across as too overpowering either, and that’s a massive bonus as the cheese has a lot of flavors.

But it’s the crust we need to focus on, and it will not let you down as a gluten-free option. It even tastes as if cheese was added to the crust, which would help with a bland flavor, but even if that’s not the case, it shows how well put together this crust is.

However, we have a bit of a complaint about this pizza. It comes across as them restricting the sauce. Perhaps it does not taste like it would overpower because not much is put on the pizza.

Overall though, this gluten-free pizza is a bit of a winner. If only they provided more options in the way of toppings, then it would surely become a lot more popular than it is right now.

Other Toppings

While Costco does at least provide you with a kit to make your pizza, they do have minimal options regarding the ready-made versions. However, the cauliflower crust option comes with a roasted vegetable version, which is different from the norm.

What that means is we would suggest getting the kit and making your own. Also, the gluten-free ready-made versions tend to restrict the amount of sauce on the crust, which can lead to the pizza having a slightly dry taste, which is not something a lot of people would enjoy.

But at least you have a solution, even though it means you need to do a lot of work by putting your toppings onto your pizza. That is why we see the kit as the best thing at Costco, thanks to its versatility.

However, we would love it if Costco did something with the ready-made pizza options to ensure people searching for gluten-free crusts had the same depth of choice.

Is it All Worth it?

Ultimately, is it worth going to Costco and buying their gluten-free pizza options compared to other options elsewhere? Well, we think it is, and it’s because you have more than one thing to choose from.

As we have said over and over again, we love the kit idea. In an instant, you get the freedom to make whatever you want, and that’s something more companies should offer people with the need to avoid gluten.

But Costco has different brands for sale in their stores, so it’s more a case of looking at their options rather than something Costco makes themselves. 

Overall, the taste of their gluten-free options across the range is not too bad. The Sabatasso pizza does not taste like a gluten-free pizza if you are used to eating gluten-free, so that’s a huge bonus.

But Costco includes different options made from cauliflower, and even zucchini is a huge hit. It provides you with something new to try, even though it sounds strange talking about zucchini as a base for pizza.

Overall Conclusion

Costco has you well covered with gluten-free pizza options, and we think they have one of the best selections in their market. However, that doesn’t come across as much of a surprise. It is Costco we are talking about here, after all.

They not only have your usual gluten-free crust but also a cauliflower crust option, and that’s pretty cool in our eyes. Sure they still have those limitations when it comes to toppings, but that’s a problem everyone suffers from with no sign of ever going away.

But if you find yourself in Costco, we recommend trying their gluten-free pizza. It does come across as a perfect pizza, and it will undoubtedly satisfy your tastebuds on most occasions.

Finally, as everything is pre-made, you must make sure you use clean utensils and don’t mix up gluten products with your pizza. Cross-contamination is a constant threat for people who need to avoid gluten, so at least Costco gives you options that allow you to take control.