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Does Digiorno Make Gluten-Free Pizza?

We like to make sure that everyone can get the perfect pizza for them but does Dejiorno make a gluten-free pizza?

After all, we all love pizza and feel nobody should miss out on the taste explosion that can easily happen with those delicious toppings.

But there are times when we need to focus on something very specific, and this time it’s gluten-free pizza. 

The number of people searching for a gluten-free option is on the increase as more people become aware of an intolerance to gluten.

Of course, celiacs have had to contend with this for a long time, but there’s no doubt that gluten-free products have become far more accessible.

But does this extend to pizza? In particular, what does Digiorno offer in the way of a gluten-free crust? Do they even have one, and if they do does it taste like a decent crust?

These questions clearly play an important role when it comes to you deciding as to whether or not you should order, so let’s go through each part and see what answers we can come up with.

digiorno gluten-free pizza

The Answer

So the answer as to whether or not Digiorno has gluten-free pizza tends to come across as more complicated than it needs to be. Actually, it ends up pretty stressful when trying to answer this question.

However, one thing we can say is that this company does indeed offer a gluten-free pizza, but it does not end up going through the same manufacturing process as you would expect.

As a manufacturer of ready-made pizza for you to warm up at home, they clearly aim for a different market to the likes of Pizza Hut.

While they do offer a gluten-free crust, you find your options reduced as a result of not finding yourself in a position of picking and choosing your toppings.

The Crust Ingredients

To explain, we need to examine the crust ingredients, and one of the first things you will notice is that the gluten-free crust from Digiorno contains wheat. Yes, you read that right, it contains wheat.

But before you go ahead and think that it’s impossible for it to then be classed as gluten-free, then wait to find out more. You see, what Digiorno does for their gluten-free crust is they take the wheat and put it through a special rinsing process.

This rinsing process effectively washes away the gluten protein, and everything else is left behind. It does sound quite tricky, but they assure you that it does indeed work.

Ultimately, you end up with a crust that is made from wheat flour, but with no gluten still attached. 

But the problem here is the fact people have created this thing in their mind, and rightfully so, that when they see wheat mentioned in an ingredients list that it means gluten.

So, that could prove difficult for some people to work past if they intend to order a pizza from Digiorno.

digiorno cheese pizza

This Crust is Thicker

Also, here is another difference when comparing the gluten-free pizza from Digiorno and what you tend to get at pizza chains, and it’s all connected to the size. However, this time it’s more to do with the thickness instead of anything else.

Usually, a gluten-free crust will only appear as a thin crust. That just appears to be the way in which the pizza chains do things when dealing with gluten-free for some strange reason.

But thanks to the processing method used by Digiorno in the manufacturing of their gluten-free pizza, what you get is something more of a deep pan pizza. That alone comes across as a surprise, but it does make you feel as if you have a substantial pizza cooking for you.

Also, Digiorno has managed to change its approach to gluten-free pizza. The newer version has this thicker crust to it, and it’s because of changing their processing method. 

We do enjoy this because it makes a nice difference to the thin crust you tend to see everywhere else. 

The Taste

When it comes to the taste, then it does have a slight airy feel to it, and the crust itself does not come across as too heavy. This is something of a relief, and you do get the impression you are sitting there eating a deep pan pizza.

But here is something you may find interesting. 

Because of the method they use to remove the gluten from the wheat, it does mean their gluten-free pizza does not always taste like a gluten-free crust. It somehow manages to keep some of the texture and taste of a normal gluten crust.

This does make a difference, especially when you have a thicker crust. It may also make it easier for anybody who needs to perhaps reduce their gluten intake but does not enjoy the full-on gluten-free experience.

That’s because the crust has some taste to it, and it’s kind of like any other store-bought pizza you can get from a variety of brands. The fact you can pretty much compare it to a normal gluten crust could make a difference for some people.

Also, you do know that everything on the pizza contains no gluten either. This applies mainly to the pizza sauce as some chains use sauce that does have traces of gluten. Then there’s the risk of cross-contamination in the sauce, but more on that contamination issue later.

None of this applies to these pizzas manufactured by Digiorno. Every aspect is free from gluten, even though they do still use that unusual method of extracting the gluten protein in the first place. 

digiorno pepperoni


But now we move onto a problem area, and it’s the options you have available to you when it comes to a gluten-free pizza by Digiorno. As you have no way of choosing your toppings, since this pizza comes ready-made in a box you buy from Target, your options do end up limited.

It’s not just the fact the options are limited either. You also do not get the same number of toppings to choose from as you would do with a gluten crust. 

They actually only give you two options. A four-cheese pizza, and pepperoni. So, nothing special or outstanding here compared to what you get for a standard ready-made pizza bought in a grocery store.

The problem here is that those two options are your typical standard pizza topping options for ready-made gluten-free crusts. This part is sad because it would just help if there were a couple of different options away from the norm.

At Least it’s Easy to Make

On the plus side of everything, at least this pizza is very easy to make. All you need to do is to throw it in your oven for the length of time it says on the box, and you get the perfect pizza every single time.

The gluten-free crust takes roughly the same length of time as a normal gluten crust. You basically have that pizza on the table in a matter of minutes, so what isn’t there to love about that?

Also, there is another major bonus, and it’s all to do with cross-contamination.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Cross-Contamination

The problem you have with ordering a gluten-free crust from a place such as Pizza Hut or MOD Pizza is that cross-contamination is a very real thing. Sure they can try to stop cross-contamination, but people make mistakes.

A company such as Digiorno has a production line set up to make these pizzas. That means they can set up the production line so it is only handling gluten-free crusts at that time.

So, it means the chances of cross-contamination drop to almost zero. However, they will still state that their pizza is then produced in a factory where wheat and gluten products are also made.

That means they cannot completely rule out the possibility, but there is a reduced chance of it happening.

As someone who is intolerant to gluten, this can make a huge difference in at least feeling safe and secure about eating their gluten-free pizza. 

Overall Conclusion

Digiorno does produce a gluten-free pizza, but don’t expect to feel overwhelmed with the number of options available to you. However, you do at least get more of a crust with their pizza compared to the usual thin crust option, and that’s a positive.

But you need to work past the fear that it does contain wheat. Sure they put things through a special rinsing process that washes away the gluten, but people can often feel stressed and worried about it all. 

Sadly, you also only have two options for the toppings, and we find that sad. However, Digiorno is not unique when it comes to that, so we cannot really complain. 

From a taste perspective, this pizza comes across as pretty good. It’s not exactly the same as a gluten-filled crust, but as a gluten free option it really is not that bad.