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Does Dominos Make A Gluten-Free Crust?

So many people are searching for gluten-free products. So, does Dominos make a Gluten-free crust?

Pizza is undoubtedly ranking high on the ‘must have’ list for those with gluten sensitivity. Nothing is worse than craving a pizza and finding out there is nothing in store for you!

There are many reasons why people might avoid gluten in a pizza, but many think gluten-free is healthier. It’s not! It is simply a healthier option for those that are avoiding gluten. 

Domino's gluten-free pizza

The Answer

If you feel like a pizza, Dominos has a pizza for you, even if you are gluten intolerant.

Dominos does supply a perfect pizza base that is gluten-free. Most discerning and none discerning pizza lovers alike will appreciate that fact. 

However, we don’t just want to tell you that they do a gluten-free crust. Instead, you want to know a lot more about it, so let’s dive into the topic in more detail.

More on the Dominos Gluten-Free Crust

There is a fine line between a gluten-free pizza base that tastes amazing and just a pizza base with no gluten and no taste. Sometimes the pizza base can be heavy and almost inedible, so no one wants to experience it again. 

You have no worries here; the pizza base has passed the taste and texture test by all gluten-free pizza lovers. Yep, it’s one of the better options than the other major pizza chains.

But There’s a Warning

As with most big pizza supply chains, Dominos recommends caution if you are severely intolerant to gluten. 

Their dough is made in the same space as other wheat products. That means that sometimes even the best intentions do not work; busy staff members might transfer gluten to a product without realizing it.

Having said that, if you simply want to go gluten-free because of gluten sensitivity, which is more common than you might think, then go for it!

Dominos will either make their dough in-house or order them in. However, the problem of cross-contamination remains no matter which one your local Dominos tends to use.

Some countries offer a celiac certificate of approval but as with anything in life, if you feel uncomfortable because of possible transmission between wheat and gluten-free, perhaps give it a miss. 

gluten free pizza at dominos

Didn’t Gluten-Free Go Missing?

During the early stages of the C-19 pandemic, Dominos removed its entire gluten-free menu. 

Why you might ask? Due to a lack of staff and specific measures to keep workers safe, they felt that the conveyor belts carrying gluten-free and wheat products were a no-go option. So hats off to them for putting safety first. 

Luckily gluten-free options are available once again. Also, they have realized that more people are searching for this type of pizza, so they have made it more readily accessible than ever before.

Dominos understands that a quick meal at any time of the day that is tasty and good to eat should be available to everyone. Knowing this might make you heave a big sigh of relief!

The Dominos Gluten-Free Options

When Dominos launched their gluten-free products over a decade ago, they would include the base in the buildable options menu. Still, now they are a little weary of that too. Since a lot of toppings can also carry gluten in them. 

You need to take some care when it comes to building your pizza. You could find yourself getting caught out, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Some of the more favored versions that are safer to eat include good old Pepperoni and cheese. 

The gluten-free pizza offers one size of 9.5″. You might think this is not a great size if you fancy large, but there is no stopping you from ordering two, and in a way, you can mix up your order with different toppings. That is if you are feeling a bit short-changed. 

The sizing option came about because many Dominos pizza houses order premade pizza basis instead of making them. 

Sadly, we don’t enjoy the fact that they have such a limit on their pizza. However, there is a way to improve the end result and allow you to get creative with things on your side.

Now with more gluten-free toppings available, buildable options are enormous. 

Once you have started to build your pizza, here are some great toppings to try:

gluten free dominos


If you go with tradition, starting with a marinara sauce is a no-brainer. 

Add some jalapenos, chicken, or Italian sausage if you fancy the hotter side. Italian sausage is always filled with spices, and a full-bodied flavor is a great choice. Dark olives and anchovies add a deeper level of taste. 

These ingredients are on point with marinara, which is, of course, Italian. You can even go for more burn with a hot sauce slid neatly under a fiery bed of delicious double cheese or single if you are worried about the waistline. 

You might want to mix your cheeses too. If you are into the sharp taste of cheese, you can add mature cheddar and top it off with mozzarella, which adds that backup creamy taste. 

Another great marinara topping can include bacon pieces mixed with ground beef and chili. You can leave the hot sauce and add peppers for a nice tang without the bite, or if you love the burn, throw on some chillis, both jalapeno and bird’s eye. 

Onions will bring out the meaty taste, and red onions sweat nicely on a bed of fiery or spicy ground beef. Remember, there is a difference between hot and spicy. 

Spicy is about flavor, and hot is about the heat. A new favorite amongst chili lovers is sweet mango habanero, but this is not for the faint-hearted!

BBQ Sauce 

If you long for those hot summer nights and fancy that great BBQ taste, start with a BBQ sauce. You can add chargrilled meat, peppers, smashed chorizo, mushrooms, pepperoncini, and tons of cheese. Or even leave the cheese off if you want to. 

Philly steak is another excellent BBQ option. If you are not into red meat but still hankering after the BBQ taste, then there is the grilled chicken option. 

You can even throw on some halloumi. Halloumi is a great barbeque cheese and looks fantastic, a little chargrilled. The salty flavor enhances the meaty taste you might be after. 

You can also order a side of barbeque wings to ramp it up. Steer away from any breaded products, as they are not entirely gluten-free. 

Other great sides that go well with BBQ are roasted peppers and corn meal, and you could add a dipping sauce. There are red and brown barbeque dipping sauces, and even the ranch style will par up a treat. 

If you want to heat it, you can go for the Kicker Hot Dipping cup; that way, you can put your toes in and stay safe!

Garlic Parmesan White Sauce 

If you love garlic and cheese, this sauce will kickstart an array of different toppings. 

Try adding bacon, chicken, and peppers. Ham and Pepperoni will also create a lovely symphony of flavors that remain in the milder range. Still, no one said that you could not spice this ensemble up, either. 

You can keep the herb quotient going by adding Garlic and Herb Shake On or stay mild with a Blue Cheese Dip. It’s all in the mixes, and the combinations are gluten-free. 

Other great combinations include pineapple, grilled chicken, and ham with a white parmesan sauce. Throw some spinach for a health kick, keep it mild, or spice it up. Toss on some parmesan, and throw on some green olives if you are after tons of flavor. 

Another Parmesan White Sauce favorite is grilled chicken, olives, green peppers, and spinach with a fresh fat-free raspberry sauce. This washes down well with a caesar dressing. 

Your options are limited only by your imagination. 

Overall Conclusion

Dominos offers a gluten-free option for their pizza, and even though you have limits with the size, you don’t have limits with your imagination.

We recommend building your pizza to ensure you feel content with the toppings. The normal menu versions may prove slightly boring, and with the size being smaller than you may like, the idea of adding lots of toppings to bulk it up does appeal.

But as we said earlier, you need to watch out for any sneaky gluten that appears in other toppings or sauces. If you have any doubt, then ask them in advance. By all accounts, you should have no problem in finding the perfect gluten-free pizza at Dominos.