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Does Marco’s Have Gluten Free Pizza?

Here we plan on focusing on just one single pizza place, and it’s Marcos. So, does Marcos have a gluten free pizza?

We have always had an interest in which pizza places provide their customers with a gluten free option.

After all, the very idea of eating gluten free is certainly something that is gaining in popularity, so it makes sense for pizza places to fall into line.

But there’s more to all of this than simply finding out which places sell gluten-free pizza.

The idea is not only to answer the question, but to also provide you with some better insight into the gluten free offerings when you decide that this is the place you will get pizza from.

Honestly, we would feel somewhat shocked if a pizza place did not have a gluten free option.

The world has changed a lot since gluten free crusts first appeared, but there are still some places that just do not put a gluten free pizza on the menu. We think that’s a terrible thing to do. So, what’s happens with Marcos

marcos gluten free pizza

The Answer

Marco’s does indeed have gluten free pizza available to their customers, and one of the best things is that it comes in a medium-sized pizza.

That alone is good news because so many pizza places only offer a gluten free crust in smaller pizzas. At least here you get a decent sized pizza for your money.

But if you know anything about gluten free, then you know it has to go beyond just the crust.

Actually, that’s the easiest part of checking out if something is gluten free as some pizza places do end up using other products filled with gluten that could then cause a problem.

So, let’s explore more of what’s on offer at Marco’s to help you make your decision if you plan on eating gluten free.

The Crust

First, let’s look at the crust. As we said, it comes in the medium-size only, but that’s fine by us. 

The crust is obviously going to be a thin-crust, but that’s what you would expect from a gluten free pizza. So, as it’s the norm, we really don’t have any problem with this whatsoever.

Also, people report that the crust itself has a pretty decent flavor to it, and it’s certainly not going to come across like your usual gluten free option.

We love that fact, and it does make it sound as if it’s a far superior gluten free pizza than you would usually expect to get.

The gluten free crust here has a tendency to taste light and airy. It has enough of a crunch to it that you can enjoy the taste, and it has a reasonable chew to it.

Overall, this crust acts, looks and tastes like a normal crust that contains gluten. It’s really tough to differentiate between the two, so if you had not been told you were eating gluten free, then there would be little chance of you spotting the difference.

The Sauce

But we mentioned earlier that there is more to a gluten free pizza than just the crust. People who need to avoid gluten can easily fall into a trap thanks to ingredients contained within the sauce. 

You do need to double-check with each restaurant if their sauce is indeed gluten free, or which options do not contain gluten. Unfortunately, you cannot simply opt for any old sauce, or you could run into a problem.

Their signature sauce should pose no problems. However, we do not think anybody should take a risk here.

marcos gluten free

Dipping Sauces

As well as the sauce on the pizza crust, you also have dipping sauces to think about and Marco’s does have three different sauces that you can have when gluten free. 

Here, the three you should look out for include:

  • Blue cheese cup
  • Jalapeno Ranch dip sauce
  • Ranch cup

Admittedly it’s not much in the way of variation, but it still at least represents something of a choice where you have nothing to fear even if you have to avoid gluten.

The Toppings

When it comes to the toppings, then the good news is that they are pretty much all gluten free. However, it’s still worth double-checking on things if you do not feel absolutely certain about different things.

That at least means you have options when it comes to designing your own pizza at Marco’s. You basically have any topping you can imagine to choose from, and you have the ability to mix them up if you wish to do so.

Ultimately, you get to build your own pizza, or you can go for the set pizza options that appear on their menu. Your main focus is going to be on just making sure they do indeed deliver a gluten free crust rather than you running into trouble.

The Calzone

But here is one thing you may not have considered when it comes to gluten free, and that’s a calzone. You see, it may be possible that your local Marco’s also offers gluten free calzone, and that’s something that is impressive.

Also, it’s very rare for this to happen, so don’t expect it to appear at every single outlet. It’s something you may need to request in advance, so get in touch with them directly and see if they can indeed offer it.

If you can get your hands on this, then you could be in for an absolute treat. You see, if the calzone part is gluten free, then you have all those fillings and sauce to think about as well, and honestly it’s not going to taste like it is gluten free.

That in itself is an amazing thing, and it’s a major reason why we think you should give your local Marco’s a try.

gluten free marcos pizza


Several sides are indeed gluten free, but if you want to order a salad as a side, then only the Greek salad fits the bill. 

But for the sides, we do give you a word of warning. You want to make sure you double-check for coatings and flavors on sides. Once again, it’s all too easy to get caught out by some extra ingredient, so don’t take the risk.

However, if you plan on ordering a dessert, then understand that they do not have a specific gluten free option when it comes to a dessert.

That may be something they will change in the future, but at this point it’s something you will have to rule out.

Is it Safe?

Here’s an important point. Marco’s can offer you a gluten free pizza, but it may still not be too safe for people who are gluten intolerant to eat the pizza. 

The issue is cross-contamination and even though Marco’s does state they do their utmost to eliminate cross-contamination, it can still happen.

It turns out the biggest problem is the staff not taking enough care when handling gluten free options.

You see, some staff will move between pizzas and not change gloves, or even use different utensils with gluten free pizza.

That’s where the biggest problem lies, and even though Marco’s does do their best to eliminate the problem, it can still occur.

The best thing for you to do, if you are indeed gluten intolerant is to ask them to take real care over your pizza.

You just need to then hope that they did pay attention to what they were doing, and you won’t then find yourself eating something you should really avoid.

Is it the Best?

Asking if something is the best does cause problems. After all, we tend to have different opinions, and when it comes to pizza then people often have strong opinions on it. 

However, we do think that the pizza crust from Marco’s is one of the best out there when it comes to gluten free.

Also, it’s not just us that thinks that either. So many people agree with this sentiment as well.

It’s the simple fact that it doesn’t come across as your typical gluten free crust. Some pizza places do make their gluten free crust as bland as possible, but that’s not the case here.

While we cannot say that it is undoubtedly the best gluten free crust out there, it would take a lot of effort for another gluten free crust to beat it.

Overall Conclusion

Marco’s does indeed offer a gluten free pizza, and the crust itself tends to taste pretty darn good as well. 

However, you need to take care with the sauce and toppings, or you could still run into problems by going ahead and consuming some gluten used as an ingredient elsewhere.

That’s why you need to double-check with your local Marco’s and get some confirmation on the items that are on the menu that are indeed gluten free.

That’s the overall key here. You need to ask in advance in the hope it stops any cross-contamination but even then you may still run into the occasional problem.