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Does Papa John’s Have Wings?

Papa John’s is a well-known brand, and they have worked hard to build their reputation. So, we should answer this very simple question, does Papa John’s have wings, and if so, what are they like?

What is it about pizza places also having wings as a regular side? It seems that every place you go to has this option, even though they are not all cooked to the same standard.

But this isn’t about every single pizza place. Instead, it’s about one place, Papa John’s.

You see, this is more important than most people realize. After all, chicken wings tend to be an art form, and many people have been disappointed in the result.

Hopefully, that’s not going to happen if you order wings from Papa John’s.

papa johns wings

The Answer

The answer is a very clear yes. Papa John’s does indeed have wings, and you should be able to find them at any outlet owned by them. They remain one of the most popular sides available at the outlet.

Also, they do have several flavors of wings for you to choose from, and they do have a pretty reasonable reputation for the quality of the wings they have to offer.

But there is always more to it than simply stating that they have wings. You see, we need to look into the different options and help you determine which wings you would like and if they are worth the money.

After all, there are chicken wings, and then there are good wings.

So, what side does Papa John’s chicken wings fall on when it comes to taste? 

Your Options at Papa John’s

The first thing you will notice if you order wings at Papa John’s is that you have options. First, you have the number of wings.

At Papa John’s, you do have the option of six or eight wings, but some places also allow you to go for a total of 16 wings if you feel daring enough.

That’s certainly more than you will often see elsewhere, and you can see how 16 wings would work well if a group of people all plan on eating pizza and having a party together.

But even the six or eight wings will often appear more than enough for most people. However, that’s not all that they offer.

You may find your local Papa John’s happy to allow you to order batches of wings in either 24 or 50 pieces, and that’s seriously impressive.

We struggle to think of other places that have so much variety when it comes to the number of wings on offer with a single order.

We know that this is a lot of wings, but you have so much more to think about than just the sheer number.

box of papa johns wings

The Flavors

Papa John’s offers several different flavors to choose from when it comes to their chicken wings.

We admit that not every flavor will be up there as one of the best, but they generally score pretty well on a taste test.

So, what flavors exist, and which ones generally come out as the best? We think you may be slightly surprised at the options that Papa John’s has made available to you.


If the flavor is not your thing, you could stick with the naked option, which may be best for some people. It lets you taste the chicken, and it’s not too bad.

However, it just seems strange eating wings when they have no additional flavor or coating. So, that may explain why people do not generally rate this as their favorite option.

Garlic Parmesan

Garlic Parmesan is one of those flavors that can turn out something of a hit or a miss with chicken wings. At Papa John’s, it does tend to err on the side of a hit, but only just.

Depending on where you go, you may find the garlic to come out as slightly overpowering, but some people like that.

It could almost always do with more cheese flavor to it, but you should hopefully get some of the taste of the chicken coming through.

Honey BBQ

Honey BBQ is a strange one. It comes across as a flavor that should work, but it just doesn’t work as it should. 

For whatever reason, it comes across as too sweet and overpowering. It’s as if they have the balance wrong with the flavor, which ruins the entire chicken. 

This comes across as rather unfortunate as it’s a flavor that people could love if they could only do it right.

Honey Sriracha

OK, so this flavor is strange, and it’s one we think most people would do best to avoid.

Think of a sweet chili flavor, but one that has been put together by people who don’t understand what sweet chili tastes like.

I find this one disappointing. Sometimes people like a bit of a burn with their chicken wings, but Papa John’s has ruined it all by coating it in too much honey.

Honestly, you should avoid this option as much as possible and go for something else.

bbq chicken wings

Sweet Chili

You might think we just covered this, but they also have a sweet chili option regarding chicken wing flavors.

There is a difference between the two, and if you had to choose, then this is the one you should go for.

The flavor is more balanced than other options, and it’s not overpowering with either the sweetness or the heat.

In general, it works well and tends to come out as one of the better flavors for chicken wings at Papa John’s.

Spicy BBQ

The spicy BBQ is excellent if you select chicken wings from Papa John’s.

The flavor comes across well, and it has the right balance between the sweetness of the BBQ and some heat from the spice.

This flavor will be one of the best out there, and we do not doubt that if you venture out to try wings, you could quickly fall in love with the spicy BBQ version.

Buffalo Wings

Finally, we have buffalo wings, and this flavor would win all competitions if you were trying to find a winner from the various wings at Papa John’s.

There is something so nice about buffalo wings flavor, and this version will not let you down.

It has the right taste without overpowering, and you still get the taste of the chicken simultaneously.

Papa John’s managed to produce a decent wing when they put this together, and it’s the one we recommend you go ahead and try.

Any Problems with the Wings?

The wings at Papa John’s are not that good when you get them on their own. The chicken they use does not come across as the best, so you really do need that added flavor to make it something you could even eat.

That’s disappointing. It becomes even more disappointing when you consider people can order wings in vast numbers.

It makes you wonder why Papa John’s is not going to ensure their wings are the best in the business. 

Well, from a pizza place anyway.

The wings themselves are not too filled with oil either. That makes it even harder to understand what they were doing with some of the flavors that you get. 

Is There a Clear Winner?

Out of the different flavors of wings from Papa John’s, two flavors stand out from the crowd. Both spicy BBQ and buffalo wings do fight one another to win the crown of the best flavor. 

Trying to choose between the two is not that easy. It does come down to personal preference, as both are fantastic in their own right.

But here’s an important point. These wings only act as a side to the main dish, which is the pizza.

So perhaps you should spend time thinking about the toppings on your pizza before you contemplate the wing’s flavor.

For us, that’s the best course of action to take. It should always turn out that the wings compliment your pizza rather than taking all of the acclaims. 

Overall Conclusion

Papa John’s does indeed sell wings, and while they may have more limited flavors to some places, the sheer number of wings you can order makes a difference.

If you plan on having a large party, then this could very well work out to your benefit simply because you can order up to 50 wings at a time.

Their flavors can sometimes come across as slightly lacking, but that doesn’t apply to every flavor on their list.