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Does Pizza Hut Have Salads or Healthier Options?

Even though the key to what they sell is in the name, it’s always worth checking out if a company such as Pizza Hut has a few surprises up its sleeve. In this instance, we can focus on the common question, does Pizza Hut have salads or healthier options?

Now, we know that the idea of a pizza restaurant and the concept of a healthier choice comes across as something that just does not work, but is that really the case?

So, what does the company say about this? What type of things do they offer on their menu when it comes to salads or healthier options? Is this even a thing?

It’s reasonable to presume that people automatically think that a pizza restaurant only serves one thing, calorie-laden pizza. However, you will soon find out that this does not always have to be the case.

pizza hut salad bar

The Answer

The good news is that Pizza Hut does indeed have a number of options viewed as healthier than a pizza. Also, this does not only come from the brand themselves but also from nutritionists who have decided that certain options on the menu could come across as healthier.

But the good news gets even better. It turns out that some pizza options remain on the menu even if you plan on searching for that healthier option. 

However, the key with the pizza option is your own personal restraint. There’s no option whereby you get to order a medium size pizza and eat it all in the one go. That’s not a healthy option no matter the toppings.

But the fact you can still enjoy some pizza should have lifted your spirits. So, let’s go through those salads and healthier options.


Pizza Hut does come with some salad options, but the exact salad option available to you depends on where you live. You see, not all menus remain the same around the world. 

But before you think you can just jump on in and grab a salad and think that everything in the world is great, that’s not actually the case. The problem most people have is they get the salad dressing, and that will automatically increase the calories and make the salad less healthy.

Take the Caesars Salad available at Pizza Hut as an example. It’s a great option to try out, but as soon as you cover it in the dressing, then you sort of undo all the good work that goes with the salad part. But it’s not only Pizza Hut that has this particular problem. 

So, what do you do? Well, you have a couple of options.

First, you could get a salad without any dressing, but that’s quite dry and will certainly not appeal to most people. However, you have a second option available to you.

The second option is to ensure you get to put the dressing on the salad rather than it coming to your table already covered. For this, you need to ask for the dressing to accompany the salad to allow you to put it on. You should have no problem with this, and it does mean you can reduce the amount of dressing.

As a result, your salad will not come across as dry, but you still manage to keep those calories in check.

But if you go to a Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom, then you get an unlimited salad with your pizza. All you do is go up to the salad bar and help yourself. 

So salad at Pizza Hut does exist, but it’s not the only ‘healthy option’ that is out there.

pizza hut thin

Other Healthy Options – Including Pizza!

This part will now become fun because some healthy options on the menu at Pizza Hut do include pizza. 

Now, we need to make things completely clear here. When we talk about you having pizza as a healthy option, we tend to refer to you having one slice. However, some options available do mean you can have a slice of pizza, and it will only consist of around 100 calories, and that’s impressive.

So, let’s get on with those options and see what’s available.

Small Veggie Lover’s Thin ‘n Crispy

The first option we need to mention is the small veggie lover’s thin ‘n crispy pizza. This should really act as your first choice, and it’s for a very good reason.

A single slice of this pizza comes in at 100 calories, and that’s impressive. You also only get 3g of fat, and 14g of carbs. Of course, the toppings play a key role in keeping these figures relatively low, so don’t start swapping things out for anything else, and avoid the extra cheese.

But also the key is in the crust. By ordering the thin ‘n crispy option, it means you keep the calories and carbs as low as possible here. If you upgrade to a thicker crust, then both the carbs and calories will skyrocket, and that’s not something you want.

pizza hut pizza

Naked Traditional Wings

This dish may act more as a side, but it’s still one of the healthier sides on their menu. With their naked traditional wings, you will consume some 80 calories and only 4.5g of fat.

Now, that fat figure remains higher than a slice of pizza, but it does mean these wings come across as healthier than other options you may have gone for.

We know this option could surprise you. After all, these wings do end up fried, and that’s not usually associated with health.

But compared to other things, they can work out quite well. However, don’t go overboard with eating them.

Hawaiian Chicken Thin ‘n Crispy

Here we have another pizza option for you, and this time it’s the Hawaiian Chicken. However, the key, once again, is to make sure you only order the thin ‘n crispy version.

A small slice of this pizza comes in at 110 calories, so even two small slices will hardly smash through your calories barrier.

Each slice also comes in as having some 3g of fat and 14g of carbs. However, you do get some extra protein in there because of the chicken with an average of 6g of protein in a single slice. 

But as like before, those figures will start to increase when you go for other crust options, so we do strongly advise against it. 


Going back to the sides options, we have breadsticks. One reason why we love them as a healthier option is because Pizza Hut bakes them, so they are never fried.

Of course, thanks to the baking it does mean they contain less calories, and that’s never a bad thing when trying to find something healthier. Also, both sugar and salt account for less than 2% of the total ingredients, and that’s impressive.

But one of the coolest things about the breadsticks is the face they taste amazing. Crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and the fact they don’t provide much in the way of fat or calories comes across as a real bonus.

Oh, and a quick word about desserts. They do tend to be bad news from a healthy option perspective. You might get away with something small, but the desserts will come with lots of sugar, and that’s something you want to avoid if going for the healthier options.

Other Options?

The menu options mentioned above give some insight into what is possible in the way of healthier options on the Pizza Hut menu, but it doesn’t end there.

You could go ahead and make your own pizza and add in your own toppings. Of course, it is best to stick with little cheese, a thin crust, and as many veggies as possible. 

Also, do try to avoid the calzone-style pizzas. They just come with too many calories, and the fat content can also come across as too high. Also, have you tried just eating a small part of a calzone?

But the main thing we have tried to do here is to open your eyes to what’s possible at Pizza Hut. You do not have to feel bad about going there when you still have a number of delicious pizza options available to you.

Overall Conclusion

If you plan on getting something from Pizza Hut and would like a healthier option, then don’t forget that pizza could work for you. Yes, you can go ahead and grab a salad, but that’s not the only thing out there.

But as we stated several times earlier, the focus remains on restraint. While those healthier options may create a taste explosion, you do need to restrict and limit yourself quite considerably. If you don’t then all the hard work of going for the healthy option becomes pointless.

But at least now you do know that Pizza Hut can work for you. So, check out the healthy options available at your local Pizza Hut, and see which ones appeal to you. We guarantee you will have something to choose from.